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Sunshine In The Darkness (SwaSan) Shot 12 by Marsuu

Sunshine In The Darkness (SwaSan)
Shot 12:
Recap: swara told sujata about the truth and swasan marriage fixed after a month.

After one month:
Swara enter inside the guest room of maheshwari mansion as since one month she is living inside the house. She saw shiddat is sleeping in the centre of the bed surrounded with pillows. She looked around as sanskar was suppose to be with her and then only she noticed him talking on phone in the balcony. She smile and started arranging pillows for herself. Sanskar came back after cutting the call and clear his throat to gain swara’s attention. She turn to look at him. Sanskar came close to her and wrap his arms around her waist and she placed her hands on his chest. ” just one more day” sanskar whisper leaning on her. ” hmm” swara nodded. ” okay tell me how are you feeling??” He asked. Before she could reply he raised his eyebrow and asked ” nervous?” She nodded in acceptance. ” and excited ?” He further asked. ” yes” swara slightly mumble. Sanskar chuckle and join his forehead with her.

” so you should sleep now because you have to look the most beautiful bride tomorrow” he said smiling brightly. Tomorrow officially they are going to marry and they both just can’t wait for their future journey. ” see this” swara extended her hands and show him her mehandi. Sanskar stare it keenly and then held her hands and kiss her palms. ” it’s beautiful” he said. “thank you” swara replied. ” all the best” sanskar said at last before he was about to leave. ” why??” She asked getting confused why he said it. ” because tomorrow is going to be tiring day for you” he said. ” and night too” he completed and heat rushed through swara’s cheeks. ” you are so shameless” swara hit his chest. ” huh!! That you will see after marriage how much shameless I’m ” sanskar said and wink. Swara was blushing profusely and he can’t stop her admiring her.
” good night” sanskar whisper and kiss her forehead. ” good night” she greeted back. Sanskar lean on bed and kiss shiddat’s head who is sleeping peacefully. After covering comforter on shiddat, he left the room. Swara switch off the lights and slept.

Next Morning:
Swara is ready in red bridal dress and she is waiting to go down stairs where sanskar is waiting for her. “come swara let’s go” sujata said coming inside the room with shiddat in her hands. Shiddat is wearing beautiful red frock and indeed she is looking cute. Swara got up from the bed and went down.
In the hall, all the guest are present and sanskar is sitting on the mandap. He smile at swara as she took the seat beside her. Shiddat is also near them with sujata and she is so happy to see the surroundings. Pandit ji guided swasan and they performed all the rituals as they were asked to do. Within the duration of few minutes, swara and sanskar were bonded in the unbreakable bond promising each other to be beside their partner throughout their life.

It was night and all the guests went back after the function. Swara is in sanskar’s room waiting for him. She has changed herself into a light comfortable saree from the heavy bridal dress. The door of the room opened and sanskar enter inside with shiddat in his arms. Shiddat sequealed after seeing swara and extended her arms as she has not met her since morning. ” shiddat was going to sleep with mom?” Swara asked as she took her from sanskar. “Swara, she needs you. Since morning you were away from her” sanskar said reasonably.
” i will come after changing” he said and moved towards washroom. Swara made siddat lie on the bed which is beautifully decorated with flowers. Shiddat started playing with flowers and she loved the colourful environment.

Sanskar came out of the washroom in casuals and came near bed. He sit on the other side of the bed while swara was sitting on one side of shiddat. ” sanskar i can clean it” swara said pointing at the decoration. ” it’s okay swara, shiddat is liking it” sanskar admire shiddat who was playing with flowers. ” okay” swara said and lie on her side. Sanskar made shiddat lie on his chest. ” so shiddat welcome to your new room” sanskar cheerfully said and shiddat waved her hands. Sanskar held her tiny hands and started doing clapping while shiddat was laughing. Swara’s eyes got filled with tears seeing the beautiful scene infront of her. He is just perfect man and she is fortune to have him as her life partner. Swara lean and whisper in sanskar’s ear ” i love you” and kissed his cheeks. Sanskar who was busy with shiddat got astonished at her sudden confession. ” love you too” he replied back with a smile. ” let’s sleep shiddat” sanskar said placing her in the centre and himself lie beside her. They make a perfect family.

Next morning, swara came out of the washroom wearing royal blue saree and wet open hairs. She saw sanskar is sleeping and hugging shiddat. The little body of shiddat is totally fitted in his well built torso. Swara slowly move close to them and softly kiss shiddat’s cheeks and then she kissed sanskar’s forehead. Both are looking so cute and adorable. ” don’t take advantage swara” sanskar mumble in his sleep. ” what advantage ?” She instantly asked. ” kissing your innocent husband when he is sleeping is a crime ” sanskar answered opening his eyes and a smirk is playing on his lips. ” you are not innocent at all” swara roll her eyes. Sanskar again closed his eyes. ” get up sanskat it’s too late” she jerked him. ” swara after half an hour I will come” he said. ” i have to make shiddat also ready” she said. ” i will call you when she will wake up, for now you can go” he said. Swara signed at his laziness and went downstairs.

Swara enter inside the kitchen after meeting sujata in the hall. She was going to start her work when her mobile rings. The caller id was of hospital in which anjali is admitted. She instantly picked the call. ” hello!! Swara speaking ” she said. ” hi we are glad to inform you that our patient anjali had shown some movements and doctors have predicted that there are the chances that she will come out of coma soon ” the lady on the other side gave the information. Swara’s eyes got wet due to happiness. Her best friend is going to be fine and she was craving for this day. ” thank you i will come soon to meet her” swara managed to say on the call. Swara cut the call and ran to give good news to sanskar.
To be continued…..

So aliya is back…will she ask shiddat from swara ??? How will arjun react when he will get to know about his daughter??? How swasan will handle the situation??
Thank you

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