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Rishten yeh banae hai pyaar ki rang mein (Chapter-24)

The episode starts with Arjun jumping a wall..

Arjun(to himself): Why have they bulit such a long wall its too difficult..

He makes his way to maya’s room..He sneeks into her and was shocked to see Maya crying..

He enters her room..

Arjun(worried) :Maya..

On hearing her name she looks at him

Maya : Arjun..

She throws the pillow away which she was holding and runs towards arjun and hugs him..Arjun also respond towards her act..

Arjun : What happened ..everything ok..are you..angry on me for something..what.

Maya : Arjun …. vansh..

He releases the hug and hold her

Arjun : Vansh ..what ..did..he..

Maya tells arjun about his warning to her … what he did with abhimanyu and geethu..and also his arrival

On seeing maya’s condition Arjun understands she is scared and He takes her near a sofa and they both sit..

Arjun : Don’t worry maya …i promise you nothing will happen

Maya : Arjun he is to dangerous..

She leans to his sholder..arjun holds her…




Arjun & Maya is sleeping peacefully in arjun chest and arjun was holding her..

A knock on the door wakes maya…

Opening her eyes maya looks at Arjun..

She smiles with teary eyes..

Maya tries to wake arjun..Arjun slowly opens her eyes..

Maya : How will you go now..

Arjun : Its your tell me..

He looks at her room’s door and smiles

Maya : Don’t you dare..!!!

Arjun goes straight towards her door..maya also follows him..

By hiding from many he reaches the hall…je reaches the main door..Just then

Payal : Arjun beta you here..

Arjun and maya gets shocked..

Arjun : Hi aunty i just came to took size of maya’s bangle..

Payal : You came…

Arjun : Can’t I ??

Payal : No..i..mean ussually elders does this..

Arjun takes of a bangle which maya was wearing and suddenly goes out….


Anita (on phone) : I just want geethu to get married as soon as possible..

Sje cutts the phone..

Geethu comes there and looks at anita with a tearfull eyes..She avoids her ..


Arjun : Hi anita aunty..

Anita : Hi beta..

Arjun : Aunty..i know everything what …happened between  geethu & Abhi..

Anita : Ha..its good you came to know..What made you come here..

Arjun : Actually i wanted geethu’s help to choose a dress for geethu

Anita doesn’t allow him.

.but arjun requests a lot so she agrees..

Geethu and arjun goes



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