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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ratan And Diya File For Divorce

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Diya sits near Ratan, eats sweets and throws rose petals on the flowers. He asks what you are doing. Diya says she is waiting for him and thinks she is also stubborn like him. Ratan asks her not to have much chocolates else she will have stomach pain. Diya says lets go. Everyone is ready for the gangaur puja. CT asks Yash to welcome the guests. She asks all husbands to make their wives wear ancestral bangles. Ratan and Diya also looks sad. Isha asks CT, where is Diya and Ratan. CT says they are getting ready to go outside and tells about the importance of gangaur. Bhuvan thinks where is Ratan. He didn’t tell me what happened.

Ratan asks Diya to give his brown suit. Diya wears it and imagines him. She thinks even if Ratan don’t stay with her, but he will stay with her always.

Ratan comes there. Diya says she will tell everything to their family once they file the divorce application. She is about to apply sindoor in her forehead, but stops. Ratan takes comb and combs his hairs, sindoor which was fallen on comb falls in Diya’s forehead. Ratan says sorry and is about to wipe it. Diya gets teary eyes and tells him to let it be for the last time. They are about to leave. Sakshi asks where they are going? They looks on. Mohana tells Yash that she is very happy for their upcoming marriage and their destination wedding.

At the lawyer’s office, Diya coughs. Ratan gets up and cares for her. He sees mosquito coil and puts water on it to set if off. He gives her water to drink. Laywer sees his concern for diya. Ratan tells him that Diya is allergic to mosquito coil smoke. Diya asks about the divorce process. Ratan looks at the papers. Diya takes pen and signs on it. Lawyer asks if this divorce is happening with mutual consent. Diya and Ratan tell that they are responsible with their will. Ratan says I don’t deserve her, who is so beautiful, sacred and honest. Diya says no, and tells that she didn’t see such honest and good man before. Lawyer asks why do you want divorce then? Ratan says actually she loves me very much, but I don’t love her and that’s why we have decided to end this marriage. Lawyer says I haven’t seen couple like you in my career. Diya says our relation is different from others, you will not understand.
CT does the aarti. Nitya prays for their togetherness, while CT prays for their separation. She asks Sakshi to check if people came.

Lawyer says I will start your divorce proceedings, but you have to stay together for 6 months due to the rules, and says court believes that husband and wife shall have a last chance to decide. Ratan says we shall tell this in home. Diya nods. Yash calls Ratan and tells something. Ratan is shocked and says I am coming. He says sorry to Lawyer, and tells Diya that they need to go to kesar mahal. Lawyer thinks this application will go waste.
They rush to kesar mahal. Diya says Jhaki should have gone by now. CT says no band baja guys, royal guest etc have come today. Ratan asks why? Why everyone is silent and asks what happened here. Mohana says we shall ask you and asks what did you do. Ratan asks what did I do? Mohana says the news is spread everywhere that Singh is bankrupt.

Precap: CT tells Ratan and Diya that their fake relation’s price family is paying. She asks Diya how she will handle the situation now.

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