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Pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti (Episode 21)

pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and Preeti

Episode 21:

Day passes…everybody takes care of kavya bcz she gets pregnant. Ritik is very happy.

Ritik: kavya..i m so happy that my baby is about to come.

Kavya: 😊 yes… well tell me is its boy or girl?

Ritik: hmmmmm tell me what you want?

kavya: i want boy just like you.

Ritik: (kissing her cheeks) i love you.

Kavya: I love you too.😘

Ritik goes to garden here he sees his bro Rohit. he wipes his tears hiddenly. he gets anger and goes to preeti. she sits in her room and also wipes her tears. Ritik comes😡.

Ritik: what you doing preeti with my bro? He loves you so much and you…what the reason you punished him why?

Preeti: what you…what had i done.

Ritik: what had you done! i saw my bro he weeps every moment …bcz you cheat him and his family.

Preeti: (silent)

kavya comes.

Ritik: “kash….me tumhari chunnri change ni krta… kash tumhari shadi mujh sa hoti … tw aj bro kavya kay saath khush hoty…me na bro ki shadi tum sa karwai q k tum bro ka first crush thi. R tum ne kya kia bro k saath”.

Kavya: 😧”tum ne esa q kia Ritik?”

Ritik: “is lia q k bro tumhe apni behen manty hai. bro ko preeti sa pyar tha. me na dekha hai bro ko chup chup k roty hoye. r is lia me na yeah sb kia tha”.

Preeti: you did wrong ritik.

Preeti leaves.

Kavya: you did right. you are my super hero.

Ritik: after knowing truth why are you not angry with me?.

Kavya: bcz you took right decision.

Ritik: no..i took wrong decision.

After some days Rohit comes to preeti.

Rohit: preeti i want to say something.

Preeti: go head.

Rohit: i dont want to live with you as your husband anymore. i want divorced preeti.

Preeti: (tears fell down from her eye , wiping her tears and turns) you know Rohit i m thinking same. i just get ready devorced papers but when you take papers soo then give it to me. i ‘ll sign it.

Rohit: wait i ‘ll bring it.

He takes papers with him.

Rohit: take it…

Preeti: where should I sign?

Rohit: (pointing to line) here.

Preeti signs it😢. (Tum hi ho… ) song plays in background.

Rohit: Thank you… now tables are turned.

He holds her hand tidely.

Preeti: (shaking voice) what you doing Rohit?

Rohit pulls her and takes her down to hall. everybody sitting here.

Kavya: What are you doing leave her. she may be hurt.

Rohit:😡 she has to be hurt.

He looks preeti. He says “mujhe laga tha preeti you are so clever…but infact tm duniya ki sab se bewaqoof larki ho. Tumhe samjh ni aya k tum divorced papers par sign kr rahi ho yah phir Property papers par” She looks to him 😢.

Rohit: “jis tarha dhokay sa tum ne hum sa property take over ki thi ushi tarha sa me na tum sa property papers par sign karwaye” now i own you.

Neeti: Really beta!

Rohit: yes mom… now this home and hoodas industry are back to us. congrats nana ji and sid chacho.

Kavya: preeti … are you ok.

Rohit: she has to be not ok. listen preeti i ‘ll never divorced you. today I ‘ll tell you that how revenge takes from others.

He pulled her hair and drag her towards store room. he locked her up there goes. Preeti cried.

Preeti: Rohit plz open the door… plz. I m…sorry Rohit plz….

Nobody Listen her.

Preet: no … not happening. i m going to leave her from store room.

Ishaan: dont worry… there is someone who takes care of her.

preet: who?

ishaan: Kavya!

screen freez on Ishaan and preet.

is kavya be able to get out her from store room or not?

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