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Pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti (Episode 20)

pyarko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti.

Episode 20:

At night…

preeti goes to her room here Rohit is in washroom. He is about to leave washroom but then he sees preeti. she is searching something. He hide himself. Then he sees that preeti takes some injection. He shocked. Then preeti throws injection from window. Rohit goes from room. He reaches to garden. here he finds injection. He saves it. Next day He goes to lab to cheack it. here he informed that to collect reports after two days.

Ritik drives in car. He remembers that he forgets some papers in home. he calls kavya.

kavya: yes..ritik.

Ritik: kavya i forgot some papers in room. will you please bring it.

Kavya: ok …but where are you?

Ritik: here near city mall.

Kavya: ok handsome i come😊

Kavya goes. suddenly her car stops. She cheaks it …but she did not find any clue. suddenly some goons comes. She afraid. She runs from there. at time she calls ritik that some goons are chasing her. He hurriedly drive car to save her. goons trap her. They are about to rape her she cried loudly “papa….”

Ishaan in home hears her daughter ‘s voice. He disappears from there. He reachs at spot. He gets furious to see her daughter like this. Air blows higly that goons run away from there. Ishaan saves her daughter. Ritik reaches. Kavya stands and sees him. He thinks that he is Rohit.

Ritik: Are u ok…

Kavya: yes… (pointing to Ishaan)Thank you Rohit.

Ritik: Rohit… where is he?

Kavya sees ritik very stangely that he cannot see his brother. Ishaan disappears from there then she realizes that He is her papa (Ishaan).

Kavya: he is not Rohit… he is my papa…my papa saved me.

Ritik:(confused) lets go home.

At night everybody sleep. Suddenly kavya has nightmare of that goons. She wakesup. Ritik give her water.

Kavya: please…don ‘t leave me alone.

Ritik: i always stay with you…don ‘t worry.

Then he lies her on bed. He is now intimate with her. (Tumhe apna banane ka janoon) plays in background.

In morning..

Kavya is in home. she receives a letter. She opens it. It is reports and one letter. She reads it.


The patients who take this injection…actually they want to be very agressive like animals. This antitude is made from animals harmons. These type of patient always seen in really much anger. may be they harm someone if they take overdose. If they don ‘t take it…they will become normal and calm.

Kavya: “kis ki reports hai yeah…kon yeh injections la ra hai”

she reminics her past where she saw preeti took some injection. when she asked about it she said that it is harmonic injection to far her away from her unusual fears.

Kavya: “preeti….jo larki muhabat karny walo kay pyar sa paida hoi ho…us me nafrat kese a sakti h😢…preeti!…tum yeah injections la kar hum sa kabhi nafrat nahi kar pao gi. q k tum bhut pyar karne wali larki ho bilkul mama ki tarha.”

She wipes her tears and saved this reports.

Day passes… one day preeti goes to meet her dad and grandpaa on farm house. She is about to open thier room ‘s door she hears their conversation. they are laughing.She hides herself.

Atif: “Rizwaan ki beti preeti …bhut bewaqoof hai…kash yeah injections hum Rizwaan ko bhi dete…tw wo kitni tabahi phelata”.

Baba: “bhut massom hai meri preeti…kitni asani sa man lia k hooda parivar ne Rizwaan aur preeti ki jaan li…hamare brainwash ne hoodas ko hi wash kar dia… bechari ko tw yeah bhi ni pata k Rizwaan aur preet ko hum dono ne mil kar mara hai”.

She shocked to hear all of this. She leaves from there silently. Its heavy raining outside. She walks unconciously. The voice of Atif and baba are echoing in her ears. (ost song i write lyrics) plays in background.

” q na roye yeh naina
dil q na roye
jo wafa se wafa nahi
dil yeh khud se khafa hai
khud hi yeh roye
bas kisi sa khafa nahi
khawaab mere sath mere
q bhala yeah kar na saky
sari khushiyaan gamm bani jo
tw gila bhi yeah kar na saky
Ae mere khuda
tu itna bata
q mera naseeb esa likha
Ae khuda…..ooo
Ae mere khuda
bas itna bta
kya hoi hai khata
kya hoi hai khata
Ae mere khuda

Hooda house…

Badi mummy: Rohit please call her. where is she?

Kavya: Don ‘t worry i call her.

Preeti does not received the call. Then she come.

Rohit: Are you out of your mind…where you come from. you all are wet in rain. go change your clothes other wise you ‘ll get ill.

Preeti goes to her room. she is still in shocked state. She goes bathroom. changes her clothes. she wepts silently. she goes for sleeping. Kavya comes and asks her about dinner but she refuses. suddenly kavya feels dazzy. She vomits. Preeti gets tensed. she calls doc and lies her on bed. doc comes and tells the news of kavya ‘s pragnency. Everybody cheers.

Preeti: “Thank god…kavya ki waja sa hi likin in k face par smile tw ai jo meri waja sa koh gai thi”.

what will preeti do next? if she takes revenge from Atif and baba or not?

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