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Pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti (Episode 19)

pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti

Episode 19:

ishaan soul comes and slaps preeti. Preeti gets furious.

Preeti: How dare you are!😡

Ishaan: you deserved it. you know…thats why your parents are not with you this time…bcz…if they saw it…they will definitely die.

Ishaan leaves. preet saw all the drama between father and daughter. Preet goes to Ishaan.

Preeti: today … you use very harsh words to preeti.

Ishaan: it is needed.

Preeti weeps to see her daughter , family and kavya like this. Ishaan consoles her. He hugs her tightly.

Preeti: “ishaan…hum apni beti ko kesy bachaye gay Atif aur Baba se?”.

Ishaan: “hum bacha le ga. humari beti k oper hamara sayaa hai. usky sath uska pyar hai , pora parivar hai….khuc ni hoga”.

At night…

kavya: i m telling you …i talk to preeti. she will listen to me.

Ritik: what you talk to her. my darling just relaxe and releive this situation.

Kavya: but ritik…

Ritik: (put his hands on her lips) just silent.
(Aj se teri sari khushiyaa meri hogai
Aj se tera ghar mera ho gya)
song plays in background.

He grabs her in arms and kisses on her neck. She about to leave but he pulled her.

Ritik: “ik din tumko tum hi se chura loonga”.

Kavya: (smile , shy) let see.

she goes to hall. she sees Rohit is sitting with Sid chacho and dada ji.

kavya: what all you doing here…its late night. go and sleep. dada ji its harmful for your health to wakeup till late.

Rohit: yes i think she is right…come on nana ji lets go to your room.

Sid takes badepapa to room. Rohit sits there.

Kavya: Rohit…you go to your room.

Rohit: i don ‘t want to see her face. cheater.

Kavya: i think Rohit…we all know that she is doing wrong. but only you will bring her towards love. then go and relaxe.

Rohit: ok..lets see.

He goes to room. Preeti is sitting on bed with her phone. she talks someone on phone.

Preeti: yes please come home on time…ok..bye.

Rohit goes to his bed. She hits him with pillow.

Rohit: whats the hell!

preeti: the hell is that …you not staying in my room. just get out of here.

Rohit: excuse me…you room?

Preeti: infact the room is not only mine this house is also mine.

Rohit: what!

she shows all papers of property and house. He gets shocked.

Preeti: “ahsaan mano mera…tum logo k pas ik paisa bhi nahi hai. phir bhi is ghar sa tum logo ko nahi nikala mene”.

Rohit goes from room.

At morning…

Designers come to hooda house.They starts the arrangement of birthday party of preeti as her orders.

Kavya: whats all you doing?

Servant: today is birthday party of preeti mam.

Badi mummy and neeti and trisha see at each other. preeti comes from her room Rohit also come from garden.

Kavya: happy birthday preeti!

Preeti: Thank you kavya.you are very smart from all of them. I think you realize that how you stay at my home.

Trisha: Rohit…where you come from?

Preeti: Trisha aunt…he come from garden. last night he slept there.

Neeti: what!😠

Rohit: let it go…don ‘t mind.

preeti: “mind” is harmfull for all of you. understand.

she leaves to office.

At night:

bithday party starts. Ayesha comes with herry. She gives wishes to preeti. preeti looks beautiful in long off shoulder white maxi. Kavya and ritik comes from there rooms. Both wears pink colour. They look soo cute. Rohit wears white suit. Ayesha and herry wears black colour. both look hot.

preeti wants to cut the cake she calls Rohit with her. He don ‘t want to go but kavya and Ritik insist him then he go.
He comes to her , holds her hand from behind and help her to cut the cake. Then preeti takes the piece and go to her Dadaji (badepapa). She feeds him cake by saying it

Preeti: “apki barbadi ki khushi mein”.

Rohit annonced that he will sing a song for her new bride. He goes to preeti and says in her ears (cheater bride).
he sings a song. (i write lyrics bcz may be this song you not heard bcz its ost song)

“husn o darya prem ka
soo ulti waqi dhar
jo utra soo doob gya
do dooba soo paar
saiyaa we mora daga baaz re
saiyaa we mora daga baz re
Tum ko dekh k dil hum harry
ware tujh pe do jahan
kasme wade de kar humko ko
chup kar betha hai kahan
Has k fareb dena
La kay dil ko torr dena
seekhay kahan sw tu ne
Esy andaaz ree…
Saiyaa we mora daga baz re..”

Screen freez on Preeti😡 and Rohit😭.
what happens next. is the love of sister kavya and husband Rohit brings her to right path or not?

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