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Porus 13th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ambhi Raj Betrays Puru

Porus 13th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Puru bulds bamboo bridge on Jhelum river bank on boats. Ambhi asks if he is sure that this bridge will not break like last one. Puru walks on it and says these boats will float and will not drown, they just have to make it a bit bigger, he can test it. Ambhi sends his soldiers on bridge. They walk on it and it does not break. Puru says Ambhi if he trusts him, he should give his army for 1 day to build this bridge. Ambhi nods yes. Puru says tomorrow they can cross this river and spoil Darius’ evil plans. Darius tells Mauses they have to hide soldiers like today, tomorrow there no one from Pourav royal family will be alive.

Laachi frees Ambhi Kumar and says it is time to go. She sees Mahanandini and tries to speak. Mahanandini says she did not come to stop her as she would not when it comes

to Puru, but with personal experience, she can say she is going on a wrong path, till when she will help Puru. Laachi says is a question of their country and they have to fight against Farsis. Dasyus are safe as they protect each other other, Ambhi Kumar wanted to kill his brother Puru, till they fight among themselves, outsider will rule on them. Mahanandini says she is considering bharath as her home, but one day she will realize family is everything, then she will return that day, this house’s door will always be open for her. Laachi says she is sure these door will be open for Mahanandini to come out, says she is going to help Puru and is sure Mahanandini also will join her. She leaves with Ambhi kumar.

Puru crosses Jhelum river with Ambhi and his army. Ambhi says he did not expect he would cross river with whole army, but he did. Puru says he already told that Jhelum is only river for Ambhi, but like a mother for Puru, it saved him and his mother and taught a life’s lesson to them, whoever shows path cannot harm. He says he can understand that he must be remembering his past. Ambhi reminisces Bamni’s trick and says he lives in present and not past, when to attack. Puru says they have to wait and should know where to attack, he knows where to attack Darius, his headquarters. Ambhi says once his goal is met, he should return his son.

Laachi horse rides with Ambhi kumar. Ambhi kumar says he liked her and Puru’s patriotism, but it is a very tough path. She says if the path is not rough, u won’t feel reaching destiny. He says very few have patriotism, he had heard about it in Anusuya, now he saw it in Puru and Laachi, but he may not have that feeling. Laachi says patriotism is like a pleasant smell, it takes time to awake and may awake in Ambhi kumar also.

Puru takes Ambhi to Darius’ headquarters. Ambhi asks is this the one they crossed Jhelum river for. Puru reminisces soldiers in barrels and says Darius got info about their arrival, so he took away his wealth from here, they have to leave this place soon. Ambhi raj insists to see his son right now. Puru says his son is on the way and will reach safely, but they should not delay. Ambhi raj insists he will not move before Ambhi comes. Laachi brings Ambhi kumar and says his son is safe. Ambhi raj happily hugs Ambhi kumar and asks if he is fine. Puru says his son is fine. Ambhi raj says to know what is Darius’ plan, he has called someone. Darius walks in. Puru and Laachi are shocked to see him. Puru angrily tries to confront Ambhi fuming he tricked. Mauses keeps sword on Prachi’s throat and warns Puru to be in limits. Puru gets worried for Laachi and warns to leave her. Farsi soldiers enter. Darius says Puru wanted to meet, now he is here, what will Puru do.

Wedding celebrations start in Pourav rastra. Bamni walk amont people with his family. People chant Bamni’s name. Bamni addresses people that today is Kanishk’s wedding and he wants them to bless new couple. Kanishk asks where is Darius.

Darius asks Puru if he thinks Takshashila will help him against me, then he is wrong because he is businessman first and then king, profit is businessman’s weakness. Ambhi says Darius and he are friends since Puru was not even born and were trying to cross Jhelum river. He posed risk for them, so he sent Ambhi Kumar to kill him, but Ambhi kumar thought he is Pourav rastra’s enemy. Darius says Puru cleared their hurdle by building bridge, though Ambhi Kumar failed, he showed their way, now they will destroy Pourav rastra and blame will go on Puru ,from today there will be only mourning in Pourav rastra.

Precap: Anusuya tells Bamni that she feels Puru is in danger. Bamni says he deserves that. Anusuya says let us see who is trustable and who is not. Puru hits Darius saying he is born to kick out Darius from here. Soldiers attack him. He warns to attack from front and not back. Darius says there is no hurry.

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