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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Yashoda reveals lord vishnu’s truth.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with doctor coming and treating yashoda. The doctor says to nand, nand baba yashoda is in pain, something is troubling her, even I have failed to understand what that is but I have given her some sedatives because of which she will be eased from the pain but the real reason, even I don’t know! Doctor goes. Nand says to brij bhanu, brij I feel worried for yashoda, I think what you are saying is right and kansa is the real reason behind this, but what has he done to yashoda?
Kanha and radha go to rishi gargacharya. Kanha tells rishi gargacharya about yashoda’s pain and suffering and says kansa is the problem to all this. Rishi says kanha I believe you, I think kansa has done something else and kidnapped somebody else, we have to go to vrindavan because yashoda

may be in danger of something we don’t know yet, kansa is very evil and he must have planned something for sure, he wants to know the truth of the 8th child of devki, he can do anything for that.
There kansa is in kansa lok and he sends a one-eyed demon, he says go to vrindavan, you will know the truth of who the 8th child of devki is and whose form Vishnu has taken, you will come and tell me. Kansa laughs and says Vishnu you will die soon. Mata dhara wakes up, there yashoda wakes up too. Kansa’s demoness starts beating mata dhara again and kansa says mata I just want the truth. Mata dhara says don’t beat me kansa, please and she cries, she then says okay I will tell you the truth, leave me kansa.
There yashoda gets up as she feels the pain and she cries and comes running outside of vrindavan, yashoda comes climbing a hill. There kanha and rishi gargacharya come to vrindavan from the hill side. Radha comes from behind and the one-eyed demon follows her and says kid I shall kill you. Radha runs and says save me kanha.
There yashoda comes to the hill and says loudly in pain, kansa you wanted to know the truth? Lord vishnu’s form has been taken by no other than the kid, Krishna! Krishna is the form of lord Vishnu! You evil kansa, even though you will know the truth you will not be able to do anything to him, he is lord vishnu’s form and he will punish you. Yashoda cries. Rishi gargacharya sees this and says evil kansa, what have you done? Rishi says kansa got the truth out of yashoda’s mouth. The one-eyed demon hears this and says I shall get back to Mathura and tell bhagwan kansa the truth, he will be waiting for me.
There kansa says to pralapt and janur, my disciples you are right? Kansa slaps them both and puts them down on the ground and says do you hear something? Janur and pralapt say no bhagwan. Kansa puts them aside and puts his ear on the ground and says I hear something, I hear my demon is coming back to Mathura with the truth of vishnu’s avtar, I will soon kill Vishnu. Kansa gets up and laughs.
There nand and all people follow yashoda, yashoda falls down unconscious. Nand and all people come to the hill and nand cries and says yashoda please get up, what happened to you? Brij bhanu says we have to do something, yashoda Bhabhi is not responding, something has happened to her.
Kanha is worried and rishi gargacharya says kanha, kansa will soon know the truth. Kanha says something has to be done, I will not let kansa win, he has hurt my mother!

Precap: nand checks yashoda’s pulse and cries loudly and says no yashoda! Please wake up, no! rishi gargacharya tells kanha, that demon has to be stopped before it reaches Mathura.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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