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One shot on Adiya (Bepannaah) part 2

So here is next part….

After writing his name on her hand he left her with a kiss on her forehead. She is blessed to have him as her partner. He is so kind and peaceful but naughty .He is not like others who always ready to flirt with girls, he is the one who flirts with his own wife and overall a shy guy for others. The relation they share is not the same a year ago. she just lost in her thoughts….

A year ago they met accidently and fight for the same thing..that day later they both lost their dear ones, he lost his wife and she lost her husband, and they found that their respective partners are in a relationship with each other, they cheated them. He accepted the truth but she denied, they again come together for this event company.. she saw fire in his eyes which is for her because she blind trust her husband..then their war for two months , but something change between them in these two months, the most important thing grows between them is the trust. They trust each other and one day she got report from the hospital in which she finds that pooja is pregnant with yash’s child , that day she completely broke down. She cried for full night, but in the morning she was a determined lady . on the other hand aditya came to know abouth the truth with full proofs but he again controlled himself and again let it go, she also knows about mahi so she shifted in her new apartment with noor.
Now, she is calm and happy because she let her pain out and determine to start fresh but he was not, and on one night he was drunk after the function ,all other crew members left the venue , but she somehow manage to find him that night he cried his pain out on her lap and first time sleep peacefully. But their destiny , mahi in her revenge viral their photos on internet and for her pride and dignity he marries her without her wish .

She entered in his life as her wife , she got lovely family two mothers one she calls mom that is anjnaa and shakshi was her maa. Shakshi always admires zoya as she always wants pooja to be like that. But zoya is very close to anjna and mr. hooda also feels like she is the right person for his son , and arjun he is now her best friend in the house like Aditya is noor’s favorite. She sometimes wonders why pooja deceives such a good family.

In starting their relation was not so good , they just share one room,but gradually she knows him his habits, the real Aditya and fall for him. And aditya always wonders how she manage everything and every person and how reluctantly his family accepts her. Now , every member of the family is dependent on her and unknowingly he was one of them. He likes her presence , always tries ways to be near her , she is far better than pooja in all the ways ,and one day he accepts his love for her infront of all. She neither denies nor accept it ,just keep smiling on his proposal , he never forced her to accept him.
This is the time he have to rejoin his duty, he was very nervous for the first time ,and she just calm him down with her first sweet kiss and wish him all the best. But as he left for his duty for three days , she missed him badly, she neither smiles nor speak a word to anyone in the house.

On the third day when he returns, all family members were teasing him on her behavior ,she was in their room as soon as he entered she ran and hugged him tightly and expressed her feelings…
Now their life is smooth and happy…
“zoya.. zoya where were you lost” he asked.
She smiles and noded “nothing” she said.
Adi: so come with me and check all the preparations..
Zoya just hugged him tightly and wishpered “ I love you Mr. hooda , thank you for making my life beautiful”
He smiled and kisses her forehead and said “feelings are mutual mrs. Hooda”
And hand in hand , they went for their work….


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