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My RiKara Drabbles- #12-His First Lie

#12-His First Lie

“Omkara, it’s beautiful, right?” Gauri questioned as she moved her eyes around trying to absorb every bit of the place, her hand was in Omkara’s hand.

“Yes, Gauri, it’s beautiful,” Omkara said with a faded smile looking around; he looked at her hand in his, his smiled widened.

“Gauri, your house is so beautiful, completely made of wood and the big garden around it, I just love it…it has so many types of flowers, vines and creepers, it’s such a peaceful place. ” Omkara said as Gauri smiled hearing his words, she so wished she too could see the beauty of the place but sadly, she couldn’t, an accident a few months ago snatched her eyesight and for now the sad truth was, she couldn’t see anything.

“Omkara, Dhyan Se Dekho…I planted Lotus in a large pot of water at a side, it would have blossomed…” Gauri said as she started moving forward.

“Gauri, I can see it, it’s beautiful…the pink Lotuses are looking lovely, lotus is your favourite flower, right?” Omkara asked as he slowly moved forward with her, hand in hand.

“Yes Omkara, they are, I am so happy, I want to touch it…” Omkara’s smile faded away as he heard her words, he stopped in the place, stopping Gauri too, Gauri’s smile faded.

“Gauri, next time when we come to your hometown na then I promise, we’ll spend some days here only, in your house and you admire all the things, for now, you know na we have to go back, please, let’s go back…” Omkara said worried as Gauri nodded sadly yet instantly, Omkara turned towards opposite side along with Gauri, he still held her hand.

Turning one last time, Omkara saw the almost burnt house, the remains of the house that once stood there were jet black, the garden which once blossomed with beautiful flowers, vines and creepers today stood lifeless, not even a single flower blossomed there, a pot filled with dirty water and colourless dead lotuses that have withered away stood at a side, it was the first time the artist lied in his life, for his Gauri, for his wife, for his love.

Gauri walked holding Omkara tightly as she smiled, ‘I told you everything about my home Omkara…only forgot to tell that I planted yellow lotuses, not pink…Humare Omkara Humare Saath Rehkar Jhooth Bolna Bhi Sikh Gaye. ‘ She thought.

‘Next time when you come here Gauri, I’ll make my every lie true.’ Omkara promised himself in his mind.


A/N: So hows it? It’s not a love story but a story about how much they love each other, I hope you all liked it, if you did, please consider Voting and commenting.

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