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Mr.Khadoos and Ms.Kareli destined together (What a co-incidence) by SAMMIE (PART-5)

Hello friends !!!! U know I wrote this part before hand and was going to post it in 12April and i finished it and was just going to type the submit buttton butttttt suddenly my phone got switched off itself !!!!! I feeling so bad!!! Ok so about the previous part thats part-4 the story didnt progressed because it was a kind of NOTIFICATION that SAMMIE IS BACK TO ANNOY U PEOPLE BY HER SILLY WRITINGS!!!!!SO HAVE TO TOLETRATE ME AFTERALL U ONLY SAID ME NOT TO DISCONTINUE SO *BHUGTO*……MERA BORING FF




Previously we saw that Sanchi and Ria-Veer saw each other and were quite surpised ………..

So todays art starts from………

Location:Malhotra Mansion

Time:The evening when Sanchi came to the Malhotra Mansion

Scene:When Sanchi and Ria-Veer saw each other and were pleasantly shocked

Sanchi:U both…..I ….I mean U…..(She exclaimed out of confusion)

Ria:U ……I …….U r ……..(She too mumbled out of shock)

Veer:A E I O U !!!!!!!

Ria-Sanchi:What do u mean?

Veer:I mean the Vowels are A E I O U!!!

Ria:But neither of us asked right!!!

Veer:Yeah but i thought to acknowledge u !!!!

Sanchi:But we know Vowels

Veer:Oh i thought that u dont know because u both were just telling I-U,I-U. So i thought to help u with Vowels(With a face like he knows Grammar more than anyone)

Ria-Sanchi :Shut up

And Sanchi-Ria laughed and hugged each other…..

Veer:Hey!! Main bhi !Main bhi

And the trio hugged each other

Gayatri:Do u all know each other??

Neeta:Yeah U trio seem to be very good friends

They broke their hug…..

Ria:Actually we met today in SDCH

Veer:And we met yesterday in City Hub (the mall where they went to do shopping)

Anand:Oh I see ……

Sanchi :By the way I didnt knew that u r Ria Malhotra

Ria:Even We didnt knew that u r same Sanchi Mishra……

Sanchi:So…If i m not wrong u both have two brothers right?

Veer:Yeah U r right

Adarsh:Ria go and call ur bro and ask him where is the elder one if he will arrive on time or not…..

Ria:Ok dad!!!

On the other hand

Dev was on call with Kabir

Dev:Hello Bhai where r u?Sanchi Mishra has arrived !!!!

Kabir:What???Shit!!!!!!I thought that she will not come!!!

Dev:What made u think that???

Kabir:My mind made me think that

Dev:Hahahahaha very good jike by the bade papa was asking if u r on the way?

Kabir:Yeah i almost reached !!!I m near the Malhotra gate!!!!Actually later on the case was taken by another doctor so i returned half way back

Dev:Oh so come quick

Kabir:Yeah ,come quick to fry my head ok bye or soon to be hi


And they ended the call

Just then Ria came

Ria:Bhai…….Papa was asking if Kabir bhai is coming?

Dev :Yeah i called him he is near our Malhotra gate

Ria:Oh Acha!!!ok now come Sanchi was asking about !!!(And she dragged himm)

While Ria-Dev were coming downstairs …

Sanchi turned her head towards the syairs to see Dev…But at that moment Dev turned his head towards Ria opposing Sanchi causing her to luck not to shine to see him….

Then Dev turned towards Sanchi

But Just then The door bell rang and Sanchi turned towards The door Opposing Dev not letting him see her….

The maid went to open the door

Ria-Dev came downstairs

Ria:Sanchi meet my bro Dev Malhotra

Sanchi turned to meet him andddddddd both were shocked see each other…

In Sanchi’s Mind this song was going on

“I dont know what to do

I dont know what to doooo

Tobba main kya karun”

(Its the song I dont know what to do from Housfull)

Sanchi was not over comed to the shock that gpt another shock

Veer called her

Veer:Meet my Bro

Sanchi turned to see and She was shocked to core…..And so was Kabir

This time in Sanchi’s mind

“Haye main mar gayi

Suli pe chadh gayi

Kya mujhe karna tha

Aur kya main kar gayi”

(Its the title song Badri ki dulhania!! Remade by the great SAMMIE)

Kabir:You???How dare u to Come here!

Everyone was shocked to hear Kabir’s rude words except the one who was smirking Yeah Yeah u guessed right thats The Great Dev Malhotra who understood everything but was quite to see live WWE

Anand:Kabir do u also know her?

Kabir :Yeah VERY WELL but what do u mean by U ALSO?

Veer-Ria-Dev:Because we also know her!!!

Kabir:Dev met her i know but Veer-Ria how u both know her?

Ria:Because she is Sanchi Mishra!!!

Kabir:What!No she cant be Sanchi Mishra !God cant do this to me

Veer:What God cant do?

kabir:because she is Ms.Kareli


Dev.Yeah she is Ms.Kareli aka Sanchi Mishra

Ria was just standing shocked by her surroundings afterall she like Sanchi but she disliked Sanchi(JUST LIKE OUR ADVANCED MATHS X BELONGS TO A BUT X DOESNOT BELINGS TO A)

Finally Sanchi spoke up

Sanchi :Oh so u gave them my negative views

She turned to ria and gave her a gift

Sanchi:This for u

Ria out of shock took it and unwraped it Dev-Ria-Veer-Kabir were shocked as because it was the same bag for which she ws starving

Ria:This bag……

Sanchi:Yeah i was buying this for u only

Ria:Thanku !thank u !thank u so much sanchi i love u (she said in a go while hugging her)

Kabir:But Ria……

Ria:Bhai…u shouldnot call her Ms.Kareli she is so sweet

While Sanchi was Smirking

In kabir’s mind this song was going on

“Ria meri ,Ria meri ,Ria meri behen nahi hai

Ria meri,Ria meri ,Ria meri behen nahi hai”

(This is the song Tu mera bhai nahi hai from Fukrey Returns,Also remade by Me)

The epi ginished with everyones smiling fave and Kabir’s cursing face


Precape:Some more scenes of Dinner evening and Kanchi


First of all HAPPY RONGALI BIHU to all of u This an Assamese festival celebrated widely in Assam……coming to the epi i know it ws crap but sorry nothing came to my mind and sorry for less kanchi scenes as because many of u asked me if Ria will turn negative so to show Ria-Sanchi bonding it was having less kanchi scenes ok meet u in next epi till then bye



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