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Mere Sai 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Feeds Hungry Rukmini and Keshav With Food Smell

Mere Sai 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sai sees a Khando asking him brother to try and get up. He asks him to go and says he will take care of his brother who got injury after falling down. Jhipri comes to Dwarka Maai and thinks why did Sai haven’t come till now. Sai asks old man not to get scared with his old age, and asks him to accept it, and says if you accept it then you will get strength. Sai keeps his hand on the old man’s feet and smiles.

Nand lal comes to Kulkarni and says Ratnakar Rao sent invitation card for you. Kulkarni reads the invitation. Appa also gets the invitation and reads it. Bayaza says who is he? We didn’t hear his name before. Aayi says it doesn’t matter we know him or not, but he gave us invitation and respect and asks Appa to go. Appa nods. Mhalsapati and other villagers also get invitation card. Kulkarni

calls Chivu and asks her to get his clothes ready and says he has to go to Ratnakar Rao’s house as he called for dinner. Chivu thinks food will be food and says she will also come with him. Kulkarni says only I was invited. He asks her not to let Rukmini have any food. Khando returns and sees his brother’s injured healed completely. Sai smiles.

Nand Lal organizes the dinner. Ratnakar asks if all arrangements are done. Nand lal says they would have never seen dining table, spoons and forks. He asks why did he invite Appa, Mhalsapati and Gangaram. Ratnakar Rao says they are influential in some way and that’s why he has invited them. Rukmini brings food for Keshav. Keshav says he will eat it later and keeps plate under the bed. Rukmini sees him keeping plate and gets emotional. Keshav says he didn’t have food as she didn’t have. Rukmini hugs him. She comes to Kulkarni and tells that Keshav haven’t eaten anything since morning. Kulkarni says I haven’t given him punishment, if he don’t eat then it doesn’t matter. He goes out of room and sees Chivu. Chivu says you are looking like Raja. Kulkarni asks her not to let Rukmini have food or come in Keshav’s talks. Chivu thinks she will not let anything left for them.

Sai cooks food with the grains which Bayaza gave to him. Keshav sees Rukmini working while she is hungry and asks Sai to help her, says he couldn’t keep her happy. Sai says you are sacrificing for maa and is hungry too, but not anymore.

Kulkarni comes to Ratnakar Rao’s house and sees Mhalsapati, Appa and Gangaram. He asks what they are doing here. Nand Lal says they are guest, but you are special guest. Ratnakar Rao thanked them for coming. Kulkarni says it is an insult to make guests wait. Ratnakar Rai says he was stuck in controlling uncontrollable horse. Rukmini feels weakness. Keshav takes care of her. Sai makes food and says Ram Krishna Hari. The smell and the vapour go in air. Mhalsapati tells Ratnakar that he changed the house in a day. Ratnakar says he wants to make good friends with whom he want to spend some good time. Kulkarni looks at the fork. Mhalsapati also sees the fork and says they have food with hand. Kulkarni asks him to tell about himself and says I know how to eat with it, as I used to visit british. Nand Lal says he has come.

British architect Mr. Robert comes there. Ratnakar Rao greets. Mr. Robert tells Kulkarni that british govt have sent a letter for you. Kulkarni reads that British asks him to help Ratnakar Rao to make mills in Shirdi. He recalls asking Ratnakar to get letter from british. Chivu feels the smell and thinks Rukmini is making food. She comes to kitchen. She then thinks Rukmini is making food in her room hiding from her.

Rukmini and Keshav feel the food smell. Rukmini tells Keshav that her stomach seems to be full now. Keshav says even my stomach is full now and tells that he remembered Sai, and tells that he helped him. Chivu thinks they must have eaten food. Bheeva comes to Sai with his wife and new born baby. He tells that he doesn’t know about what to do. Sai says wealth is not good if you don’t see others problems and says if you have wealth then you shall help others, like Baba Sahib Kelkar. He says the wealth which is not useful to needy, is a waste in the locker.

Precap: Chivu tells Kulkarni that Rukmini and keshav have food. Kulkarni throws Rukmini out of house. Keshav asks Kulkarni not to throw his mum out and promises not to take Sai’s name again.

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