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Mehrya My version Part 71

In few weeks Mehak recovers very fast, the splinters removed and she is able to move her limbs as usual with the help of the physiotherapy. She was able to do things on her own and slowly and doesn’t require anyone’s help as well. She was able to move around and back to herself chirpy fun and loving girl. Jaggu will comes in once in a while and both will joke around and became good friends. One evening Mehak and him was at their terrace snacking something, Mehak asked did you talk to Pooja. He shakes his head and said NO. Very busy no time yaar. She took out his mobile and ask him to call and put in speaker he asked her why now, she asked him why not now, call now. He said yaar if I said I am at Delhi for training and she will ask why you didn’t come to Mumbai, Indian Army Headquarters is in Delhi not in Mumbai so I am here for training she won’t even understand this small matter .


Mehak rolled her eyes at him asking him to call now. He hesitantly took the mobile and called Pooja and put the mobile on speaker. It rings few times and both waited anxiously just then the other side answered. Mehak signed him to talk, he was reluctant and doesn’t want to say anything sooner he said hello Pooja. Pooja on the other side, Jaggu how are you? How is everything, are you very busy? Mehak talks in sign language and ask him to ask how is she, how is college etc. After few minutes of formal talk exchange, Mehak ask him to ask shall we meet, I can come to Mumbai on the weekend. Jaggu keep shaking his head NO to Mehak but she made him to say that, she asked quickly when? He looked at Mehak, she said Saturday morning and he said that. Both hangs up the call and he turn to look at Mehak yaar what did you made me to do now, you mean now I need to go to Mumbai? Mehak nodded and took the snack packet from his hand and said, Saturday you are off anyway instead of roaming here go and visit her and patch up with her. Go in morning and come back in night by flight. Jaggu shakes his head and said to her, you have gone nuts Mehak. Come here closer let me check maybe due to accident you are losing your sanity. Giving all crazy ideas anyway thanks yaar because for you I will go to Mumbai and see her.


Mehak continues go there talk nicely to her and explain about your work and etc. I am sure she will understand. Jaggu smiles and ask her so now what you expect Shaurya to do so you will forgive him and go back with him. She didn’t answer him and ignored. He ask her to answer. She looked at him and said I am sure he is cooking something behind in his mind he never stay quiet, If these few weeks he didn’t come here then definitely something big is coming up I can sense it. Jaggu asked Sachi hai, she responded jhaki hai. Both laughing and sat munching the snacks. Kanta chachi with Nehal was standing with their mobile in hand with Shaurya on call listening to this and laughing silently.


At night while Mehak sleeping, Shaurya came in to see her. He was caressing her finger gently not to wake her up. But suddenly Mehak felt something uneasy and tries to open her eyes. He saw her getting up and quickly hide himself from her. She gets up and looks around in surprise as she just now felt someone was there and now is gone. She wonders and talks to herself don’t tell me ghost is coming to see me now. She gets up slowly and goes to washroom she washed her face and look herself at mirror , Shaurya being the naughty hubby stand behind her and as she open her eyes she saw her reflection and Shaurya’s too, she jumped in shocked and turned behind to see but he quickly hides. She came out from the bathroom and checks around and Nehal came in asking why are you talking to yourself and walking didi. Mehak replied I saw Shaurya just now. She retorted, SJ what is he going to do here at this hour, look at the time its 2am. You must be dreaming di, Mehak said I cannot be dreaming I felt like someone staring at me I woke up and wash my face and saw him smiling at me I turned and he is gone. Nehal ask her to be quite and sleep, then Mehak said yaar I can smell his cologne too, this is Shaurya’s favorite cologne. He definitely been here. Nehal sniff her nose around and said nothing I can’t smell anything. Di I think you are missing SJ so much that’s why your senses and your brain even in sleep you are feeling about him, now be quiet and go and sleep don’t disturb me, she companied her to the bed and ask her to lie down and cover her with blanket. Then she leave the room. Shaurya and Kanta chachi waiting for her and all giggled silently. Kanta chachi pulls his ears and said you love to disturb my child don’t you? No wonder she is still upset with you. Shaurya replied chachi if she is angry then why she can recognize my cologne and perfume all, she loves me chachi that’s why even my scent is in her mind all the time. Suddenly they hear Daduji coughing sound and they ask Shaurya to leave or else someone will see him, he leave the house sneakingly.


Next day morning Mansi chachi opens their house main door and saw Shaurya sitting with his things, she saw him and asked him what happen beta when you came here? Come inside she invited him, just then Ravi chachu with the rest of the family came and saw him with his suitcase. Ravi chachu questioned him what drama is this what are you doing here in front of our house? Shaurya greeted them Namaste chachi, Namaste chachu, Namaste Daduji, Namaste PD. Since my wife is here, and she refuse to come back after recover I decided to move in here with you all. Since I am also the damad of the house I have the rights to stay with you all right, he asked them with a twinkle in his eyes? They looked at him in shock, Mehak who got up late came down looking for them. She saw all waiting outside and went to see what is happening there. She was startled to see Shaurya there with his suitcase. She hides herself behind Daduji and look at him. Daduji interferes and said our child now only recovered and we can’t send her to your house. You might have big house, but safety not there. Now you take all your things and leave don’t create drama here. Shaurya replied in that case, let me come and stay with you all. You are saying there is no safety at my house then I stay with you all, I go for my office and come here spend time with you all then she will be safe and I will be next to my wife too.  PD came forward and said, he is this house son also don’t treat him like this, let him in before the entire neighbors started to watch us. Ravi chachu said no matter what he does we are not falling for it PD, let him be let’s see is either us or this boy. They went in and close the door.


At her room Mehak video call Sonal. She was talking to her and relay about Shaurya’s issue. Sonal laughed and said, it’s all because of you Mehak. You see your hero is waiting outside for you. Now go home with him. Start afresh. You are lucky to alive after that traumatic accident so better be thankful and start new chapter, don’t delay yaar. She hangs up and Mehak sneaks from her window and saw he still sits near the chai stall having chai , then he raised his head and their eyes meet , he ask her in sign language does she wants chai , Mehak sticks her tongue out and move away from there. He smiles and continue to sit enjoying his tea.


By late evening, Sharma’s ON the TV and watch news. The reporter were saying there is always a new sensational news happens in Chandi Chowk. So now we are showing you live of that kind of news. All recognized from the background it’s somewhere very familiar then Nehal screamed this is in front of our house. They watch it properly and said yes it’s in front of our house, what news is it. Then the reporter holds the mike to Shaurya, and asked sir you are a celebrity chef and businessman, can we know what you are doing here. We received a call from someone saying businessman Shaurya Khanna is waiting at PWG street since morning , is there a special occasion or anything, can you share with us? Shaurya smiles and say yes, this is not a special occasion just some normal men life chapter. Today I am here as simple Shaurya Khanna, not the egoistic businessman Shaurya. So you all can leave this is our personal family matter. Than the reporter asked, we were tipped off that you and your in laws are not in good terms and your wife left you. Shaurya brushes off and said that’s all utter rubbish there is no such thing. So now please excuse us and leave this place. Thank you. The reporter left from there. Nehal and PD laughed seeing the news.


Daduji OFF the TV and saying what kind of son in law we have, he is doing all kind of new problems now we are known by entire Delhi. How am I going to face the neighborhood and relatives after this news? Nehal said Dadu you must be happy because we are coming in news because of SJ or else nobody knows Sharma’s from PWG. Ravi chachu asked her to keep quiet, Mehak was watching them from the staircase corner was wondering what is this Shaurya is up to? It gets late from scorching heat at evening it started to rain heavily. Nehal came to Mehak’s room and saying don’t know what will happen to SJ at this weather. Since morning he was outside at the hot weather now it’s raining heavily he must be sitting in the rain as well. She went to stand in front of Mehak and tries to distract her di, I am talking about your hubby don’t you love him or have any feelings for him. Mehak took a pillow and throw at Nehal asking her to go away, Nehal fumes and leaves from there. Mehak’s mind drifted away how he bring her to the highway on Valentine’s Day, their encounter and how the car hit her, she does her some flashes before she gets unconscious how he was trembling next to her. Her trail of thought interrupted when Kanta chachi came and sat next to her and place her hand on Mehak’s hand.


Mehak looked at her and try to cheer up herself hiding her feeling. Kanta chachi asked what happen, are you okay? Mehak nodded yes. Why are you look worried? Mehak gets up and move slowly to Kanta chachi’s lap and rest her head there. She talked slowly to her, don’t know chachi I am so confused my mind saying something and my heart is saying different thing. Chachi slowly caresses her hair and said beta if it’s about Shaurya, let me tell you something. Earlier I was against him because he is not the right person and he have hurt you deeply. But later I get to know your love has changed him from in and out. He was not the same person anymore. When I put the condition as transfer all property to Mehak’s name he didn’t say a single word but on the very next day he went to lawyers to prepare documentations and transfer every single properties and all his wealth to you and told me, in my life nothing is as valuable Mehak’s love, her love alone is enough for me. I was taken aback by his action, than I realize where I can find such a lovable boy for my Mehak. His love for you is even purest then mine and all of us, if your momma and papa alive they will be the happiest person on earth as seeing their daughter got married to such a good boy. All humans have their faults so I have and Shaurya also same. When you forgive him when he left you on your first marriage and when he hide the truth about the accident why are you angry now. It’s almost been 2 months plus I am seeing you both from hospital, you hardly talk to him more than 3 words to him, I can see his pain in his eyes but he didn’t show much reaction but he is being patience to handle all your tantrums. Nowadays where to find such husband except our Shaurya. When wife met accident they will be there one or two days then will leave at hospital and they will continue their own life. But he even I am at night with you he will sit outside your room and see if I need any help. He don’t leave even a single second unless I have to talk in stern tone to go home shower rest and come back then I will go home. Do you know the night of accident, the time your pulse getting lower and they need to resuscitate you and when you had trauma attack how he was. Not a single time his eyes stopped tearing. Now he is sitting outside our home and the men in our house are against him. Pity that boy I hope you will think again and talk to him to sort your misunderstandings. After a while Kanta chachi left her alone at her room and Mehak’s thought wonders, she gets up to the window to sneak peak where is he , but he was not there. She thought maybe he went home as its bad weather and went to her bed, she took her wedding photo frame and caresses at his image , she misses him so much a tear escape from her eyes and runs at her cheek, she wipes them off and continue to stare at the photo till she fall asleep.

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