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Love means only love – In flight (Part-4) shivika ff

In Flight-2

Recap: Anika has already fallen for Shivaay…..but don’t want to admit it and Shivaay dislikes Anika….

Now,next part……

Anika was looking outside suddenly the plane started  moving. The plane was going to take-off. Anika became nervous because it was her first flight…..so she was just nervous that’s why she tightly hold Shivaay’s hand…

Shivaay was looking at another side that time he felt someone’s hand was holding his one so tightly. Shivaay looked at Anika. He also held Anika’s tightly which make Anika to look at him. Both of them lost in their eyes. Anika was looking at Shivaay’s blue orbs…on the other hand….Shivaay was looking at Anika’s cocktail brown eyes which is adorable to him. They had a cute eyelock…for that they don’t realise that the plane is now flying in sky…..

Their eyelock is broken by the cabin crew..

Cabin Crew” Sir and Mam do you need anything?

Listening this,they compose themselves. Anika takes her hand out from the grip. She immediately looked at outside..On the other side, Shivaay started talking with the crews or we say flirting😎😎

Shivaay” Hey,beautiful. I don’t need anything but yes I was in need of a company and I think I get my perfect company. So,beautiful will you like to be my company??

Crew(blushing😍😍)” Sir,I have some work. I will talk with you later.”

Shivaay” Aye hai…meri beautiful, me tumhare intazar ma hu…( Oh..my beautiful,I am wating for you)

Then the crew went from there blushing😒😒😒

On the other side, someone was burning in jealousy which is unnoticed by Shivaay and the person is none other than our very own Anika😠😠

Anika’s pov

Ha..aye bare beautiful. I will look more beautiful than her if I wear those clothes and add a bundle of makeup in my face. Even, I look so beautiful now also. But,no this baggar billa sadu singh obroie will like those types of girls…

One second, why it is bothering me so much? Anika,have you gone mad? I think I am falling in lo… No,no I can’t fall in love with anyone…no..no..

I just can’t..a boy like Shivaay can never love me..what happened to me? I know Shivaay forgot me… Shivaay doesn’t recognize me…but it is also not his fault because I am not like the previous Anika and now he doesn’t know my name also..but,yes…I will never tell him who I am? I think I should make this thoughs out from my mind….I should just look at outside…

But,today when he hold my hand…I felt I again met the same Shivaay who used to held my hand like this….

Pov ended….
Anika was thinking all of this looking at the sky… It is her first time in flight but she didn’t know that she will meet her past…she was just looking outside and also trying to hide her shitty tears which was coming from her eyes….

But,there was another person who was also looking at her but she had no single clue about it and the person was Shivaay……

Shivaay’s pov

After flaring with the crew, I looked at other side. Actually,I have no interest in her. Although,I am not going to talk with her…I was doing it because I want to remove the sudden feelings which was reliving my heart…I don’t know why this chashmish hold my hand. I think it’s her first flight..So she was just a little nervous but don’t know why it gave shivers in my body. For a second,I felt like that I know this touch very well…So I just hold her hand more tightly. Actually,I want to give her a hope that I am with her but…it can’t happen because I don’t know her and she is also not like my type….
Her dressing style,her language…if I say her everything is out of my type…
I think I am thinking so much…I should keep quite now…

Shivaay’s pov ended…..

That time, Shivaay saw that Anika was really feeling so happy. On the other hand, Anika forgot everything and she started enjoying the view. The sky was so beautiful and it was crowded with clouds which make Anika happy…

Anika was adoring the sky and just smiling which glow her face like the sky and Shivaay was adoring Anika’s glowing face…He was feeling good from his heart…
Shivaay thought” The girl is really strange. Sometime ago,she was so sad. I think she was missing her family. At least, I know it very well that when you left your family for your study,your dreams and also for your success..it gives you much pain. I am also missing my brothers,my family…I think she was also missing…but now she is so happy…I think she likes sky very much. The sky is also looking very beautiful but I think her face is glowing much more than the sky…..Her face was really looking very beautiful. I had seen many girls till now but she is different. She is like her…she is giving me the memories of her…my bestie Anika….but no,she is not like my Anika.
My Anika was more different,beautiful,bold and also very jolly and bubbly and chirpy girl. If I say,Anika was a mad..
But,no this girl can’t my Ani…actually I used to call her Ani…
This girl is not my Ani. She didn’t wear glasses and her dressing style was not like her….I think I am over thinking…I shouldn’t look at her then I will become mad…I should look at another side…”

Thinking this,Shivaay looked at another side. Then,the next announcement started

” Ladies and gentlemens please put your seatbelts again. Now,our flight is going to land at International Bom Airport. So,keep your belongings at safe. We are going to land soon.”

Listening this announcement,Shivaay and Anika both of them looked at each other. Both of them were thinking that,”We will never meet again.”


Guys,done with this part. You will get other two parts some time…
    So,what do you think? Is Shivaay and Anika know each other? Will Shivaay can ever know about that this normal sidhesadi Anika is her Ani? So,read my story.

One more thing,it will be a slow and also a long story. So,enjoy it and keep voting. Kindly ignore grammartical mistakes. You will get the next one soon…

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