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Sarna’s , Taneja’s and Malhotra’s are Old family friend’s 🤗 Kunj is youngest child of Sarna family , Yuvi and Amaya , kunj’s elder siblings are married to Mahi (Twiki’s Elder Sister) Taneja and Aman Malhotra respectively. Yuhi had a daughter 4 Year’s old daughter Ruhi and newly born son Yuvaan , Amya are also blessed with a son Amar and are expecting their second child..

Twinkle and Chinki are Non-identical Twins , Twinj are already head over heels in love with Each other , where as Chinki also Loves Kunj but has supressd her feelings cause of TWINJ , Family came to know about Twinj being in Love from Yuhi and Amya , so decided to get them married..

Abeer is Aman’s younger brother and his wife MEHER was introduced in Episode 3 and 4 , Before twinj wedding held on they completed there studies and joined their parent’s joint company so that after marriage they can take over Taneja’s and Sarna’s biggest project in Mumbai after their marriage as planned by Manohar and RT..

Then comes the Villian Cherry who is obsessed with twinkle and Lusts after her , He is a Womanizer and wants twinkle at any cost , Anita wants to take revenge from Taneja’s , Sarna’s and Malhotra’s for a past event which is completely unknown to younger lot of three families..

In between all the happenings there was Lots of TWINJ Romance , their Valentine’s Date , Jungle Romance , HOLI Romance , Beach Romance and many more 😜

Cherry came to know about Twinj marriage happening and vowed to get twinkle at any cost and even tried to harm kunj by an accident but his plan backfired on him by someone , The person who turned Cherry’s evil plan upon him was revealed to be Chinki who vowed herself to never let anyone harm Twinj..

Twinj marriage functions started with lots of Fun , Masti and Romance , then comes the new entry Rajbeer who is a Police officer and Twinki’s childhood , He is a positive character..

As the Twinj wedding was nearing Cherry tried to trap twinkle by threatening her , Before twinj wedding he kidnapped her whose face was covered with Viel whereas kunj also get married to a girl in viel , When kunj and his wife was taking elders blessing cherry made an entry and claimed to marry twinkle , when the viels were lifted everyone was shocked seeing the bride ? Cherry was married to Chinki 😱

Everyone was shocked at revelation and Cherry was furious and raged cause his plan backfired once again cause twinkle married to Kunj..

Heat broken RT and Leela breaks their relation with Chinki , Twinkle who was witness of stormy turn of events fainted due to stress , kunj vow’ s to save Chinki from Cherry and not leave cherry..

Rest is to be Revealed ! Let’s Continue 😀

Let’s Start with a Smile 😊

K:(confused) What plan Twinkle ?

Twinkle seemed a bit tensed now that how will Kunj react knowing what she was going to do 😯

K: Bol Na twinkle???

C: Kunj ! Not here 😐 Let’s talk outside here is everyone.

Twinkle to nodded in agreement and they went outside and sat on bench in lawn where there was no one but before twinkle could sit Kunj pulled twinkle and asked looking straigtily in her eye’s who was avoiding his gaze.

K: Ab bolegi bhi ya nahi ? Kaisi planning ? What you both are hiding ?

T: K..Kunj woh

C: Kunj ! Sit down and listen to us calmly and please don’t get angry , I will tell everything.

K:(irritatingly) Will you people stop beating around bush and speak up.

C: Kunj woh….


After all the rasam that was to be performed day before wedding including Chuda Rasam and Ghada ghadoli rasam.


Twinkle and Chinki were in their Room..Talking and Laughing? Enjoying the Happiness 😀 Unknown to the Upcoming Storm 😱

Chinki was teasing twinkle continuously whilst twinkle was blushing hard 😳 She was lost in kunj thought’s 😳

Twinkle’ s thought’s came to an end when suddenly Twinkle’s Phone Rang..It was an Unknown Number..Twinkle was confused as to who will call her.. Chinki gestured her to put call on speaker..

Twinkle did as Chinki said and picked up the Call..

C:Hello Baby Doll 😈 How are you?(Evil Laugh)

Twinkle and Chinki gasped in Shock.. Anger over took the shock..

T:What the Hell Cherry 😡

C:Ahaan 😏 Guessed me Baby Doll.. After all why not U Love me Also..

Cherry Said Making Twinkle Feel Disgust..

T:(😡) Why have U called Me ? Straightly Come to Point..

C:Ahaan Baby Doll..Smart..Now Listen it’s Simple..Marry Me or Else I will Kill Ur Kunj right Know who is Just standing infront of Me 😈 Buying Something For U I guess 😈 (Evil Laugh)

T:Dare U do anything to My Kunj..

C:Ahaan Baby Doll! Wese U know it’s quite easy for me to run car over Kunj right Know 😈

(Cherry Said while giving race to the car engine)

T:(Scared) Cherry what have Kunj did to U ? Why are U after him ?

C:(With Anger Filled Voice) He did baby doll ? He snatched U from me 😡 I won’t let U to become anyone else 😈 How dare he 😡 Baby doll who ever will come in between us I won’t leave him or her 😡 They have to die 😈

T:Plzzzz Cherry don’t do anything to Kunj ! I will do as U say ?

Someone was passing by Twiki’s room and stopped listening their talk’s , Chinki looked at the person and smiled 🙂

The person was revealed to be Rajbeer , he listened what all cherry spoke and was shocked to core 😱

Chinki than calmly gestured him something , Rajbeer received a message from Chinki which had cherry’s number and instantly made his colleague a call and asked him to trace cherry’s number..

Twinkle was all unaware of it as she was talking to cherry..

C: I said na Baby doll 😈 Simple marry me or else U know (Evil Laugh)

T:(Sobbing) Plz cherry U know I don’t love U ! I Love Kunj Only and no one can take his Place Ever (Anger)

C:(Venom filled Voice) No ! No one can love U more than me and u aren’t also allowed to do so ? U are mine ?
(Chappal na kheech ke maaro iss cherry ko ? Huh ??)

T:Nahi ! Cherry Luthra get this straight on ur Mind (same anger) Twinkle sirf Kunj ki thi ; hai aur rahegi samjhe ? Koi cherry twinkle aur Kunj ko alag nahi kar sakta ?

C:Then be ready to see ur dead Kunj ?

T: No ! NO !

C: Then be ready in ur bridal attire by 7 ; I know there is a photography session arranged before marriage do as nothing is there but at 7 I will be there to take U baby doll

(Laughing Evily)

Or Else Ur Kunj would be dead 😈 Don’t try to be smart there are my men disguised in some or other attire if u tried to inform anyone or tell Kunj..

Ur Kunj would be dead 😈

T:(Crying 😢) Ok ! I will do as U say Cherry! But …plz don’t do anything to my kunj..

Ch:(Evily) Good for U twinkle !

Twinkle cut the Call and was sobbing hard whilst Chinki was determined and smirked as she received a message from Rajbeer..

Chinki consoled twinkle and asked her to get ready cause it would be late And asked her not to take tension , cherry won’t be able to do anything, but twinkle being twinkle…

Twinkle asked Chinki something which shocked Chinki to the Core ; If this happened her plan would be Flop..

T:( Crying ) C..Chinki.. promise me ! You won’t tell this anyone and… And will sit in mandap instead of me , I will go and meet cherry and will try to dodge him but if that didn’t happen then you will marry kunj 😢

Ch:(angrily) What the hell twinkle ? 😡 Do you even know what rubbish are you speaking ?

How can you even think that i will sit in mandap instead of you 😡 Listen twinkle I am going to tell kunj right this moment ! We will sought out everything but you aren’t going to pull this stunt..

This moment twinkle wasn’t in her senses, one thing she knew was cherry can hurt her Kunj which she can’t afford at all , she can’t bear a single scratch on his body and here cherry was threatening her to kill her Kunj 😢

After a lot of trying and manofying Chinki agreed un willingly but then something striked her Mind and smirked..

Twinkle and Chinki stated getting ready ; but Twinkle’s face was all pale eye’s slightly swollen due to crying..

Chinki was also getting dressed up but she had a Smirk on her Face ; Her phone beeped , it was a message from Rajbeer..

R: Work Done ! Love…

(Haww 😱Ek naya jhatka 😱 LOVE 😱 Iske liye thora wait karo 😂 yeh mystery bhi jaldi khulegi 🤣 )


After photography session , everyone went to their rooms or were looking after the last minute preparations of wedding..

Twinkle was standing in her balcony looking at beach and falling Sun behind the waves of Water ; darkness embracing the sky just like her life..

But there was a Hope of Lightness invading again the Sky ; But was it going to be same with her life 😔

She took her phone and was looking at kunj and her happy pictures with teary eye’s 😢 She messaged kunj ‘ I LOVE YOU ‘ thinking it might be for the last time 😖


Kunj was ready in his cram and white Sherwani and was looking at his Mobile and Smiling , he was also gazing his and twinkle’s picture lovingly when he received a Message and Smiled seeing it..

It was of twinkle which stated ‘ I LOVE YOU ‘ but before he could reply her , they were called for photo session and few rituals to be done before message.

(Bas woh message twinkle ka hi tha 😂 Kya ? Kya soch liya tum logon ne 😅)


Twinkle was Lost in her thoughts when she felt her head being heavy and felt a severe pain in her back as if some one pierced something hardly at her back..

Twinkle turned back with darkness blurring her Vision but Saw Chinki standing in same bridal attire as her and a man beside her ; She wasn’t able to saw his Face but then felt herself being lifted by him..

T:(Half Unconcious) U can’t do this Chinki (Lone Tear escaped her Eye)

C: I am sorry twinkle but I can’t help it (Painful Smirk) I can’t help with my heart!

The person along her revealed to be Rajbeer who instantly took twinkle in his Arm’s and without anyone’s notice shifted her to another room with help of Chinki..

After making sure twinkle was safe , Rajbeer and Chinki came back to twinkle’s room..

R: Don’t worry Chinki , I have made sure that nothing goes against our plan , don’t worry we won’t let cherry ruin twinkle and kunj’s wedding and nor will he harm you 🙂 it’s my promise 🙂 just make sure the bracelet you are wearing in your hand should be with you all time as it will help us to trace you 🙂

(Rajbeer is a Police Officer 🙂)

C: I trust you 🙂

They shared a lovely eyelock but it was short lived when they heard noises from balcony , Chinki hurriedly covered her face with veil , whilst Rajbeer hid behind door..

Cherry came inside the room , Chinki was facing her back to him , he thought that might be twinkle make trouble in going with him , so he quietly came from behind and covered her face with a handkerchief which had chloroform..

Chinki acted to be unconscious , she knew he would try to do something like this so she held back her breath as instructed by Rajbeer..

He carried her in his Arm’s and with help of his man was able to escape from there , Rajbeer instantly left for twinkle’s room but before leaving he made a call to his man to trace Chinki..


Twinkle was slowly gaining her consciousness , she woke up feeling heavy headed, Rajbeer saw this and made her sit properly and made twinkle drink water.

The first question that twinkle asked after getting a bit better from headache was about when Rajbeer narrated her everything making her shock 😱

T: What 😱How can she do this ?

R: Shh…twinkle everything is okay A nothing will happen I am just going after Chinki 🙂

Before they could talk more or twinkle could bicker over something, she was called down for the wedding rituals , as they reached down , Rajbeer hurried to follow cherry but was stopped by Leela and was involved in work.

He asked his colleague’s to trace Chinki , during the wedding he got a call from his colleague making him completely shock and worried 😱

R: Hello Arjun (his colleague) Are you following cherry ?

Ar: W…woh…

R: Woh…woh Kya kar raha hai ??

Ar: Rajbeer we aren’t able to trace Chinki, cause her bracelet is somewhere in the house only..

R: What 😱How is it possible ?

Ar: I guess she had missed the bracelet in house only 😕 but don’t worry I am trying to trace her..

R:( angrily) What do you mean you are tracing her ? By now you should have find there location by now..

Ar: calm down Rajbeer! I know… (interrupted)

R: No ! I don’t wanna listen anything , find her at any cost , right now..


Chinki was hell scared and wishing Rajbeer to arrive at the right moment but it seemed as if she was trapped in Devil’s cage 😖

C: (thinking) The bracelet by which Rajbeer could trace me fell in Twinkle’s Room only when cherry carried me out of the room 😖 Babaji please save me from this 😢 please send Rajbeer soon..


By now Chinki and twinkle both were in tear’s while kunj was completely numb , he didn’t know how to react..

He was hell shocked knowing the truth , he was hurt knowing twinkle was gonna take such big step , what if something happened to her or what of he cherry would have come to know about there plan than he must have had hurted Chinki 😯

K: (angrily) What the hell 😡Do you both even know what you both were going to do ? What if cherry would have come to know that it’s Chinki and not you 😡 and twinkle you could have shared this with me right ?

T: (sobbing) K..kunj..h..he ..threatened y..your life..I..I am so..sorry…

She was stammering due to sobbing , kunj held her firmly by her shoulder’s and pinned her to the nearby wall and spoke with blazing anger..

K: (angrily) Haan toh at least it would have been better to die then seeing you married to anyone else or me getting married to someone else..

T: (shocked and with anger) Kunjjjjj…

K: What kunj haan ? How can you even think of getting me married to Chinki 😡 Don’t you know how much I Love you 😡

Twinkle tried to speak but was again interrupted by kunj , she knew he was hurt , First she hided such big thing from him and then secondly out of senses asked Chinki to marry kunj 😐

K: It’s better to die then living without you twinkle (Teary eyed) You know how much I LOVE YOU but still you was going to take such big step 😢 and you both wanted me to listen all this calmly and don’t be angry haan 😡

Not able to tolerate his word’s about death without realising her surrounding’s Twinkle kissed Kunj taking him by Shock 😱

Chinki who was standing beside them immediately closed her eyes being embarrassed seeing them kissing 😳

Twinkle was kissing kunj angrily, the mere thought of him leaving her was piercing her heart, she didn’t cared about Chinki or her surroundings and just kissed him to stop him from speaking anymore 🙈

After few seconds even kunj responded her kiss , the thought of her leaving him was haunting him and the possessivenes of her being just his was all poured in kiss..

Kunj wasn’t able to over come the shock his siyappa queen gave him , when they heard a cough , twinkle realised what she was doing , her eye’s widen (cute wala) , they broke the kiss 😳

Chinki was still facing her back to them when for 5 minutes she heard no reply she decided to intervene their moment to make them realise their surrounding 😅

C: (teasing tone) Should I turn around if your romance is done 😜

Twinkle hid herself in kunj’s embrace hugging him being shy while kunj was still trying to get over the turn of moment’s in just few seconds 😅 Kunj just hummed in response 😳

Before twinj or Chinki could say anything kunj’s phone buzzed , it was yuvi’s call , he picked up while still gazing twinkle with hurt and pain in his eye’s who was hidding herself in his embrace hugging him 😢

Uv: (teasing tone) Meray pyaare chote bhai , agar apka aur apki biwi ka romance khatam hogaya ho toh party mein wapas ajao 😜 aap dono ka hi wedding reception hai 😛 Romance baad mein continue karlena 😉

K: 😳 aisa kuch nahi hai bhai ! We will be there in two minutes..

Uv: Okay 😁 and sorry for disturbing your romance 😹

Before kunj could reply yuvi cut the call , kunj was embarrassed but his anger over powered when he remembered what twinkle was going to do 😔

K: We need to leave for reception , everyone is searching us..

Chinki nodded her head and already left leaving twinj behind , they broke the hug and composed themselves making themselves presentable 😳

Kunj was about to go when twinkle held his wrist and made him face her but kunj wasn’t looking at her , she cupped his face and spoke with utmost Love..

T: (cupping his face) I LOVE YOU and Only You..

Raising herself a bit on her toes , she kissed his forehead and then whispered in his ear lovingly yet painfully..

T: I …I am sorry 😢

But kunj didn’t replied her but just held her hand tightly yet gently intertwining their fingers and walked with her inside Hall , all the while twinkle was gazing him lovingly 😍

Cherry who saw twinj coming inside with their hands intertwined looked at them with anger , His gaze was fixed on their intertwined , his eyes were blazing with anger 😡

(Yeh toh sirf Abhi jalne ki shuruwaat hai Cherry 🤣 Abhi dekho aur kitna jalati hun tumhien)

Yuvi saw twinj coming inside the hall hand in hand and moved towards them and spoke in a teasing tone 😛

Uv: (teasing tone) Bhai ! Yeh Teri hi biwi and isse tujhse koi dur nahi karne wala isiliye ab iska haath chor de 😝 Come let’s have photo shoot 🤗

Twinj blushed slightly at Yuvi’s comment 😳 they moved toward’s stage where family members were waiting for them..

They had a family shoot together , they were having cute , lovely family pics , Chinki was standing at side watching all this teary eyed 😢 Leela and RT were ignoring her , She knew she had hurt them alot 😔

Twinkle was looking at kunj pouting cutely but kunj didn’t even glanced at her for once 🙁 He was holding her by her waist as the photographer asked them , twinkle was muttering and cursing under breath cutely which left kunj mouth wide open 😯

T : (mumbling but audible to kunj) Huh ! Sadu Sarna 😤 He didn’t even once looked at me 🙁 I know I was going to do siyappa but mujhe khud hi siyappa queen bolta Haina toh siyappa karna toh mera right hai 🙁

(Huh 😤 This Sadu Sarna 🙁 He didn’t even once looked at me 🙁 I know i was going to do siyappa but he only calls me siyappa queen 😥)

Jao Abhi I will also not talk to this sadu 😒 Par agar mein bhi uss se baat nahi karungi toh iss Sadu ko pacify kaise karungi 🙁 (cutely) Haww no twinkle idea drop 😥

(Now I will also not talk to this sadu 😒 But if I will also not talk to this sadu then how will I pacify him 🤔 Haww no Twinkle idea drop 😥)

Her mumbling came to stop when kunj pulled her closer to him by her waist , Her breath hitched at the close proximity 😳

Kunj’s hold tighten on her waist , twinkle looked at him and found his gaze on something filled with anger and rage 😡 She followed his gaze and found the person to be cherry who was looking at her lustfully making her feel uncomfortable and shift more closer to Kunj..

Cherry was gazing twinkle lustfully but he was angered when his gaze fell at her bare back where Kunj’s name was inked in beautiful scripture , He tightened his fist but next moment his eye’s widen in shock 😱

(Don’t worry shock sirf Villian ji ke liye hai 😝)

(Par yeh toh pata karlo usko shock laga Kya 🤣)

Twinkle was looking at kunj who was looking at Cherry with raged eye’s 😡 A naughty idea popped in her mind , She took a quick glance at her surrounding to see if anyone was seeing them or in’t and placed a soft peck on Kunj’s Lip’s making him widen his eye’s in shock and Villian Ji too 😝

K : (shocked) What are you doing ?

T 🙁 playfully) What I am doing ?

K : What you did just now ?

Twinkle wrapped her arms around his neck and again pecked his Lip’s shocking Kunj and Villian Ji again 😂 and spoke in a naughty tone 😜

T : ( pecking his Lips) I did this 😌

Kunj held her hand and took her away from there to an empty dressing room while cherry who saw everything was burning in anger and jealousy 😈

They entered inside the dressing room , it was empty , kunj closed the door and spoke..

K : Twinkle are you Insane ?

T : (With Smile) Yes 😄 In your Love..

K : (irritated) Twinkle tujhe Fever toh nahi hai (Keeping his hand on her Forehead) You kissed me 3 times in public 😳 Agar koi Dekh leta toh ?

(Twinkle are you Okay ? You kissed me 3 times in public 😳 What if anyone saw ?)

Twinkle stepped closer to him and holding his collar spoke in a cute angry tone making Kunj smile a bit 🙂

T : (holding his collar and pulling him closer , their lip’s an inch apart) So what if anyone saw 😒 I kissed my husband and not any stranger okay 😤

Kunj smiled a bit at her reply but pulled her a bit closer holding her waist and spoke in a possessive tone..

K : That right is only MINE and not of any stranger 😒 ” Stressing the Word Mine ”

Saying this he closed the gap between their Lip’s and kissed Twinkle passionately, their lip’s met in a passionate soulful kiss , their Love and Possessivenes visible in kiss..

They broke the kiss breathing heavily , their forehead’s resting against eachother , their eye’s closed savouring the moment.

Twinkle opened her eye’s to see Kunj whose eye’s was closed , His small hair’s falling on his forehead making him look adorable 😍

T : Kunj..

K : (Eye’s still closed) Hmm…

T : I am Sorry Kunj !

Kunj opened his eye’s and looked at her for a minute and was about to say something but twinkle interrupted him and again asked him sorry cutely , A small smile broke on his Lip’s which he recovered soon 🙂

T : (Cutely holding her ears like a baby) Sorry Na Sadu Sarna 🙁 Dekho Abhi I am holding my ears also 😌

KUNJ’s POV (Thought’s)

Oh Babaji how can someone be this Cute 🙁 Agar yeh mujhe aise sorry bolegi toh how would I denie her 🙁 but what she did is wrong 😢 It could have posted her and chinki’s life 😖 I won’t leave you Cherry Luthra 😡 Your end is nearing 😡 You tried to mess with Kunj Sarna 😤 And Mrs Sarna thora tease karna toh banta hai 😜


Kunj was about to go from there when twinkle again held his hand making him turn around..

K : Ab Kya Hua ?
(What happened Now ?)

T : Kunj tum bahar aise jaoge Kya ?
(Kunj ! You will go outside like this ?)

K : (confused yet irratetedly) Toh phir aur kaise jaunga ?
(So how else i would go out ?)

Twinkle tried her best to stop herself from giggling 😂 held his hand and took him toward’s mirror confusing him , but looking at himself in mirror his mouth formed a wide 😯

Twinkle’s red lipstick was rubbed against his Lip’s during the kiss , His hair scattered and dishevelled due to caressing..

K : (gritting his teeth) Yeh Kya Kiya siyappa queen 😬

T : Wahi jo tumne Kiya 😒

Even her hair’s were messed up and her lipstick was a mess due to the kissing , Twinkle turned kunj around and wiped his Lip’s using a Tissue and set his hair making Kunj Smile a bit who was trying to keep a stern face 🤭

He left from there with out saying anything making twinkle huff in anger cutely 😅 She spoke in a Cute grumpy tone 🙁

T : Huh Khadus 😒 kabhi kabhi na iska Khadus mode on hojata hai 😯 Lekin ek baat kehni padegi gusse mein bhi buhat Hot lagta hai 😍

(T : Arrogant 😒 Sometimes he become so arrogant 😯 but I have to admit one thing , He even look’s hot when he is arrogant 😍)

Twinkle then composed herself and left from there praying Babaji that no one comes to know about their disappearance in their own reception else they will get full lot of teasing 😅

Thankfully no one came to knew about their disappearance , She looked for kunj and found him busy with Ruhi and Aman..

Soon it was time for dinner , everyone had their dinner , reception was over and guests started leaving back wishing twinj a Happy Married Life , Even cherry , Chinki and Anita left from there, Anita and Cherry were burning in anger seeing their plan was unsuccessful in breaking them..

Sarna’s , Taneja’s and Malhotra’s also left the venue as they had flight for Amritsar only Twinj would be left in Mumbai who will come back 2 day’s Later as family planned to give them some time alone so that they can relax themselves from all the upside down events..

They knew there wedding was a hectic one and then Cherry’s evil plotting ruined everything..


(They are staying in their FARMHOUSE )

TWINJ came back after bidding bye to everyone at airport and changed into their night wears , All the time twinkle was attempting to ask kunj sorry or talk to him he was ignoring her..

They lied down on bed after a long tiring day , Twinkle was waiting for kunj to take her in his embrace but kunj was lying down facing his back and moreover was holding a pillow in his hand’s hugging it to his chest which irked her 😂

She turned him angrily taking him by surprise , snatching pillow from him , she throwed it on floor angrily making kunj shocked , before kunj could spoke a word what she said brought a smile on his face 😍

T: (resting her head on his chest and hugging him tightly by his waist) This place is just mine okay 😏 It’s my right to be in your embrace and not that pillow samjhe Mr Kunj Sarna..

Twinkle spoke with anger cutely pointing her finger at him making Kunj smile at her cute antics 😍 He took her in his embrace and hugged her tightly while twinkle cuddled herself more in him 😍

Within minutes kunj was asleep but his siyappa queen was still awake , she looked at him lovingly and Smiled widely thinking something 😀

T:(to herself) Hmm ! I know my Sadu Sarna can never be angry with me for long 😁 And even if you are 😏 I know how to make Up to you 😉

She pecked his lips and slept hugging him tightly cuddling herself in his embrace feeling relaxed in his arms 🤗

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