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living with my crush -episode 2

hi all  . thank you so much . i did not expect this much comments..

so here is the link for last part : Episode 1 here

lets start

ragini reached malhotra mansion.. she gets down from the taxi and pays him and turns and she is surprised to see whole family .obviously sanskar was very nervous .ap comes and takes arthi .one drop of tear roll down from her eyes sujatha comes and wipes it

sujatha: no more crying ragini

ragini: ji aunty

sujatha: you can call me maa ragini

ragini:(smlies)ok ma

everyone welcomes her and goes to their respective place.

ap:ragini eat your breakfast and go to room .. parineetha will show your room

ragini:ok maa

ragini after her breakfast . parineetha is taking ragini upstairs ..parineetha is talking with her but ragini is lost .ragini is watching a photo  which hung in the wall

parineetha:ragini ..ragini

ragini:di sorry i was  bit lost at a moment

voice :parineetha where is my blue file (it is adarsh who is shouting from his room)

parineetha:its ok ragini go straight and two rooms are there left side room is yours..srry ragini

ragini :its ok di i wil go by myself

ragini reaches the room and opens the door..the room is bit messy she keep her bags aside and moves near window

Image result for balcony cartoon a girl watching

she is watching the view suddenly she hears a voice

Dhink Chika, Dhinka Chaika
Dhink Chika, Dhinka Chaika
Re Ae Ae.

she turns and sees and shocked to see sanskar singing and dancing ..he is wearing only is towel in his waist

ragini:sa sa sankar srry ….

sanskar doesn’t hear it he keeps on singing

ragini:sanskar(she shouts)

sanskar turns and he is really embarrassed

ragini:(turns aside )what are doing here ??

sanskar:what this is my room

ragini(she is about to turn):but pari di said

sanskar:don’t turn wait .(he wears his t shirt )

sanskar: ok for your kind imformation . it is my room and your room is opposite to my room so you may leave now

ragini: srry i did’t know ..

she quickly takes her bag and runs to her room

sanskar’s room

sanskar POV

sanskar look what you did .. what will she think .. all because of pari bhabi have to control sanskar .. she look gorgeous ..i did not expect at all .. how are you going to control sanskar . when she is near me all my nerves are dancing .stop it i shoud stop this

ragini’s room

ragini POV

ragini  look what you did . from now onwards be careful. always knock the door before you enter .  i did not think sanskar will change like this ..four years ago he was not like now he looks so hansome , smart but still he is same the wiredo ..

end of pov

two week later. 

ragini has almost forgot about her past and she starts to move on with her life .she is even happy here . maholtra family takes care of her like her own daughter ..ragini has joined college ..she is going to sanskar college this one week sanskar is avoiding ragini as possible as he can

ragini is going to terrace she sees sanskar  .. she goes to him

ragini: hi sanskar

sanskar:(bit tensed) hi ragini

ragini:i know you are wired but not this much ..are you afraid of me or what

sanskar:no no ragini am not perfectly allright (he forwads his head and shows his teeth and turns this side and that side)

ragini(with a strange look): ya am seeing it

ragini:by the way sanskar you have to learn to dance ..

sanskar:(smiles) hey am a dancer okk

ragini:ya i saw you dancing ..even a monkey can dance well

sanskar: so you remember

ragini: offcourse how will i forget my chotte bandar

sanskar:stop calling me that

ragini:chotta bandar

(ragini used to call sanskar as chotta bandar when she was small)

sanskar: listen ragini you won’t mind if i take you out tomorrow.. lets hangout

ragini:ya we can go

precap: day out..endless talk..laksh entry…swara entry…party……ragsan first kiss .. 

ok guys please bear me no tomatoes and eggs how was it ..thanks once again

smile more …..think positive



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