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Let me love you raglak – Part 1

“I wrote your name in the sky

The wind blew it away;

I wrote your name in the sand

The waves washed it away

I wrote your name in my heart

Forever will it stay”


I love you ragini.



Laksh was lying on his back on the sand looking up at the sky as the clouds passed by him.The waves crashed on his feet on the shore.He let his eyelids close rewinding his past.


Laksh was the son of famous businessman rakesh sharma.

Laksh took over his fathers company. He was the youngest business tycoon that swirled the others into a crumbled state.

That’s when he met her swara.She was like an angel in his life.They met at a dating service, soon they become close enough to tie wedding bells.

Laksh was flooded in happiness thinking about her.He didn’t love her, he liked her more,so when she confessed he accepted. He thought he could fall in love with her after marriage.

Slowly he started to fall for her charms, that’s when she ran away from wedding hall leaving him alone in the dark.That was the day he married her sister ragini,because of everyone’s compulsion n reputation.

Ragini POV

I was shocked when I saw the crumpled piece of paper she left in her room.The brides room .I opened it carefully enough to see it.It weighed a thousand pounds on my hand as I read the words

I’m not ready for this marriage I’m scared and so……

I was on a state between sadness n confusion as why she did it.

Didn’t she love him ,as much as he loved her???

That’s when gravity of situation made her land into a marriage with the guy,whom her sister was supposed to be married.

That was beginning of her life,a life she never knew she would land but at the right place.


Back to laksh POV

  • Laksh looked at the waves dejectedly.He said life like waves it crushes others who are not strong enough.


Ragini sat down beside him,she told him  yes laksh life is like waves its gives us many adversities but each ends in happiness of meeting the shore.New life n new happiness.

Ragini looked at him n thought if only that happiness was me in you.

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