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Laado 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Malhari to marry a fake saint to rule on Veerpur

Laado 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anu bringing Shaurya to hospital. Doctor tells her that the wound is severe due to the fight 1-2 days before. Shaurya asks Doctor why are you telling her. Anu scolds him. Shaurya asks him not to interfere in his life. Anu asks him to have medicine, but Shaurya throws it off. He says I don’t want you care or concern. He have medicine with his hand. Anu is upset and says I will go, and thanks him for saving her. Rantej comes to Tej. Tej asks what happened? Rantej says I have to get Veerpur’s power back before Malhari can do anything. A man comes and says everyone is standing in queue to see Inder, a saint. Rantej says who is Inder.

Bunty comes to the hospital and comes to know Shaurya left without telling anything. Rantej goes to Baba Inder and asks him to leave Veepur. He

moves the curtain and sees Malhari sitting with the Baba Inder. He is shocked and asks Malhari if she is marrying him. Malhari smirks.

Shaurya comes to the fighting club and asks the man to call fighter. Dadi says I need to ask you, and asks why Anu is upset since she came here. Shaurya says there is nothing and asks her about her leg pain. Dadi asks him to tell what happened actually. Shaurya says there is nothing. Dadi asks him to come and hears men taking his name. Shaurya says he is busy in important work.

Fighter comes to fight with him. Shaurya feels drowsiness. Malhari asks Dushyant to make arrangements of marriage. Rantej asks his Chacha if he is showing loyalty to his father this way. Malhari tells him that she is getting married for him and tells that Baba can help her win election and rule on Veerpur. Rantej goes. Rajjo says he understood. Malhari says he will not agree so soon.

Rantej hears news about Baba to be very influential and can do magic. Tej comes and says he called all villagers and told them that he is going to make a big announcement. Rantej says he thought of bapu’s words and says we shouldn’t do anything until we know fully. He says we know now why baba is marrying Malhari and says we have to find out. Just then baba comes there and hears them. He says hari om. Rantej says how dare you to come here. Inder says we will be family after marriage, and once I come and stay here, I will treat for your problem. Rantej says Malhari told you everything and tells that he hates both of them. Inder comes out and smiles looking at Malhari.

Dadi tells Anu about Shaurya. Bunty comes there and tells Anu that Shaurya was not in the hospital. He says he must have went to fight club. Anu says his condition is bad and tells that he fainted down on road infront of her. Dadi asks Anu, if she hide with him. Bunty says if he fights again then can die. Dadi gets shocked. Anu is shocked too.

Anu tries to stop Shaurya. Shaurya says you have no right on my life. Dharam tells Shagun and Amrish that one signature of Juhi is needed to transfer the property on to their names. Dadi shows pictures and says you are happy in your father’s wedding. Anu thinks why Shagun and Amrish haven’t told her about the truth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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