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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Pratap gets rich with Pari’s darbaar chadawa

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kunti telling devotees that Pari needs to have food now and asks them to go to their homes. Pratap asks them to give the chadawa to Mata first. Pari tells them that she needs selfie from them. She takes selfie with them. Then they all leave. Pratap tells that he is getting all things which he didn’t get in dowry. Two men comes there and tells that they want to keep flowers and Prasad for Mata’s bhakts. They ask him to let them keep shop and gives him 10000 each. Pratap asks them to keep the shops and thinks Pari Mata is great, and his poverty will go for 7 births.

Panjiri, Prema and Prarthana are standing with Pari as she is having food. Kunti, Kusum and Kanhaiya wait for their turn to have food. Kunti asks them to give roti. Pratap asks her to wait till

Pari eats. Panjiri gives roti to Kunti. Kunti says she is not Devi, and is same aqal ki malika. Kanhaiya asks him not to have blind faith. Prarthana and Panjiri tell that Pari is a Devi now. Pratibha tries to talk, but panjiri tells about the story. Kunti says there will be no darbaar from tomorrow onwards. Pratap asks why she don’t want. Khatru calls Kanhaiya and asks for leave. He talks to Pari and asks for his blessings. Kanhaiya refuses to give him leave. Khatru says Reshma is coming. Kunti tells about the pipe being cut by municipal. Kanhaiya is busy and asks her to go. Pratap asks Pratibha to go with Kunti.

Next day, bhakts again come. Panjiri and Prema try to stop them, as Kunti asked them not to do keep darbaar again. Pratap says I will make her understand. They let the bhakts come. Pratap says they have again let the darbaar for the darbaar. Khatru asks question and asks when he will get increment in his salary. Pari holds her head. Pratap says your salary will increase only if you leave Reshma. Khatru says no. Pratap sings pari mata songs, and asks people to ask question. Kunti and Pratibha come home. Florist and Prasad shop guy ask them to buy flowers and Prasad. Kunti refuses. A man asks them to stand in queue for darshan. Pratibha says this is our house, but the man thinks she is thinking mata’s house as hers. Kunti and pratibha stand in queue. Kunti asks God why he is showing her this day, when she is made to stand in queue in her own house. Devotees ask questions. Pari sees a boy having corn and says even I want to have it. She takes corn from his hand and starts eating. Kunti is still waiting outside.

Pratap tells Kunti that there will be no darbaar today, but Mata’s sawari will go. Pari is sitting in cart and is roaming in the city, when a diseased man comes infront of her and asks her to treat him. Pari keeps her hand on his head and asks him to get fine.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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