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Kundali Bhagya 13th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Karan invites Tapsi to party

Kundali Bhagya 13th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The police inspector appreciates Avantika’s shot to help them capture the criminals. Pragya was cautious and questions when did Avantika learn to use gun so well, if she wished to kill her? Avantika says she took aim of the one who tried to interfere in their game; else… Avantika laughs calling it a joke and moves towards completing the formalities. She turns to see Pragya and Purab were not accompanying them.
Pragya drinks water from the bottle thinking about Avantika taking Pragya’s aim. Purab comes out and says they are checking details of Simonika again, he is also doubtful that she is Avantika. She gets a call from the lawyer and says she will soon get a proof of Abhi’s innocence. At the registration office, the printing machine was stuck. Pragya was in a hurry and asks Avantika

the papers will be ready soon, the registration is complete. They must leave for court. Avantika was not ready. Pragya deters to tear the papers if she doesn’t come now.
In Kundli Bhagya, Sameer looks towards Shrishti and plays ‘Dil tou pagal hai’. Karan calls him to change the music. Sameer was apologetic, Kritika comes to tease both Sameer and Shrishti. Shrishti forbids her say another word and leaves.
Rishab speaks to his colleagues he is going to change, he doesn’t wear such clothes actually. Preeta stops him and says he seems really changed today. He must sometimes wear such clothes. Rishab regrets for not saying a thanks in time, he decides to go now.
Sherlin and her mother wish birthday to Kareena. Prithvi arrives there and holds a dropping flower bouquet. Sherlin’s mother was unhappy watching him there.
Kritika mocks that the flowers brought by Sherlin spread under Prithvi’s feet. As she laughed, Shrishti scolds Kritika was her continuous taunting first on her and then on Sherlin. After the girls laugh, Shrishti goes towards Preeta. Kritika observes Prithvi’s stare towards Sherlin. She thinks she must really be drunk and leaves. Sherlin signals Prithvi to come aside, both leave the hall together.
From Kumkum Bhagya in the court, the proceedings were called to begin. The prosecutor was about to present witnesses against Abhi’s attempt to kill Simonika. Everyone was waiting for Pragya. The prosecutor presents Prabhu, the auto driver in which Simonika travelled last.
On the way, Avinash confirms if Avantika really wants to do so, she replies positively. In another car, Disha doubted Avantika might deny her promise in the court. Pragya was sure she wouldn’t. They were stuck in the traffic between a fight on road.
In the court, Prabhu narrates the whole story of Abhi hitting the auto of Prabhu while Simonika was in it. She was afraid while Abhi followed them. The next witness was a waiter at hotel. He witness of watching Abhi follow Simonika through stairs aggressively till third floor. The lawyer points that Simonika was pushed down through the same floor. A fan of Abhi was called as the next witness; she had tried to take a selfie with Abhi. The lady narrates they asked Abhi for selfie but he instead pushed her friend and left. The next witness was housekeeping boy of the hotel, he narrates he had left after cleaning the room but master key was missing. He then returned to find Police there, the window of the room was broken and a lady had died. The prosecutor presents the CCTV of hotel.
Pragya leaves the car and asks Avantika to come along with her through auto. Avantika says she won’t be able to manage in Auto. Pragya forces her outside the car and pulls her across the road.
From Kundli Bhagya, Preeta watches Karan looking around for something. Preeta wonders if Karan is planning something against Prithvi or he really wish a patch up with Prithvi. She must know what’s going on in his mind. She asks if he is looking for someone. Karan laughs if Preeta is spying on him? Preeta says she knows already whom he is looking for. Karan forbids her love him so much that she got a PhD in what he even thinks. Preeta says she is sure there is something cooking in Karan’s mind and it must be against Prithvi. Karan denies this. Preeta suggest he must then be going to meet some girl, girls hold an important place for him afterall. Karan thinks its only Preeta who is important for him. He tells Preeta he is going to meet a girl, but not his girlfriend but Prithvi’s. Preeta was furious over Karan while he insulted Prithvi. Karan was curt over Preeta’s stupidity.
On the table, Preeta calls Giresh to get a glass of water. She sat there furiously and even scolds Shrishti. Kritika jokes it must be lover’s fight between them, she and Shrishti leave the table to get water for themselves.
Sherlin comes to meet Prithvi and hugs him congratulating him about his engagement.
Tapsi and mother come to party. Tapsi asks if she brought her to Karan Luthra’s house, her mother greets Kareena as an old friend and says Karan forced her to bring Tapsi along. Kareena was happy to see Karan staring at Tapsi. Karan recognizes Tapsi and says it was really important for him that she came over. Tapsi thinks her mother hates Prithvi, and if he mentions Prithvi here she would be really hurt. Tapsi walks ahead furiously and hits Preeta. Preeta wonders what’s so special in this girl that he is after her. Tapsi wonders why is Prithvi marrying this Tapsi?

PRECAP: In the court, Pragya enters announcing Simonika is alive. Preeta opens the door of room to find Prithvi holding Tapsi’s face.

Update Credit to: Sona

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