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I’m so Sorry Guys  I said  i will update on Monday but life doesn’t go the way we plans sometimes.. I was unwell so I couldn’t keep  up my words…

So to the story …

 In Goa:

In Morning Annika’s Nautanki continues….

Shivaay  teases that she doesn’t spit black coffee intentionally… Annika again drinks coffee… casually. he tries to stay back as  again if she spits it will be bad..

A-Its good Shivaay from tomorrow I will drink your kaali coffee… naam kya o…o .. haan Sairo banu… nahi Americano…

S-(he gets surprised) so you did that intentionally right .I wont leave you so easily for this… punishment is there….

A- kya  kya(she moves forward and he walks back) punishment  that too me I’m not scared of you….  as usual you  tie my hand back  and  asks farak padtha hai…

S- wow just wow Annika  do you think even now I do the same…  I now know  thumae farak padtha hai  so its  different  now….

A- kya different matlab ?

S- what is your weakness Annika ?

A-(thinks)Darkness  only that… are you going to lock me in dark room kya? Don’t even think of that now I’m not alone mera baccha hai… mera paas….

S-Accha ji  I know and if I does so My child will get affected too.. So…

A-aapka dil mae kya chaal raha hai ? (she gives weird look)

S- SSO is different from others as well his punishments ? I have best  one which I always wanted you to do  by yourself? but we can see whether I can get that as punishment atleast…

A- Billuji aap thik hai….  I have always  fulfilled your wish ..

S- Really  Annika  have you given single kiss for me  by your wish..

A- haan kithni  baar

S- I’m not saying about this(shows cheeks) but this (shows lips)…  have you ?

A- (gets embarrased)cheapde  I was thinking SSO  ko dil aise chalthi hai…

S- come on give me I was waiting for this so long..( he comes near)

A-stop you are saying as if there is no lip kiss between us…. you are waiting for your first kiss…

S- there is… but  it is all by me  not you… come on Annika….

A- If you talk like this what our baby will think….

S- hello he is here because of that first step by me….  baby come on ek kiss

A- (stand still) come here…

S- no you come and kiss me I won’t trust you  if you run away what will I do…. (he opens his arms)

A-( feeling awkward  but she knows she can’t escape today .. she always wanted to but felt shy) (thinks) Annika you can just a kiss.. dedo  time to come out of shy zone….

S- Annika I’m waiting ….. whether you will take a whole day  haan?

A-Baghad billa who waits this desperate… I’m coming…. (she nears him her heart is beating so fast)

Annika however manages to kiss him and they have a passionate lip lock… After sometime she releases herself first…

S- kya hua…. what happened

A-(feeling shy doesn’t look at him)

S- Annika I’m the same  Shivaay …. Oh My God you are blushing…


S- its ok I got what I wanted… (goes down to baby bump) I’m sorry Baby  I have to play such tricks so that I can get what I want… I know you are there but you know right how much I love your Mom….

In Oberoi Mansion:

Khanna comes to Om as he has called him…

O- whether Swetlana is in Goa even now… could you track her…

K-ji sir already that process is done.. I had asked my friend to fix tracker in her file.. he called her yesterday saying some information is matching her info which she gave him….

O- well done Khanna I’m proud of you…. come we have to go goa  confirm whether she is still there this time I want everything to  go on right way as already we have lost so much time ….

R- yes O there is only 2 months for our champ to come.. our next Oberoi generation…. he should be here when he comes to world…. I have to be there for him from the very first day for that it is necessary to bring back Shivaay bhaiya here ….

O- if not we can’t see our champ as Shivaay will separate him from us…. Rudra get Ready we are going to Goa.. i have two plans..

R- O… what are you trying to say….

Soumya hears everything from Outside and thinks so this is the matter all are tensed Dadi said Shivaay bhaiya is out for some work…. Rudra notices Soumya and calls her….

R- Sumo… aap yahan kya kar rahi ho…

So- wo…wo haan I was just passing this way you both were discussing something about Shivaay bhaiya..  so I just was thinking whether to ask you guys need help?

R- Its ok  we will take care of it don’t worry… By the way what you heared….

So- I’m sorry Rudra i don’t have any intention in hearing  but it just happened (she lies) I just heared you both are going to Goa…

R-its ok I believe you.. if needed help i surely comes to you….

So- (she thinks I have to go with them) shall I come with you Rudra… i always wanted to go Goa… you carry your work I just enjoy mines….

R- Sumo I will take you next time now its not safe  don’t ask why just understand please…

So- ok (she goes)….

R-Thank god  Sumo doesn’t heared everything if one member knows everybody can get to knnow…

O- yes Rudra  we should be very careful  if it was Dadi what would have happened….

R- it didn’t happen na.. come we shall go…

Soumya thinks so Shivaay bhaiya is in Goa  separating from family by their talking Annika babhi is pregnant…. I have to follow them she runs to pack things….

Om goes to Gauri and says he is going to Goa for some Business meeting along with Rudra and Khanna.. She instantly says ok but something struck her mind..

G-Omkaraji  aap kuch chupayo kya?

O- what?….

PRECAP-   Omkara and Rudra in Swetlana house… Sumo  tries to follow them…..

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