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Ishqbaaz FF: My Brothers Are Everything To Me- Chapter 41

…My Brothers Are Everything To Me..


Chapter 41:




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Chapter 41:


Shivaay’s whole body trembled with rage that he didn’t know whether to destroy Daksh or destroy himself..


To think that Daksh can kidnap Mrs. Shivaay Singh Oberoi this easily..


Shivaay berated himself…


How did he miss this?


It didn’t matter how it was before but now she’s his wife, his responsibility.


It was barely a day since they got married.


She agreed to marry him when no other girl would have did it for him.


She even supported him when his family was upset with him.


They just decided to get to know each other and start a relationship..


But seeing now Annika trapped in a glass tank where the water level is rising steadily..


Annika’s eyes were widened in fear and shock, staring at him like he’s some sort of God..


Shivaay let go of Daksh’s collar who was unconscious with the way he had beaten him into a pulp.


His hands wanted to squeeze the life out of Daksh…


But it can wait..


Shivaay cannot waste another second so he quickly used his fist to break the glass.


He collided his shoulder, gave a blow to the glass tank, ignoring the pain it accompanied with.


But the words of Daksh was still ringing in his ears..


“You know how much I loved her Shivaay then how could you marry her? How could you.? If Annika isn’t for me then she won’t be alive for you to have her too..”


Shivaay gritted his teeth remembering how scared he was while he drove here..


No one…


No one knew that there’s a GPS tracker in Annika’s mangalsutra..


It had helped him find her quickly and Shivaay had beaten Daksh into unconscious.


Daksh had been laughing while he was beating him.


Daksh’s insane…


Now that Shivaay thought about it, the stalker who was scaring Annika must have been this Daksh..


Oh…! How he wanted to kill Daksh painfully yet slowly, not giving the peace of death for what he did to his wife..


There was finger marks on her face, reddened with impact.


Shivaay breathed hard, trying to not kill Daksh but to concentrate on saving her..



Annika was frozen in fear..


~~~I am an Orphan Shivaay sir~~~


Her words echoed in his mind.


How much torture she must have gone through as a child. Hadn’t he wanted to keep her happy the moment he put the mangalsutra around her neck..?


Why things always happen to the people important to him rather than himself?


He wished that he was the one inside and not her…


“Annika.. Don’t worry.. I am here na.. I won’t let anything happen to you.. Never..”




Her voice was shaky and this is the first time she’s calling by his name.




This cannot end like this..


“Shivaay… The cables…”


Shivaay turned to look around to find, lose cables around there…


Even if he broke it, the water will spread through and the electricity in the cables will electrocute them.


Shivaay ran from the tank and switched the power supply of this old building.




Whatever he did in his life, he wanted God to make him suffer but not Annika..


Shivaay quickly analyzed the surroundings and he took the rod far away from the tank and hit it against the glass tank but it failed to break..


Annika place her hands against the glass, looking at him in sorrow while tears trailing her cheeks pulled his heart.


The water was almost above her neck..


Shivaay hit the tank with the rod repeatedly like a mad man, yelling at her to not give up..


“Shivaay… I want to live…”


“Yes… You will.. Trust me”


“I want to live with you…”


Annika noticed the shudder that followed Shivaay’s body after her words.


The water was almost threatening to drown her in.


While she visited home to pack her things, all she remember was inhaling something weird and the next thing she knew was that she was tied up in a chair.


Annika was shocked to find him like this..


While Daksh went on and on about what all he did, the only thing on her mind was Shivaay.. Her husband will definitely come to save her.


And her husband did come but before that Daksh had slapped her for talking back to him, scaring her to death.


Annika hated it… Hated violence of any kind.


It reminded her of the days in orphanage..


Looking at him not knowing whether she will live or not made her regret all those time she fought with him for no reasons, how egoistical she was to think that there’s all the time in the world.


But life always teaches them things that they never expected.


Annika struggled to breathe through the water which had risen up above her lips.


She wanted to live for her and Saahil too.. But she knew if something happened to her then Shivaay will take care of Saahil.


Annika knew that the breath she’s going to take will be the last one so she used it to look at him, his panicked azure eyes were glistening with unshed tears….


Tears for her..


He deserve to know..


It doesn’t matter if he didn’t love her back..


It doesn’t matter if he hated her…


It doesn’t matter who will say it first..


No… Not anymore…


Nothing matters anymore except him..


He has to know…


“I love you Shivaay”


I love your eyes, your tadibaaz attitude, your speech, your teasing, your touches, your perfectly gelled hair, your walk, your anger, your everything… Was left in said because she cannot even breathe let alone tell him all this.


But she was glad she had told him when she coughed in water, trying hard to breathe..


Annika could hear heart wrenching cry from Shivaay and that too for her, that was the last thought she had before slipping into unconsciousness.


Shivaay gripped her body tight enough to bruise when the glass finally broke and he caught her.


Tears trailed down his cheeks, looking at her like this…


Finally she coughed up water and slumped against him. He was glad that the police had came whom he had called before coming here and took Daksh away to the prison else he didn’t know what he would have done.


Shivaay turned his face away and pulled her top tucked in her jeans from her and put his coat around her and buttoned it. He pulled his kerchief and dried some water from her head.


He didn’t want her to freeze to death. God knows how long she was in the water.


He lifted her while being grateful for the every time she inhaled and drove her to Oberoi Mansion which is nearby than any hospital since he had called his family doctor there too.


Shivaay asked Jhanvy Aunty and maids to change her wet dress and waited impatiently when doctor checked her condition.


After sending the doctor away after listening to his instructions, Shivaay brought extra blankets from servants and tucked her in, drying her hair out with a dryer.




He would have lost her…


He would have lost her…


The words she said thinking that she’s going to die…


“I love you Shivaay”


Shivaay alone knew the butterflies in his stomach even at that horrible situation.


Annika groaned and struggled to wake up.


When she finally opened her eyes, trying to gather her thoughts of what happened.


Annika grabbed her throat, it hurt to even move her muscles.


Shivaay caressed her hair and her eyes widened looking at him as if finally realizing what had happened.




And tears started flowing from her eyes. Shivaay sat near her closely and hugged her sideways to calm her down.


“I… I thought I will never see you”




Shivaay squeezed her in his hug, to feel her alive against him.


He will double his security if necessary but she will never let anything happen to her.




She shivered against him and it looked like she got a fever.


Shivaay made her lie down and pulled the blankets over her.


When he tried to get up so he could bring her something to eat, he was pulled by his shirt sleeve.


“I am not going anywhere.. I am just going to bring something for you to eat.”


“Shivaay please.. Don’t go.. I am scared”


To think a strong woman reduced to be so scared by Daksh..


Shivaay pulled the blankets away and laid beside her, pulling the blankets over them both and pulled her against him.


She voluntarily pressed even closer against him and hugged him tightly, burying her face in the crook of his neck.


“I will never let anything like this happen to you, ok? I will always be with you, ok?”


Shivaay tightened his hold and they were so close that their breathe mingled but he was beyond caring anything because all that matters is Annika safely in his arms, alive and breathing.


Annika nodded, her hair tingling his skin..


“He will never come out of prison.. Ok? I will make sure he stays in there.”


Shivaay had already called higher officials and put him in cases of no bail no matter what.


He had reported everything including stalking and murder attempts. Shivaay will make sure Daksh will rot in jail to death..


Every girl has a right to decide on their own but to kill her because she rejected him was no way acceptable..


And that too not just any girl, his wife, Mrs. Shivaay Singh Oberoi..


Annika slowly calmed down but she didn’t let go of him and clutched him like her life dependent on him.


Shivaay hummed something inaudibly so as to let her sleep and she did slowly gave into sleep.




“Hey Om.. Did you notice it too?”


“Yeah Rudy..”


Om and Rudra watched a little afar from their brother Shivaay who was now admiring himself, looking at the reflection of a silver plate…


A plate of all things…


Shivaay bhaiyaa never ever does anything that is not classic or in fashion.


But this…


They have been horrified hearing how Annika di was kidnapped by Daksh of all people. Shivaay bhaiyaa looked so tense and worried.


For a change Rudra didn’t feel any jealousy at all. He was glad she was fine and even he could see that she has became someone important in his bhaiyaa’s life.


It has been two days since that and they now also has another family member called Saahil now.


Rudra was so excited to have him as a little brother. It was fun when there’s more genuine people in their life. Shivaay bhaiyaa had brought him to home since Annika di was strictly advised to be bed rest from Bhaiyaa.


But the interesting fact is that his bhaiyaa has gained a new habit..


Rudra didn’t know what happened to his bhaiyaa but he’s been admiring his own reflection in different places.


“He has been staring at his reflection for the past two days O.”


“Yeah… In car glasses”


“In small mirrors O”


“In his office cabin Rudy”


“In his own sun glasses O”


“And now in plates of all things Rudy”


Om put a hand around his shoulder and in silence they observed him.


Shivaay bhaiyaa flicked his hair and smirked at the plate…


Yes, at the plate…


Om the duffer snickered aloud startling bhaiyaa.


Shivaay bhaiyaa looked at them irritatingly and miracles of miracle he went back to stating at his reflection.


What’s going on?


Rudra and Om moved towards him and sat on the nearby chair and finally not able to take it any long, Rudra asked him.


“What’s going on bhaiyaa?”


“What’s going on Rudra?”


“Shivaay, you have been dressing up overly nice for the past two days.”


“So what? I go to office and I want to look good”


“But you spend most of the time looking after Annika di”


“Yeah so..”


“You have been admiring your own reflection for a while. What’s going on Shivaay?”


“Well… I was wondering how handsome I am”


“Fhat the wuck?”


Om and Rudra chorused not believing what his bhaiyaa just said.


Since when did bhaiyaa care about all this.?


“Bhaiyaa.. You’re not handsome.. I am the handsome one”


Om nudged him to shut up and that is nit important now.


“Why are you wondering about it now Shivaay?”


“It’s just….”


Bhaiyaa hesitated but Om insisted him to say it.


“Well… There’s this girl…”


Of course it must be Annika di and that’s so obvious. Why is Shivaay bhaiyaa hiding it?


Om kicked him under the table to keep his mouth shut.


“You know there’s this girl and she loves me.. So it means I am good looking and smart right? So I was just.. You know trying to see me of how she see’s me”


What kind of logic is this?


Rudra giggled at his words to which Om followed and Shivaay bhaiyaa got up angered at them and went away.


So cute…


Shivaay bhaiyaa is so cute..


Om nudged at him,


“It’s your fault for missing a perfect chance to tease him.”


“But you laughed too O.”


Rudra pouted at the unfairness.


“Well.. Let’s tease him next time yeah?”


Rudra nodded at O.


“By the way Rudy, I wanted to ask you why Soumya doesn’t come here anymore?”






Just that name sucked all sort of emotions from him leaving only with an empty feeling.


She hadn’t called nor texted him after Shivaay bhaiyaa’s marriage.


Their relationship is not the same anymore all because of him.


He shouldn’t have said those harsh words to her.


It hurt too much to not be with her..


Nothing’s fun in college anymore.. Not hanging out with his friends or the parties or the flirting with girls..


Everything felt empty without her..


“Don’t tell me you two are fighting again Rudy.”


“No no.. It’s not like that O.. She’s just busy. I will bring her next week.”


“Ok.. Come on let’s go and see what Shivaay is now staring at”




With that they went towards the direction Shivaay bhaiyaa had gone.




Annika felt like drowning in the water tank, trying to breathe. In fact it was worse than how she felt now..


It was her first love and first time feeling things for someone, to let someone in her every cell..


Even though it has been two days since she had told him her love, there was no response from him.


Did he even hear it..?


But it didn’t matter anymore now that he’s standing in front of the media, to introduce his wife, the secret bride everyone was so hyped about.


Shivaay had taken care of her, not making her to miss her parents. He had even brought the food to the room even though she’s fine.


But Tia came back with the story if that she didn’t run away but got kidnapped and she cannot believe Shivaay had married someone and instead of searching for her.


Annika had witnessed the drama and moved away from there but when she looked at them one more time in the morning, Shivaay was caressing Tia’s neck..


Shivaay had even said to Annika that he won’t introduce Annika as his wife in media when she confronted him before the meeting with media..


Hadn’t he promised to start their relationship?


Hadn’t he promised her to never let go of her.?


Hadn’t he promised to always be with her..?


Yes, Annika trusted Shivaay…


But not the Shivaay Singh Oberoi who values Name, line and lineage..


Three days….


Just three days passed since marriage and her relationship is already slipping away from her hands.




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