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Ishqbaaz 13th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaay makes a deal with Roop

Ishqbaaz 13th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Anika tells Shivaay it was best day of her life today and it was all because of him. Shivaay is quiet. She asks why he’s not saying anything? He says he hasn’t seen her so happy. He promises she will always be happy like this. She kisses him on cheeks. O Jaana.. plays. They spend some close romantic moments.

In morning, Shivaay is upset with Khanna as he said they can’t do anything to Roop as they have no proof. He tells Khanna that a criminal always leaves something behind. He gets a call from Roop reminding only 12 hours are left. He can still agree to her. He says 12 hours are enough for him. She says for now, he only has few minutes as she has sent out suicide note to media and police. Shivaay tells Khanna to stop news from spreading and disconnect tv signals to their house.

Shivaay calls commissioner and tells him that documents related to Kalyani Mills are fake and asks him to keep them on hold. He will soon expose the true culprit. He then calls media outlets and threatens them if they publish those documents, he won’t give them any news about his company in future.

Roop calls back Shivaay and says he stopped media from publishing suicide note, but he can’t stop her. She has sent suicide note to Anika. Soon she will see it. He can stop it if he can.

Anika opens her cupboard where the envelope is. She sees it. Shivaay is rushing to her and succeeds in stopping Anika from reading it. Anika asks why did he come back suddenly? He says he forgot to hug her when leaving, so came to hug her. Shivaay throws letter to Om, Rudra. They leave. Anika says there is something for sure that he’s hiding. Shivaay says no matter what husbands do, wives always doubt on them. She says fine and goes to wear mangal sutra. She drops it. Shivaay catches it and puts it in her neck. He then puts sindhoor on her forehead. They spend close moments. He then tells her that he might not be telling her everything, but he will tell her one thing that matters most in their lives that he loves her a lot and he will always love her. Until he is alive, his heart will beat for Anika only. She asks why he’s being so senti as if they are getting separated? He says they will never be separated. Next few days will be very difficult for them. She is right that he is not sharing something with her, but he will tell her when he can. He asks her to promise no matter what, she will not react. She won’t trust anything others say. Before she makes any decision, she must talk to him. She says he’s scaring her. He asks she trusts him, right? then promise her. She promises him.

Later, Shivaay goes to Om and Rudra. They ask why Roop is doing this. Shivaay says to put him in pressure. He knows Roop did everything, but he doesn’t have proof. Anika tells him when it’s between her and his family, he always chooses his family. But this time, he will stand with Anika. He will prove her dad innocent. Om-Rudra say not him, but them. He is not alone, they are with him.

Shivaay comes to Roop and asks what she wants. Roop said she had just said yesterday. She wants him to leave Anika and marry girl of her choice. Shivaay agrees, but on condition of her retuning fake suicide note and all photos including copies. Roop agrees. She says she will throw all that documents in his wedding fire. He will not go anywhere until he gets married. Shivaay thinks he can’t leave without taking those documents, so he will have to stay there.

Precap: Om and Rudra decide that they won’t let Shivaay’s wedding happen. Anika comes and asks whose wedding?

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