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I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 48- shivika moment

Hello everyone here i go with next episode hope you guys gonna enjoy it. Smile will reading and laugh will imagining

Ignore all spelling, typo and grammatical mistakes


Aarohi” Shivaay what are you doing here? Time for punishment has come. Sin that you commit of staining my Anu’s life.

Shivaay Singh Oberoi your divorce is done Shivaay. So this is your bag and that’s door leave my Anu forever.

“Shivaay kneel down” plz plz plz maa don’t give this punishment to me l’ll die without your Anu.

“Om shouts” Shivaayyyyy

“Shivaay open his eyes” eyes filled with water gazes Om.

“Om kneel down hug him tightly” stop crying Shivaay om pacifing him

Shivaay” your bhai will die without her. Shivaay Singh Oberoi has no existence without Anika. The great wall is nothing with his foundation .

Om” sshh stop cooking such type on nonsense. Nothing can separate Shivaay and Anika. Not even death has the guts to eye shivika.

Shivaay” mujhe apney har gunaah ka ehsaas hai. Har us dard ka jo mainey usay de hai    (I have realized my every crime. Every pain I have given to her.)

But om your bother loves her alot.

Her eyes are mirror in which SSO sees himself. Her lips, when talk about me i’ve fall in love with myself you all know i’ve always lived my life for my family  but now SSO to want to smile, laugh , cry i want to share my every heartbeat with his soul too.

Om” smiles but then why SSO is crying? Afraid of punishment?

Shivaay” SSO is not afraid of punishment but now Shivaay only Shivaay, Anika’s Shivaay is afraid of losing Anika his Anika only Shivaay’s Anika”

Om” who’s separating you idiot? No one stop behaving like kids”

“Shivaay wipes his tears” but Maa?

“Om cups Shivaay face” kabhi maa nay bhi apney bacho ko un ki pyaar say juda kiya hai?

(Mother ever separated her children from their love)

Shivaay” kyun nahe kiya bhool gaya aaj agar main aur Anika ” Shivika” nahe ho sakey to sirf mom ki waja say.

Om” no shivaay choti maa just hit on SSO strenght and you now what only  Anika bhabi knows that those NKK idealogies were the greatest weakness of you.

And i don’t need to explain to you my brother  that hitting weakness crushes strenght”

“Om holds Shivaay from shoulders” And who’s The great wall SSO strenght sorry only Shivaay”

Shivaay” Anikaa”

“Om wiping shivaay tears” now listen to me Aarohi aunty weakness not only her’s but Rajput’s both Weakness and Strenght is Anika bhabi same as of yours.

And Anuty g will definitely punish you and we too want this that you get  that but sometimes separating is not only left punishment in this world.

Duniya main aur bhi sazay-e-mohabbat  hai sirf judaai nahe to nahe

Rudy” kabhi mohabbat may protein  bar nahe milta to kabhi sakoon ki neend nahe”

Shivom” 😒 gazes eachother”

Rudy” what? He rise his eyebrows. Have i said something wrong? Bhandiya eaten my protein bar and you know i can’t sleep without eating my bar😢

Om” you were listening our conversation?

“Rudy ynaws and hug them” O you were talking to Shivaay bhaiya not to chullbull bhabi and doing family planning.

“Om pat on his head” shut up duffer

Rudy” kya shut up shut up O. Can’t you say that lets have some Obro moment. It’s so long i didn’t got hug from you both and nor we did cooking

Shivom” smile and hold rudy from legs and arms and throw him in pool…… And jumps in pool too

Shivomru” have some light Obro moment”

“Rudy hug shivaay tightly” you are my favorite couple not only mine but  world’s favorite couple.

Agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho to puri kayanat usey tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai.

Om” Aur meri Anika bhabi ki kayanat to un ki Maa hai na. To phir kayanat he shivaay say Anika ko milaye ge. 

Now excuse me i’m also part of this moment”


Shivaay” aaj yaar”


“Om runs and hug them tightly”


Song plays 

Lafzao ka yeh rishta nahe…..

Shivaay” sneeze achuu”

Omru” phail gaya raita”

Scene shifts to Rajput Office


Chanda” Anika lets go aunty g is waiting”

Anika” to karti rahey intazar hum nahe jaya gay”

Chanda” then she will come here and then……


Anika” and then what ha???

Chanda” shouts Aunty g”

“Anika jumps and fold her legs” kaha hai ,kaha hai

“Chanda rolls on floor” hahaaha  Aloo dar gayi Aloo dar gayi. Koi aunty g nahe hai.

“Anika you lied to me”

“Chanda stands and cup Anika face” i didn’t lied to you she is  here. Chanda poke Anika head and heart.

“Anika shut up Chanda” she’s no where. Na kal, na aaj aur na he kal.  You get this thing here and here. Anika poke chanda head and heart.

Chanda” now that’s a lie.”

“Aarohi watching Anika on her fone” i think she won’t get caged easily. I’ve to go and bring her it’s already late. Aarohi about to come out but huge smile appears on her face”

“Anika mentally slapping herself and stepping towards car” where i’ve stunk? Yeh toh Shivaay say bhi zayad hai Angry bird hai.

Anika gazing sky”out of the frying pan into the fire.

Shivaay kam thy k ab yeh bhi. Humari zindagi may dono he……

Anika gets hits with car”

Aarohi” aahhhh lagi kya?

Anika” haan”

Aarohi” i’m asking car not you?

Chanda” giggles “

Anika pov” aaj to Shivaay ki khair nahe….. ek bar ghar pouch jaye choraye gay nahe.

“Anika hit Chanda” stop laughing chanda warna chanda say Andaye ka bharta bana dey gay

Chanda” Aunty g…

Aarohi” Anu sit in car now

Anika” sign chanda to sit first as she don’t want to sit with Aarohi”

Chanda ” smiles and sit in mid”

Anika” too settle down”

Aarohi” smirks  comes out of the car and from other side  gently pushes Anika in mid and sit with her.

She sign driver to move.

Anika about to protest…..             ( chanda cuts her)

Chanda whipers” Anika you can win from everyone even from SSO but not from her so it’s of no use to do protest with her. So it’s matter of an hour so chill.

Anika pov” in say toh aaj tak baba bhi nahe jeetaye aur hum to phir….”

“Aarohi hold Anika hand” hum to  phir ek Aloo hai

Chanda” gusaye say bhara huwa Aloo

“Anika takes her hand back” and burst on driver. Drive fast why you are driving like donkey”

“Aarohi gazes Anika😒”

Anika” 😓 didn’t meeting Aarohi eyes  nahe nahe aram say chaley apni he to road hai

Dekho left bhi hai khaalee


Dekho Right bhi hai khaalee


Agay bhi chaar chaar rakhwali


Peechay bhi ek, do ,teen ,teen rakhwali


Aur beech may………

Aarohi hidding her smile” Aur beech may  seating Aloo ki sawari”

Chanda” jumps up and down hahaah Aloo ki kya chop ho rahi hai.

Anika” don’t call me Aloo Ok.

Aarohi” gusa ha?

Anika” Chanda i’m not angry i’m just saying don’t call me……

Aarohi” Aloo

Anika pov” if she will call me Aloo infront of all specially Shivaay then he’s gonna tease me.

Chanda” Aloo ko gusa aya”

Anika  ” truns her face towards chanda. If you told any about all this to it won’t be good for your health specially Shivaay. She whispers in Chanda ear.

Aarohi” kya baat ho rahe hai”

Chanda” about to open her mouth when Anika press her mouth tightly with her hand.

Anika” nothing nothing right Chanda.

If you open your mouth then i’m going to tell your dear husband to be all your secrets  She whipers in Chanda ears🙄

Chanda” nods negatively🤐

Aarohi” getting happy seeing Anika like this.


Scene shifts to RM

“Dev walking here and there” why Anika didn’t came back yet?

Aarohi” walk in with Anika and Chanda”

Dev” Anu why you were gone to office? Don’t you know that you are no bed rest”

Anika” i was…..( Aarohi cuts her)

Aarohi” Anu go to your room get fresh and Chanda go help her. i’m bring her dinner”

Anika” humain nahe khana”

“Aarohi stepping ahead” And i know how to make you have eat.

Anika” running to her room”

Aarohi” don’t run just walk”

Dev pov” yeh Anu ki garadan sheri k hath”

Scene shifts to Anika’s room

Anika” ohooho to ap maha hasti yeha he mojood hai.

Shivaay” is everything alright”

“Anika pushes Shivaay and pin him to wall “

“Shivaay eyes got widen in shock” Anika what are you doing?

Anika” ap nay un k kaan may kya phukha hai?

Shivaay” what?”

Anika” angrej to chaley gay per apna saphed kanji ankho wala chuha yeha he chod gay”

Shivaay” Anika don’t call me rat otherwise…..

“Anika put knife under his chin” kanji ankho walye chuhye open your mouth what you said to her

“Shivaay eyeing knife in frighten voice” Anika listen it’s not thing to play with it. And see it’s so sharp lag jaye ge mujh

“Anika tell me what you said to her that she has became Angry bird”

Shivaay” about whom you are talking and what i said to your she? Who she? And please put this knife down and then talk i’m frighten

Anika sounding aaa haaa” please put this knife down then talk i’m frighten  and what about me. She only  with her voice frighten me.

“Shivaay laughing in heart” that’s so good not just good but khirkitod good that finally you are afraid of someone and i know that she’s your Maa. But tell me enjoy this. After all i can see that Anika is coming back.

Anika” stop laughing in heart and tell me before she again step in. Tell me what you otherwise Anika move knike more close to Shivaay”

And stop her from coming after me and torturing me. Agar esa na huwa to….. Anika showing knife to him

Woh humari waat lagaye gi toh hum aa kar ap ki band bajaye gay.

Shivaay shouts” Maa ap aa gayi save me from her”

“Anika scream drop the knife and jumps in Shivaay arms and hides”

Humari koi galti nahe hai kasam say hum nay kuch nahe kiya. Gusa bhi nahe kiya.  Hum Aloo hai haan Aloo ko Aloo ki kasam  

( Anika without taking pause wail)

“Shivaay while holding Anika in arms” cackles 🤣

Bbuddhu Banaya bada maza aaya×2

Aloo ko sataya bada maza aya

Anika” gazes Shivaay with shock 😲

“Shivaay smiles poke his nose on hers” Aloo ko Aloo ki kasam Aloo nay kuch nahe kiya😉

Anika” struggling leave me and you lied to me”

“Shivaay pull Anika on him” you called me rat so now you are responsible for my act

Anika” Shivaay”

“Shivaay in his husky voice” Anika”

Anika” nervously leave me Shi..vaay”

“Shivaay pull her more closer in husky voice ”  Today  tell me what happens to you when……

Shivaay seductive touches Anika face

O jaana plays

Shivaay” blowing her crook of neck”

Anika” close her eyes and clings his shirt  heavily breathing please Shivaay please stop don’t do this”

Shivaay” first say sorry”

Anika” for what i’ll be saying sorry ? Shivaay put me down please someone will come”

Shivaay” no one can come in between Shivaay and Anika”

Anika” gazes Shivaay”

Shivaay” only love and love” Shivaay bends Anika a little and peck eyes

Anika” close her eyes more tightly”

Shivaay” do you love me. Shivaay nuzzling Anika face and neck”

Anika” struggle Shivaay leave me “

Shivaay” just answer my one question do you love me or not”

Anika” having flashback on her memory with Shivaay.

Shivaay” Anika answer me what ever your decision will be i’ll accept that.

I promise if your answer will be “No” then i’ll respect that too. And before your heartbeat punishes me i want my soul to punish me.

“Anika comes out of Shivaay hold” what you will do if i say No

“Shivaay smiles with tears caressing her face” then i won’t hold you more and i’ll pray that Anu gets the world best soulmate who always keep you happy

“Anika in mind” if you would have said that you will still hold me as only you are my soulmate. Then i would have given my soul to you Shivaay because Anika’s made you her mate. But you……

Shivaay” Anika answer me please”

“Anika coming out of her trace of thoughts with empty eyes and sadly smiling lips gazing Shivaay” pulls Shivaay hand down from her face. And steps back.

“Shivaay i got my answer Anika”

“Anika me too got my answer Shivaay”

Both start walking in opposite direction having flashbacks of them

Shivaay in heart” Anika always stay happy i know i can never give you that what you deserve. But still i love you.

Nazdeek Hai Dil ke, Phir kyun lage milke 

Jaise ho milon door ho 


Anika in heart” yes Shivaay , Anika don’t deserve anything and happiness are only yours but i’m not that happiness for you.  And i l………


Jazbat hai anjaana, Mushkil hai samjhana 

Apna hai ya hai ghair woh 


“Shivaay turns and gazes Anika with wet eyes pov” ek baar dekh lo Anika mere safar aasaan ho jaye ga. Shivaay turns and walk out with disappointment”

Ishq mai adhura sa, rooh mai hai poora sa…


“Anika turns and gazes door ” humare humsafar to sirf ap thy Shivaay per ap nay shaayad dekh liya hota to aaj humari Manzilein  judaa  na hoti. 

Dard hai saari umr bhar ka… 

O jaaanaa… 

Screen freezes on Anika and Shivaay orbs


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