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I miss you a shivika story chapter 8

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Annika standing outside the shivaay’s room and open the door ,she sees a man with back facing towards her sit on the bed beside anay and caressed his hair ,she knock on the door but no answer,she again did but no answer she called

A- sir may I come in pls

S- in harsh voice no

A- but I have to take my son

S- shut up he is my son

A- she is angry now r u crazy he is my son only my nd who the hell r u stupid men

S- shut up and get out

A- I’m not going anywhere without taking my son

She came forward and pick up anay but shivaay hold her hand she lost her control and just about to slap shivaay in this sudden he move his face towards her and she is just stick on her position open mouth and stared shivaay with her big eyes , shivaay came her into reality with a soft peck on cheeks

A- shiy Shi Shi

S- not Shi Shi shivaay your shivaay your husband and your son’s father dear wifey

A- shivaay u r here what r u doing here

S- baby it’s my house and your sasural

A- huhh it means u planned my job

S- no omru planned

A- o bete ki u guys are

S- awesome na

A- hmm shivaay u got a beautiful family

S- anika we got a beautiful family

A- sadly hmm

A- shivaay I think I have to leave now before that anyone see is in your room alone

S- so what you are with your husband ( he makes environment funny bcoz Anika is upset )

A-( absent Mindly) hm where my husband stay with his wife and my sautan

S- Anika

A- Haan

S- r u upset

A- nhi to u take rest we both have to leave

S- but stay with me na here after ,kitne Dino se ache se time spent nhi Kiya humne

A- it’s ok shivaay but I doesn’t want to be here right now

S- please anika stay here na for me for anay please

She wants to be stay here with her husband nd son like a complete family but the house is like a jail for the whole house has covered with many family photos but she and anay is not the part of that family picture even in his husband room whole room is covered with shivaay and Arpita pictures Even happy married couple , shivaay is looking so happy in those pictures she doesn’t understand that what she do her heart says that shivaay is only hers and believe him but her mind says that shivaay is just used her or nothing he never accept her as her wife infront of his family or never he accepts anay ,a thick layer of tear forming in her eyes she just wants to be out from the house

A- shivaay I think we have to leave now

S- anika but stay here na no-one at home right now please

A- I’m not your mistress who r wait that you are alone at home , and even I’m not your wife also I don’t know who the hell I’m she control her anger and try calmly talk with him

S,- ok as your wish come we’ll move to our house

A- no why

S- what

A- I mean aap kya krenge waha pr u stay here no one at home and don’t worry I’ll take a cab and call you after reaching

S- saaf saaf kyu nhi kehti ab mere saath Rehna ab acha nahi lagta tumhe ,

A- Aisa nhi h

S- to kaisa h Anika kbhi kuch kehta nhi hu iska MATLAB ye nhi ke samjha nhi hu ,we harshly talk 10-15 min. In whole day . ,,, Whenever I want to spend some time with you u just back off  ,,,mera bhi Mann krta h playing with anay , cooking with you have our as usual night fights ,but sb kuch miss krta hu Anika , u r pregnant with our first baby and I’m missed all those nine months ,I didn’t hear my child’s Hert beat in your womb ,his appearance his grow I missed all these things ,even you deliver him without me bcoz I’m on my business trip  ,,,his first walk ,first talk your mood swings all things I miss I know I hurt you so much whenever u need me I’m not with u and for that reasons I curse myself everday

A- these all r past things shivaay forget them

S- no Anika aaj bolne do Zindagi bhar ki saari khushiyan dunga tumhe ,,ye kaha tha na shadi Wale din m to tumhe   do pal bhi nhi de ska

A- shivaay calm down

S- u know what how bad I’m I forget my son’s first birthday u know what why because I’m busy in my wedding and u both r waiting for me  to cut the cake with you and I’m doing rituals of my wedding and even my son in hospital and I’m enjoying Diwali with my new wife how bad I’m it’s not your that now u hate me that much it’s all because of me I never deserve your love Anika u did right whenever I touch u feel impure na I know because the hurt in my hands is…

A- stop it ( she literally shouts on him) and take him in a bone crushing hug

They both sat on the floor shivaay cry it heart out tonight and her lap is the best place

A- I know these all things happen nd that time I’m literally angry with you bcoz somewhere I thought that what if u forgot us ,but it’s not your it happens bcoz of the situation

S- Anika in my whole life I’m in with love only one women and for me it’s u the mother of my child my everything live without both of you is like Herat without heart beats ,Arpita is my wife for name sake nd just bcoz of my  mother health condition but don’t to think that your place in my heart is hold by some other girl

A- nd u get one thing your touch is like pleasure for me  in which I have to drawn for years and stop beahving like cry baby Oberoi otherwise your anay making fun of yours

They both laughed and crying at a same moment she gain her faith again and he have his anika back they hug each other for sometime

S- u r getting late na come I have to drop u

A- no , I mean I’m stay here tonight and spent time with my hubby and baby if u try then u will get your princess soon

S- really

A- really…….


The beautiful night

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