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His silent love – Chapter 10

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(Important note- Hello. Okay, so like I said in the last chapter, this story has just started. Like it’s the 10th chapter. I can NOT do any intense romantic scenes. Neither I can put any romantic scenes in like every part. I am sorry about that.
Yes, this is a love story but it’s also a light hearted story along with friendship, decisions and just growing up I guess😂 I am and I would be extremely disappointed that I might have disappointed some of you due to the lack of “romance” in the story.
But all romance and those cheesy talks all the time makes it boring😂 don’t you think? And putting romantic scenes in it every time would make this extremely unrealistic which it already is in a way😂

It would get romantic. I promise, you’d see their relationship blooming in the upcoming chapters. All of this is just a warm up😂

And thank you to all those who understood and supported me through their comments on the last chapter💕 much love and well go and read the chapter 😂)


Chapter – 10 – can’t be green as mine


Twinkle (POV)

“I cancelled the date…” I smiled awkwardly and looked down at my hand when Kunj intertwined our fingers together, “We’d go some other time” I said in a low voice and he hummed nodding.

“Study is important… you know…so we thought later on..” I continued trying to find an excuse.

But he knows


“Good. Good” he nodded trying not to laugh. “You look cute when you are flustered and all” and I blushed again.

Shut up, Kunj.

Why’s he doing this?

And why aren’t you pulling your hand back?

“Umm I waited for like five minutes and thought you both would stop making babies just by flirting” I jumped back frightened and looked at Maira who smiled at us.

“Yup. My innocent eyes saw all that” She pursed her lips nodding enthusiastically and I hurriedly made a bee line for the door.


“Ben!” I cried out hugging him, “I haven’t seen you in like ages” I pulled back and he rolled his eyes linking his arm with mine and we walked towards the cafeteria.

“We met like an hour ago in gym class” he chuckled and I slapped his arm, “Whatever. I was thinking we should have a sleepover”

“Shit. Yes” Ben nodded and we took a seat on our usual table greeting the rest. “We haven’t had that in like ages”

“What are you both talking about?” Jacob asks silently stealing fries from Maira’s tray. She noticed from the corner of her eyes but smiled looking at me.

“You are so whipped” I mouthed to her and she rolled her eyes smiling. “We were talking about having a sleepover”

“Yes. Yes” Maira cheered, “This Friday night?” I nodded. “That’s great. I have never had a sleepover before” Theo grinned.

“Who said we are inviting you?” I laughed sarcastically and Theo smirked, “You think I need an invite?”

“Of course, you guys are welcomed” Chloe smiled brightly at us. Here goes Ms. Positivity.

“We can go somewhere out on Saturday then” Jacob suggests and I nodded, “Water park or maybe an amusement park”

“Hey! Keep your phone down” Maira threw an ice cube at Kunj which hit him on his nose and we laughed. “You are so annoying”

“That I am. After all I am your twin sister” She smiled sweetly at him. “What were you guys talking about?” He asks trying to get my pizza slice but I slapped his hand away.

“We were talking about having a sleepover and then going out on Saturday” she replied. “Oh. Sorry, I can’t come” he shrugged giving her an apologetic smile.

He isn’t sorry at all

“Nobody’s invited you, brother” Maira smirked and Kunj rolled his eyes. “I invited myself, Bro” Theo added.

“Hey. How about we ask Draxe if he could join us on Saturday” I question and Kunj stiffened visibly glaring at the side of my head.

“Yeah. He seemed like a nice guy” Chloe adds in shrugging and Theo scoffed, “You literally talked to him for like…a nano second”

I laughed at that. Nano second. Really?

Just then the bell rang and we got up.

“Okayy so Theo and Jacob, be there at my house tomorrow. 9 pm. With pizzas and snacks”

“And Kunj you can” he looked at me, “Oh wait. You aren’t invited” I purposely said that and walked away with Chloe and Maira leaving the guys laughing behind at Kunj.

Poor guy.


“No. No” I groaned smacking a hand against my forehead glaring at Kunj who smiled sheepishly at me. “How can you not kinetic question of gas with Lewis acid-base theory?”

He shrugged leaning back on the couch, “it’s the same. So I got confused” I stood up and placed a hand on his glaring at him, “”

“Come here” he grabbed my hand pulling me towards him and I landed on the spot beside him. He wrapped an arm around my shoulder, “It’s six o’clock so tuition time is finished. I don’t have to answer you” he grinned wickedly.

“It’s so weird, isn’t it?” I ask turning around and sat crossed leg facing Kunj who did the same. “We have known each other since seventeen years. But this year, it’s like everything we do is the first time”

“Who thought we both would be sitting here having civilised conversation” I breathed out a laugh playing with my phone, “Or more like we’d be tutoring each other”

“I did. I always had civilised conversation with you” I raised an eyebrow at his words trying to not laugh. “Sure. Because I can’t think of any”

“I can help you remember… I mean yesterday….” He whispered his gaze lingering a bit on my lips and I leaned in slightly.

“Ooopss!” my eyes widened before I hurriedly scurried away and stood up. “Am I interrupting something again?”

I glared at Maira who was leaning against the wall smirking. “Yes, baby sister. You have the worst timing” Kunj grumbled standing up too.

“Hey. I’m just three minutes younger than you” She turned around going outside, “Mum and dad are calling you both. Your house, Twinkle”


“You guys really tutoring each other on school work or is it a 50 shades of Kunj thing?” Ben whispered and I hurriedly took some cookies from the tray when mama wasn’t looking and passed two to Ben.

“Ben. You are eating the cookies again” I deliberately raised my voice and Ben looked like a deer caught in headlights with the cookie half in his mouth and half outside in between his lips.

I tried not to crack up and mama turned around narrowing her gaze at Ben but seeing the sight of Ben, she cracked up laughing at Ben.

He quickly swallowed the cookie smiling sheepishly at us.

“What’s happening? I mean you have invited all my friends, Theo and Jacob with their families” I question and she smiled, “You’ll get to know soon”

“Chloe in the house” Chloe cheered rushing towards mama and hugging who smiled offering cookies to her. “Your mother always lets her have cookies. She’s the sunshine”

I laughed agreeing with Ben.

After a couple of hours after having dinner and everyone cramped inside the living room, my father chose to drop the bomb.

“We are going on a cruise trip” He grinned and Oh my God.

Everyone of us except the elders started discussing excitedly about it until, “Guys. Stop. By ‘we’ I meant us, the older people. You people aren’t even invited”

He pointed to us, the sulking teenagers in the room. “What? Why?” and a ruckus broke again.

I mean who wouldn’t be shocked.

“Theo’s parents bought the new cruise ship and they decided to invite us since we would be having certain meeting regarding the expenditure of the gang and the orphanages. So we thought it would be the perfect opportunity”

“Wow. Wow” I mumbled to Nat who was gaping at my father ranting all that. “And we thought before going we could have a dinner together” Mama cheerfully added.

“And drop the bomb on us? Thank you” Dhruv retorted sipping on his coffee. “When are you guys going then?”

“Oh. Tomorrow and for two weeks”

“Besides, your parents thought it would be better if you could have an adult look after you” Theo’s father piped in and Dhruv chuckled, “My parents don’t be find me an adult”

“Yeah. A guy who still cries for hours because he got a paper cut” I stick my tongue out at him and he showed me the middle finger but not before getting a smack on the head from usha aunty.

“Boo. You whore” I whispered to him grinning and walked away before he could strangle me.

It’s okay. It’s alright.

Its just the wind throwing stones on your window.

How can the wind throw stones on your window? Dumbass.

I peeked from my blanket again looking around my dark room and jumped slightly when a knock came again.

Okay, let’s gather up the courage and open the window.

I hurriedly grabbed a pocket knife from my nightstand and tip toed towards the window.

Are you mental? Go call Dhruv or someone. What if it’s that crazy son of Zindan.

Ignoring my inner voices, I took a deep breath and unlocked the window, sliding it to the left.

“And you just confirmed my thoughts. You are a dumbass” I quickly opened my eyes gaping at Kunj who jumped inside my room sighing.

“What the hell are you doing here? It’s like 1 am” I hissed closing the window and turned around to face him.

And there standing in my room is Kunj Sarna, with a few leaves stuck in his tousled hair and his grey trouser having a small tiny slit near his knees.

“It’s hard climbing up a tree” he breathed out stretching and then plopped down on my bed sighing. “Ahh! Your mattress is hella comfortable”

“And I am hella annoyed right now” I crossed my arms at him and he rolled his eyes, “When are you not..”

“I couldn’t sleep” he muttered sitting up and I placed my hands on my hips, “But I can”

He raised an eyebrow at me and sighed shaking his head, “I can’t sleep and I’d let you sleep peacefully. Not happening, sweetheart”

He called you sweetheart….

So what? I know he probably says that to every girl passing by.

But you liked it when he called you that.

I did not and-

“If you are done zoning out” Kunj snapped his fingers in front of my face and I didn’t notice he was standing next to me now, “Let’s go and have some ice cream”

My eyes lit up and I grinned, “Seriously?”

“Yeah. Come on but don’t make a sound and I repeat do not make a sound” he gave me a warning look and I nodded smiling.

Yes, ice cream.

You were annoyed with Kunj right now for barging in your room and you are happily going with him

I still don’t like him.

Sure, sweetheart. Keep telling yourself that

“Where did you find this ice cream store that stays open till this late?” I question my mouth full of my butterscotch ice cream and he shrugged taking a seat on a near by bench.

“Sometimes I sneak out with Sarah. She has this bad craving for ice cream like you and it can come any time” he laughed and I smiled.

“Who throws away the cone” I gaped at him as he finished his ice cream but threw the cone away. “I do”

I rolled my eyes finishing my ice cream too.

“Shall we go then?” he asks and I shook my head leaning back against the benches. “Nope. I like it here”

“Are you hinting that you like being here with me?” He smirked now scooting closer to me and breathed out a small laugh. “You are so…full of yourself”

“That I am” he whispered and then a small smile played on his lips, “What?..” I mumbled feeling a bit odd and tucked my hair behind my ear.

“Nothing. Just enjoying the view” he whispered eyeing me and I smiled, “Me too”

“But I must say. My view is better than yours” he replied and grinned, “Not happening. Mine is way too bright. Way too pretty”

“Mine is way too beautiful. Breathtakingly beautiful” he shifted closer to me, a few inches away and I smirked, “Is that so? But yours can’t be as green as mine” I whispered my gaze lingering a bit on his lips.

Don’t you dare think about it.

“But she’s stunning..” he looked at me, “And-wait what? Green?” he looked at me boggled and I nodded trying not laugh out loud. “Yup. Green. Look” I placed my hands on his shoulder turning him a bit and pointed at the huge green garbage bin.

“My view. Greenish and pretty” I smirked and he slowly turned back to me giving me an annoyed look, “You were talking about that thing?” he slowly emphasized on each word and I nodded shrugging innocently, “Yeah. What did you think?”

“I thought you were taking about me” he stated incredulously and I laughed, “”Ghalat fehmi thi apki. Why would you think that?”

(Okay so I am pakistani and this is urdu😂 so sorry because I don’t know what you would call “Ghalat fehmi” in hindhi. Comment and tell me😂😀)

“Because I was talking about you” he muttered more like to himself and I shook my head giving him a not-so-apologetic look, “Tch. Tch. Tch. Wasted your precious words. You could have tried those cheesy lines on someone who actually liked you”

He immediately grabbed my hand pulled me closer, so close that his nose touch mine.

“So you don’t like me?” Kunj asks his hand crawling up my shoulder towards my face and he slowly stroked my cheekbone and I smirked, “Pity you still don’t know that. I don’t like you. Not even this bit”

He can’t affect me. Not even by his touch.

I showed him the gap between my thumb and forefinger but stopped when I felt his lips on my cheek. “Not even now…”

You were saying😏😏🙄🙄? Something about not having affected by his touch?😏😏🙄

“You can just like me as in a person” his lips moved dangerously closer to mine and he stopped placing a kiss

Holy green dustbin. You need to bath in holy water.

Just as I was about to push him away, he stood up smiling down at me. I looked the other way taking in a deep breath.


“Shall we go now?” he asks extending his hand down at me and I nodded quickly rushing past him.

You not so politely rejected his hand which he offered so politely to you.

Great. Because he is not-so-politely f**king with my mind.

“You are so mean” he grumbled catching up with me and I gave him my best sickening sweet smile, “Well, you are kinda late but at least you know now that I mean”

We walked towards my house in silence. A comfortable silence.

“Thank you for the ice cream” I smiled at him, “Even though you woke me up from my beauty sleep” I jokingly pointed out and he shook his head sighing. “Females. Females. I would never understand them”

“And yeah” he stopped now taking my hand and I nodded, “Don’t do that stupid thing again. Even if you hear a screech from outside of your window. Just go call someone. Alright?”

I nodded squeezing his hand slightly, “Sure”

“And no can even barge in your house anyway” he smirked tugging on my hand as we started walking again.

Now you don’t have any problem holding his hand🙄🙄😏

“There’s security roaming around both of our houses every day” he shrugged and I gaped at him. “What? I never saw them”

“They aren’t in their uniforms” he stated and I scoffed, “Of course. Now you are gonna say your brilliant mind thought of that idea”

“Well, it did” he smirked puffing his chest out a bit and I laughed.

“Wait. So that hot guy I see roaming around in our street on weekends is actually in the security?” I gaped at him and then grinned, “Well, he’s hot. And young too. I think he might be in his 20’s”

Kunj frowned, squeezing my hand a bit and I coughed, “Maybe he’ll like me”

Kunj snickered nodding, “Sure. Unless you want me to kick him out” I rolled my eyes at his words.

He’s jealous.

Really? That would be fun.


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