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Half Marriage 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Maya succeeds to injures Chandani badly

Half Marriage 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandani and Arjun are about to consummate their marriage. In lamhon ki song plays. Maya acts crazy and cries. Arjun removes Chandani’s earrings. Chandani hugs him. They sit on bed. He removes her bangles. Shakti comes there and feels pity on Maya. He asks what you will get by doing this and says destiny and God, both are with Arjun and Chandani. He says their wedding night will happen tonight. Maya looks at him angrily and asks if he has match stick. She asks him to burn the shop. Shakti asks what? She orders him to burn the shop right now. Shakti says today even God…Maya says she can stop God also and can attack until either of them dies. Shakti goes to burn the shop. He burns it. Maya smirks.

Shakti shouts that shop caught the fire. Maya hides beside the stairs,

and is ready to with the thread or string. Arjun and others come running. When Chandani is getting down the stairs, Maya pulls the string and makes Chandani falls down from the balcony. Chandani is heavily injured. Arjun shouts Chandani. Everyone is shocked. Maya laughs and looks down from the balcony. Shakti is shocked to see her craziness, although he is her partner in crime. Janki also sees Maya smirking standing in balcony. Arjun runs to Chandani. Maya acts to be worried for her.

They take her to hospital. Shakti says it is good that fire was less in the shop, and it is saved. Manohar hopes Chandani gets fine soon. Doctor comes out and tells that Chandani is heavily injured and have internal injuries. Maya says I shall hear good news first from the doctor. Arjun holds Sulochana’s hand. He waits outside the OT and asks Manohar and Sulochana to go home. Maya says she will be with Arjun and asks them to go. Sulochana asks Arjun to have water. Arjun says ok. They leave. Maya keeps hand on his shoulder and says everything will be fine.

Arjun sees Chandani’s pic. Doctor checks the report. Chandani gains consciousness. Doctor says we will inform your family. He tells Arjun that Chandani is fine, but she has internal injuries, and they can tell about the report tomorrow morning. They shift Chandani to ward. Arjun sits at her bedside. Chandani says I remember that I fell down from the stairs and looks at Maya. Maya thinks if she has a doubt on me.

Chandani asks Maya if she comes to know how she fell. Maya says you ran towards the shop, may be your legs got stuck and you fell down. Arjun asks her not to worry and says she will be discharged in 4-5 days. He holds her hand and kisses on it. Maya gets jealous. He kisses on Chandani’s forehead. Maya thinks how to know what happened to Chandani and thinks she shall know first. Nurse gives report to Doctor. Doctor checks the report. Maya asks Doctor about the report. Doctor says I can’t disclose her report and says he can tell only to family members. He goes to rounds. Maya thinks to check the report.

Doctor comes to Chandani’s house and tells that she can’t become a mother in her life. Janki looks at Maya, who smirks. Sulochana, Chandani and Arjun are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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