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It was a busy day for Sriti. She moved from one patient to another in the general ward. She heard the bell ringing sound and stopped. She knew it was from the room number 307. Her eyes widened in shock. She rushed towards the room.

She stopped at the door and looked at the patient who was ringing the bell. Her fingers were moving and there were tears tripping out of her eyes.

Sriti walked inside and stood beside the patient looking in disbelief. “Oh God oh god” she screeched in excitement. “I better call Laksh” she took her phone and dialed Laksh’s number.
“Laksh you remember Diya’s patient?” she asked controlling her excitement. “She is showing signs of consciousness. I mean she showed it earlier but this time her hand is moving continuously” she screeched happy as her tears were at the edge.

“Really?” Laksh stood up from his sofa. He placed the news paper he was reading aside. “I will be there soon” said he excited and disconnected the call.

“Laksh” Shekar walked out of the kitchen wiping his hands with the napkin. “Shekar Paa. Diya’s last patient is gaining her conscious” said Laksh holding Shekar’s shoulders. “Diya… Lado” his eyes shone and filled with tears. “My Ladoo” said Shekar and sat on the sofa sad.

“I told you. If you cry she will also cry” said Laksh kneeling in front of him. Shekar nodded his head and wiped his tears. “Lado’s Baba will not cry” he said and Laksh smiled at him emotionally.

“I have to go to hospital early.” Laksh got up and walked to his room to freshen up. After dressing up he picked his kit and walked out of the Mansion.

His phone rang in his room when he drove his car to the hospital excited.

“He isn’t picking the call” Dr. Kapoor spoke worried. “He had to be here by evening. I cannot handle this complicated case alone” said he panicking. “He stays in Indore only right?” asked Sahil. “Yes” said Dr. Kapoor. “Let us go by our private jet and get him here” said Sahil.

“Sounds great” said Yohan. “Sahil even I will come” said Vikram. “She needs you Vikram. Don’t go away from her. If anyone can console her in her unconscious state also it is you and Sanskar” said Sahil smiling. “And don’t worry nothing will happen to my dumb girl till her chimpanzee is there” said Yohan with tears in his eyes.

They rushed to their private jet helipad. Vikram stood there looking at the Ganesh ji’s idol praying in his heart to get his baby sister’s life back to normal.

Yohan and Sahil landed on the helipad of Sahil’s friend’s company building and borrowed his car to reach the destination.

Yohan looked at the roads which were familiar. “Bro what did Dr.Kapoor told the name of the doctor?” asked Yohan.
“Dr. Lakshya” said Sahil and Yohan’s eyes widened in shock. “Oh no” he whispered and Sahil looked at him confused.

“Yohan” Sahil shook him. “What happened?” asked he when he saw tears in Yohan’s eyes. “He is Diya’s husband” said he and looked blank. “Diya’s husband?” Sahil stopped the car with a screech.

“You met Diya? And wait” he was horrified. “She is married?” asked he looking at Yohan who nodded his head closing his eyes painfully.

“But she is no more” said he and Sahil looked at him still blank. “And you hid such big thing from Sanky?” Sahil held Yohan’s collar. “I did not wanted Sanky bro to be broken. More than her marriage the fact that she is not alive anymore would have smashed him.” said Yohan sobbing. “And if Sanky comes to know now? At this stage Yohan. You know he is already broken due to Ragini’s state and if” Sahil pulled his hair frustrated.

“But we need Dr. Lakshya to save Ragini and for that we have to tolerate Sanky Bhai’s pain” said Yohan placing his hand on Sahil’s shoulder and he nodded his head and drove to the hospital.

Sahil parked the car and walked with Yohan inside the hospital. As soon as his steps touched the floor of the hospital she opened her eyes.

“Oh my god. She opened her eyes Laksh” Sriti screeched happy. “If Diya was here she also wouldn’t have been so happy” said Laksh nodding his head. She was taking deep breaths.

And suddenly fell back and closed her eyes. “Oh no… no no” Sriti shook her and tried waking her but she did not open her eyes.

Sahil walked from the reception towards the ICU where Laksh was trying to wake up the patient. A tear tripped her eye as her will was failing.


Her tears were flooding like there was no barrier to them.

“Chahe jo tumhe pure dil se….” she heard him singing and turned. Her tears were still flowing on her cheek.

“Milta hai wo mushkil se…” he smiled at her and she looked at him blankly.

“Aisa jo koi kahi hai… Bass wahi sab se haseen hai….” he sang and walked to her.

“Uss haath ko tum tham lo. Wo mehreban phir ho na ho” he stretched his hand then withdraw it when she was about to place her hand over it.

He teased her and she hit him over his shoulders. He side hugged her consoling and she cuddled in his hug.


Sahil opened the door of the ICU and startled the people inside it. Laksh and Sriti stood covering the patient and looked at him.

His heart beat just peaked in that single moment like he heard the sound of her breathing. Like he guessed her breathing and her presence.

He just stood blank for a moment when his heart seemed dead. “Sh… sho… Shona” his tongue twisted and finally that name escaped his mouth and a tear dropped out of his eye without a reason. He looked at it confused.

Laksh and Sriti looked at them confused. “What the hell is this? Who allowed you people inside” Laksh pushed them out. Sahil could see her closed eyes and for a strange reason it reminded him of Ragvi.

She tried hard to move her limbs but she could not do it. She felt so helpless in that moment. She would have embraced death in return for her voice back in that moment. But her limps were too weak and the tear tripped her eye.

“Doctor Laksh remember me?” Yohan spoke and Sahil remained non reacting. “You?” asked Laksh confused. “I’m really sorry to disturb you but then I need your favor” said Yohan and Laksh looked at them blankly.

Laksh was still processing his thoughts. “Look I understand your concern but the patient here also is very important to me. She is my wife’s last patient. She is no more and her soul will want me to recover this patient. If I delay it she will slip back to coma. She is in transition state now. If I operate her now there are 100 % chances that she will be out of the coma” said Laksh helpless. “But my friend’s life is in danger. My friend is indirectly Diya’s friend and she will not want her life to be at risk too” said Yohan.

“I’m sorry doctor I’m doing this” Yohan walked to Laksh. “I have to take you with me” said he and dragged Laksh with him. “Are you insane?” asked Laksh trying to get out of his hold. “I’m sorry” said Yohan and hit on Laksh’s neck to make him unconscious.

“Bhai” Yohan shook Sahil. “We have to take him like this only” said he and Sahil looked at Laksh who was unconscious. “Yohan have you lost it? You cannot force someone like this” said Sahil.

“I have lost my mind Bhai. Ragini is struggling there for her life and I can’t think in my senses” said he helpless. “You know what you are doing will risk your job and you will be behind the bars” said Sahil. “And I don’t mind both. I can’t risk Ragini’s life at any cost” said he.

Sahil helped him and they carefully took Laksh out of the hospital and drove to the helipad.

In an hour they were in Mumbai. Yohan placed Laksh in Dr. Kapoor’s cabin and sprinkled water on his face. He gained his consciousness and looked around. His blood boiled looking at Yohan who was holding the glass.

He pounced on Yohan and held his collar. “You moron what do you think of yourself? You will be behind the bars for attacking me” he gritted his teeth. “Dr. Laksh?” Dr. Kapoor walked to his cabin. “What kind of people are here Dr. Kapoor. They brought me here without my consent” said he furious.

“Is this the way Dr. Yohan to get a doctor? I thought you will convince him and get but” “But he literally kidnapped me. I will sue you” Laskh screamed.

“I’m so sorry Dr. Laksh.” said Dr. Kapoor apologetically. “I will see these two” said he angry. “I had no other way to save her doctor. He was not ready to come” said Yohan. “That doesn’t mean you kidnap him?” Dr. Kapoor looked at him in disbelief.

“I know I did wrong but” he said helplessly. “Dr. Laksh really sorry on behalf. It is the same case I discussed with you. She had got a major panic attack and struggling for her life and only you can handle this complicated case” said Dr. Kapoor.

Laksh wiped his face and tried relaxing his mind. “Be quick I have a patient in Indore too. And you have to drop me back safe and in your private jet of course” said Laksh and Yohan finally smiled and nodded his head. He couldn’t express how happy he was.

Sahil was in his dilemma. He had felt something which he had felt years ago and his senses could still sense her presence was big mystery to him.


It was prom night and Sahil was waiting for Kumud to arrive. He saw Ragvi stepping out of the taxi and his eyes glittered guessing behind her Kumud will step down. But to his dismay Ragvi was all alone.

She was wearing a cute black gown and Sahil smiled at her. “Where is Kumud?” he impatiently asked. “Dee doesn’t like parties so she couldn’t come” said she. “Oh” he said with a fallen face.

“I think I’m not that bad of a company” she said and Sahil smiled nodding his head. “You are my best friend Shona how can I not get bored of you” he chuckled and Ragvi hit him on his shoulder. “Come” said he forwarding his hand and Ragvi smiled placing her hand over his hand and they walked inside.

They enjoyed the party and were happy chatting with their friends. “Couple dance” the host announced and everyone screeched happy. “Dance?” Sahil forwarded his hand and Ragvi looked at him horrified.

“I don’t know dancing Sahil. I will surely fracture your leg” he chuckled listening her. “I don’t mind plastering my leg for my best friend” he smiled and she placed her hand on his palm blushing.

He dragged her to the dance floor and placed his hand on her back. She shivered a bit feeling his touch on the exposed back of hers and looked into his eyes. He raised his eye brows asking what happened and she just nodded her head in a no nervously.

The light music hit their ear drums and their bodies moved in sync.

Hua dard bhi tho humko aaj kuch zyada….

She lost herself looking at him and he was enjoying the music closing his eyes.

Ishq wala love ….. Agar yeh usko bhi hua hai tho mujhko zyada hua….

Leke noor saara chand mera yehi par hai chupa chupa…. Ishq wala love

He opened his eyes and she landed in the reality breaking her trans.

The music stopped and all clapped happy. Ragvi tucked her hair strand behind her ear and walked away from there. Sahil followed her. She stopped at the garden and he stood behind her. “Hey Shona what happened?” asked he and she turned and hugged him tightly.

“I love you” he felt his heart beat stopping in that moment. He dragged her out of the hug and found her in tears. “Hey Shona see I’m sorry but you know right I love Kumud. I’m….” he was interrupted when Ragvi burst out laughing. “Look at your face stupid” she said and he looked at her confused.

“OMG. This was the best prank I ever played” she said and he cocked his eyebrows looking at her. “You know you should have seen your face man” said she leaning to his shoulder. He was still confused. It took him a minute or more to understand that it was Ragvi’s prank.

“I so hate you” he stamped his feet and walked from there annoyed and she followed him to cool

***Flashback end***

“Bhai” Yohan shook Sahil who was lost in his memory. “Hun?” he asked still lost. Laksh was walking towards the emergency ward.

“You are the worst teacher” her own voice played in Ragini’s mind and her breathing was gaining speed.

“And I know Jhalli” she saw Laksh replying her.

She saw Laksh tickling her and she struggling in his hold. “Stop it… stop” she struggled to get out of his hold.

“And there is the swing. I want to sit on it na please” she pleaded Laksh who looked at her annoyed.

She saw herself on the swing and Laksh pushing her. She was all happy.

“Laksh….” a tear tripped her eye and that name escaped her mouth. The time seemed stationed when Laksh passed Sanskar and touched the door.

He entered the ward with galloping heart for an unknown reason. His eyes moved from the floor to the patient on the bed. Her pulse was dropping dangerously. He stood blank. He rushed to her and neared her,

Finally her face was clearly visible to him. She let out a heavy breath when he held her hand to relax and he dropped on the chair beside her blank. A hot tear escaped her eye and dropped on the pillow.

Finally… Finally…

Her lips were trying to stretch into a smile.


I know no ragsan and you might have missed them like hell.

For the upcoming some chapters there will be less RagSan scenes.

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