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Ek Deewana Tha 13th April 2018 Written Episode Update: First day of shooting

Ek Deewana Tha 13th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Krish wonders how he could make painting of someone who wasn’t even there.

A girl is speaking to someone over the phone. She vows to unveil KK’s truth before the entire world.

Shivani is sleeping in her room when a guy comes to her rom. He caresses her face (the hand seems old and wrinkled). Shivani feels something and sits up with a start. She notices a shadow walking past her room and goes outside to check. She notices someone’s shadow on the floor but it disappears suddenly. She turns and the lights flicker for a moment. She still continues to look around, picks up a vase and is about to hit someone when the guy holds her hand. It turns out to be Rajan. She heaves a sigh of relief. He asks her if she will hit her Dad. She apologizes to him. I came here following someone.

The shadow is seen outside the window again. He reasons that no one is there. She asks him if he saw someone in her room. He declines. She tells him what she had experienced. Where is Akash? Call him here. She tells him he is mistaking Akash. He is outside because of shooting. Rajan calls it her illusion and asks her to rest. She heads to her room. Rajan looks angry. The shadow appears there as soon as Rajan leaves.

Rajan tells Madhvi if she is mad. Why did you bring her here? Why did you take this risk? She replies that she had no other option. They look at Suvarna who is lying unconscious there. Madhvi tells Rajan that Akash, Sharanya and Shiva have returned together in other forms. It is only Suvarna who knows this truth apart from us. She runs away from the asylum every time we send her there. She came before KK that day. It is better to keep her near us. Rajan does not want them to find out about Suvarna but Madhvi assures him that the injections wont leave her capable of telling anyone anything. We will have to do this even if we don’t want to. Remember what she had said last? Suvarna has the last thread of this story. We cannot take this big risk by keeping her away from ourselves?

Rajan and Madhvi lock Suvarna in a room. They are coming downstairs when Madhvi shares her fears with Rajan. What if they recall their past? He says what is bound to happen will happen. We have to make sure that history does not repeat itself. Krish overhears their conversation. Which secret are they talking about? Seems like they have hidden a very big secret? Let’s find out what it is! He goes to that room but finds it to be locked. He shakes the door a little. Suvarna begins to gain conscious. Krish turns to go when he hears a muffled voice. He experiences some flashes yet again and peeks through the keyhole. He sees no one though. Suvarna looks dizzy.

The shoot begins with Akash breaking the coconut in front of Ganapati’s idol. Krish looks uninterested. Akash (producer) does the aarti as the lead actors stand in front. Director speaks excitedly about the script. Akash says the climax will be something which no one would have seen in the past. Shivani claps. She thanks Akash who in turn tells her to thank KK for accepting the offer of their film. Shivani thanks KK. KK sits down to hear the script. KK is looking in the hand mirror. That same girl has come there and her face is covered with a stole. KK catches a glimpse of her in the mirror. He recalls the painting that he had made yesterday, turns around but the girl is nowhere to be seen. Director wonders if KK cannot hear him. He resumes telling him the story. KK keeps looking in the mirror all the while. Am I going mad? Why am I seeing the same eyes everywhere? He looks around.

Shivani asks Akash how she is looking. He compliments her. She asks him to click her picture. Akash notices the same girl in the camera. He sees some flashes too. He looks past but the girl is gone. Shivani asks him to click another photo. Akash looks back at the place distracted. Shivani finds the second photo perfect. Akash goes.

Director keeps praising the scenes before KK whereas his reaction is too casual. Director cannot understand how such a laidback actor become action hero.

Madhvi and Rajan also come to the shoot venue. KK looks at them as they meet Shivani. KK thinks of last night. Director announces that they will start the shoot in 5 minutes but KK cancels the shoot. Director questions him. That girl is watching it from far. KK spots her hiding behind something and remembers the portrait.

Precap: KK hits some goons as per the script. The girl shouts as all the heavy props are about to fall on top of her. Krish holds it back and he has positioned his hands carefully around the girl so as to save her. Flashes from the past are shown.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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