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Dil Se Dil Tak 13th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Teni troubled by Ipshita

Dil Se Dil Tak 13th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

During the lunch, the family was excited as they had prepared food of Teni’s choice. Shorvari goes to call her here when Teni comes downstairs. She hands Ipshita to Mohini and asks Shorvari serve her some food. The family offers Teni to join them on table. Teni wonders if they offer servants to sit with them; then enjoys the privilege. Indu says they have prepared all these dishes especially for her. Teni asks how they know what she likes. Shorvari lies it’s through Chutkan. Parth then comes to save Shorvari and says he has Chutkan’s number. Teni suggests Dada ji to keep Parth in his limits, after all he is a driver and wanders around the house as an owner. Dada ji says whenever he calls him as Dada, it seems he is his own grandson. He is a special person of the house. Indu offers Parth to sit

with them for food as well. Teni suggests about sending him in the servant room. Parth leaves. Teni asks Dadi for a glass of water and wash her hand in the plate there. She takes Ipshita from Mohini but Ipshita clutches her hair. Mohini was doubtful that Teni will take care of Ipshita. Dada ji was sure Ipshita is safest with her mother.
Parth comes to Shorvari’s room secretly. Shorvari laughs at him, then makes him sit for food. Parth was upset about Ipshita. Shorvari says it wasn’t easy for her as well, still she believes in Teni.
In the room, Teni tries to put Ipshita to sleep while she was continuously crying. She narrates her a story about a poor girl who fall in love with an already married man and promised to get them a child. Since Ipshita had fallen asleep she drinks a pack of beer. Ipshita began to cry again. Teni goes to ask help from Parth to servant room, then knocks at Shorvari’s door. Parth forbids Shorvari open the door as he was there inside. When Teni had left, Shorvari was upset as she could hear Ipshita crying. Parth offers to go and check. Shorvari says she is sure Teni will handle Ipshita, after all she is her mother.
In the room, Teni was curt over Shorvari for not caring about Ipshita. She decides since no one is here, she will have to put Ipshita to sleep. She takes Ipshita to her bed, changes her diaper, pours cereal for her but Ipshita didn’t eat it. Teni shouts with the crying Ipshita and falls asleep herself with Ipshita in her lap.
The next morning, Parth comes to dining room. Dada ji asks him to join for breakfast. Parth says they must be careful until Teni recalls her memory. Teni comes downstairs with Ipshita. Parth changes the tone to driver. Dada ji tells him about some work. Teni brings the crying Ipshita, cursing her to be a trouble. She was furious and turns to leave. Shorvari sends Parth to speak to Teni. Indu was sure Parth will handle Teni.
Teni was packing her bag in the room cursing herself to decide taking care of the child. Parth comes in asking if she decided to leave. Teni throws a scarf over him warning him to keep his mind shut. Parth says Ipshita is mere a child who is even unable to speak. Teni narrates him the whole story about the night. Parth says Teni has gone insane due to sleeplessness. She will get 150 thousand at the end of the month. Teni wasn’t ready to change her decision. Parth tells him to give up her dream of going to America. This family would even help her get her visa stamped. The nanny before her is in Dubai as she dreamed of. He asks her to stay here for two days, he will teach her how to take care of Ipshita.
Teni comes to the kitchen where Baa and Indu were working. She decides to speak to them and inquire what’s cooking here. Indu calls her inside. Teni butters them and speaks to them about Meenal. They ladies initially don’t recognize Meenal, she says Parth told her about her. She could sense their doubtful replies.

PRECAP: Teni watches in news about a gang trading girl, its run by a man and a woman. Teni was suspicious of Parth and Shorvari. Later, Parth tells Indu he and Shorvari will take Teni to Mumbai. Teni hears this and was afraid.

Update Credit to: Sona

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