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Craziness Vs Innocence (SwaSan fs) Shot 7 by Marsuu

Craziness Vs Innocence (SwaSan fs)
Shot 7:
Recap: swasan confession and first kiss💞

Girl’s Room:
After their confession, swasan are sitting in the balcony with swara in front of sanskar and her back is touching his chest. He is playing with her fingers. ” sanskar” she broke the silence between them. ” hmm” he reacted. ” this is wrong” she whisper. ” what is wrong?” He asked getting confused. Swara turn her head and look at him ” we come here for studies and then this love and all” she said. ” see swara i don’t know about other school students but i will always love you and our relation will go till marriage because i want only you as my life partner” sanskar cleared his point. ” really” swara felt happy because she was scared what if sanskar was doing time pass with her after all he is popular boy of the school.
” yes!! And i want you to support me” he said staring in her eyes. There is only truth and sincerity which swara can find in his words and eyes. ” i will support you” she squeezed his hand in assurance. Sanskar smile and kiss her forehead.

” omg swara i never knew you noticed all my crazy things” sanskar exclaimed as he read her diary which she used to write secretly. She has written about the time she spend with sanskar and how much caring and over possessive he was towards her. She has written everything about him. ” i used to notice it and then only i started feeling for you but i was so scared to confess ” swara pouted. Sanskar quickly peck her lips and whisper ” my scary kitten”. They were enjoying the time being with each other and their moment got disturbed due to knock at the door. Sanskar knew it must be their friends and he ignored it. ” sanskar someone is there at the door” she said. ” don’t listen ” sanskar tighten the grip around her belly. But there was continuous knock at the door and sanskar got up annoyedly and open the door. Swara also came near the door.

” what you guys want??” Sanskar angrily asked. ” ohhhoooo so we disturbed the romance of love birds” laksh teased and all of them entered inside the room. Swara is nervously biting her lips and her cheeks has turned crimson. ” shut up lucky” sanskar said as he felt swara is uncomfortable. ” okay finally you both are together??” Kavita asked looking at them. ” yeah ” sanskar said happily and swara also nodded her head. ” wowwww finally all are couples in our group” kavya said. ” i think we should change our group name from craxy gang to couple goals” laksh said and all give him ‘shut up’ look. ” good night!! We should sleep now ” nikil said and they all nodded in acceptance because they have to go to school tomorrow. Before leaving sanskar came near swara and keeping his hand at the back of her head, he kissed her forehead and wished ” good night”. Swara also hesitantly replied good night as all were present there. The whole gang was looking at their open romance. They know sanskar is going to be a passionate lover and their story would be the most interesting one.

Next Morning, girls came out of their room while boy’s were already waiting outside in the corridor. They all are ready to go to school. ” good morning sweetheart” sanskar stepped forward towards swara and entanged his fingers with her. ” morning ” she give him a warm smile. They all were about to go when sanskar interrupted ” wait” as he noticed some thing. ” what happened??” Laksh asked. Sanskar kneel down on his one knee and tied swara’s shoe laces which were open. ” perfect” he said once he was done. ” thank you” swara said. ” swara don’t say me thank you but if you really want to appreciate then just kiss me” he said normally. All signed at him like he won’t change. They all went to their class.

In the class, sanskar is sitting on the first bench with swara and other gang is also near them. Today, they didn’t sat at the last. The professor was teaching and swara was listening. In between, she noticed sanskar was doing something on notebook and when she saw her eyes widen as he has made the design and in between it, he has written ” SANSKAR LOVE SWARA”. ” listen to the teacher” swara said hitting his hand slightly. ” okay” he said obediently and started listening to the lecture though he was not understanding anything. The peon came with the notice. ” so students here the school is organising 3 days trip to shimla for all the students next week. Those who are interested can give their names till lunch time” the professor announced. There was hustle bustle in the room as all students were discussing about whether to go or not.

During break time, sanskar asked from swara ” you are coming na for the trip??” Swara lifted her head from book and shook her head in no. ” why? Our whole group is going ” sanskar winced shifting close to her on the bench. ” i have to study my pending syllabus” swara said. ” swara please it’s just for 3 days you can study afterwards please ” he pleaded holding her hand. All the members convinced swara and at last all of them gave their names for the trip.
To be continued…..

Precap: Trip, fun and romance

So a very short one , i thought some thing is better than nothing.
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