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Blood For Love (Last episode)

(I am crying it’s the last part of my second ff but don’t worry I have already made three parts of the next one it has some new characters from other serials)

In the morning arohi goes to a friend of her who is going London

Arohi:I need you to take this phone to London and give it to bhabi

Dia:Sure I will miss you

Arohi:And also tell them that I am always with them

She leaves from there in her car she is remembering all the moments spend with bhabi Nikku and Papaji .

Arohi:Come on I am not that weak

She puts only one bullet

Arohi:I know I am going to die there is no way I am going to make out from here alive.But before I die I will put this bullet in your chest.And when I die there will be a wide smile on my face

In the house deep is searching for both Bhabi and nikku

Tara:Where are they

Deep:Where did they go

Roma:Does arohi know about us

Virat:Yes where is she

Arohi:Looking for me

She enters the house . Everyone looks at her

Deep:Where were you I was soo worried for you

Arohi:I was just sending memories to my loved ones

Deep:What do you mean

Roma:Arohi beta where is your bhabi and her son

Tara:I want to play with Nikku

Virat:Mee too I bought a gift for him

Arohi:I will tell everything but first I need to change my clothes


She goes to her room and wears a suit that is entirely covered with bullet proof jacket.In the everybody is loading their gun

Deep:Let’s do this

Roma:Let’s end this chapter

Tara:Let’s end this once and for all

Virat:Have you all loaded your guns

Arohi comes down.Deep looks at her with a little bit of shock.He sees tears in her eyes

Deep:Don’t cry what happened to you


Roma:Where is bhabi and nikku

Arohi stands up.And turns behind so that no one can see her loading another gun

Arohi:I send them very far from here

Deep:What do you mean

Arohi:So you can use them to blackmail me.Your game is over

She shoots virat first

Tara:You blo*dy

Everyone takes out their gun and points at arohi

Tara:Tell us where are they


Tara shoots arohi on her arm but nothing happens as she is wearing a special suit

Roma:How this could be shoot her deep

Deep first hesitates but then he fires ar her leg but nothing happens.Roma hits her chest but still the same result

Deep:Somethings wrong

Arohi:Sure is.

Deep:And what

Arohi:You know what I am wearing

Deep:This can’t be you can’t be wearing that

Roma:What is she wearing

Deep:Her upper layer is covered with bullet proof jackets

Arohi:My turn

As she is about to shoot tara Virat hits her from behind and she falls on the ground

Tara:I am not going to kill you that easily I will make you suffer

Virat holds her.Tara brings a heated knife and starts stabbing her.Finally her protection breaks.She again falls to the ground but gets up.She looks at deep with teary eyes and a blo*dy face.Deep looks at her with the same teary eyes.Virat again holds her

Roma:It’s your turn deep

Deep goes towards arohi and looks at her.Tara gives him the knife

Tara:Stab her to death

Deep is about to stab her but he stops he again tries to stab her but stops again

Roma:Deep do it

Deep again tries to stab her but again backs out.Arohi looks at him with hope

Tara:Deep for the sake of our child kill her

Deep:What do you mean are you pregnant


Arohi:No she is not

Everyone shouts at deep to do it. Finally deep stabs her .Arohi falls to the ground.Everyone starts loading their gun except deep.Arohi takes out the gun with deep written on it

Tara:Any last wish



Arohi:There is still time tell him the truth

Virat:Shut up

Deep:Wait what truth

Tara:Nothing Deep she is just trying to manipulate us

Arohi:I will tell him before I die

She gets up steadily.She is about to fall when deep holds her hand

Deep:Tell me what truth

Arohi:First she is not pregnant.

Tara:You blo*dy I will kill her

Deep:Let me listen to her.I swear I will kill her by my own hands

Arohi:We both had a beautiful daughter when you went to London but this tara and her family killed her.They killed her because of all the property and power.After killing they all will kill you

Everyone looks at her with worried faces

Deep:Is this the truth

He shouts at them.Everyine is about to shoot deep but arohi comes in front and takes 8 bullets to her stomach. She falls down

Deep:No this can’t happen Arohi please don’t leave me

Arohi:Don’t worry I have two gifts for you

Arohi gives her fully loaded six round gun to deep and then shoot deep in the stomach.Deep looks at when she is smiling in her last stages

Arohi:This is for everything you have done with me

Deep:I don’t mind

Arohi is taking her last breath

Arohi:I love you…

Deep:I love you too. …

She dies deep closes her eyes


He gets up and shoots every one .Virat and roma both fall to the ground. Both deep and tara have one bullet.

Tara:This is where it all ends

Deep:It does

They both shoot each other deep bullet hits tara straight at head.Tara bullet hits deep in his chest.Deep falls down he goes towards arohi crawling he holds her hand and for the last time kisses her forehead

Ranjhan dhoondhan main chaleya
Ranjhan mileya naa ye…
Jigraan vichon agan laga ke Rabba
Laqeeran vich likh di judaai

Kho gaya, gum ho gaya
Waqt se churaya tha jo
Apna banaya tha..
Ho tera, woh mera
Saath nibhaaya tha jo
Apna banaya tha.. (He remembers first time meeting her)

Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Aankhein bheeni ye bheeni ye bheeni
Yaadein jheeni re jheeni re jheeni (x2)
(He remembers saying I love you to her)

Aisa bhi kya milna, saath hoke tanha
Aisi kyun sazaa humne hai paayi, Ranjhana ve
Phir se mujhe jeena, tujhpe hai marna
Phir se dil ne di hai ye duhaai, Saajnaa ve
Laqeeron pe likh di kyun judaai..(He remembers sending her to jail)

Gair sa hua khud se bhi, na koi mera
Dard se karle chal yaari, dil ye keh raha
Kholun jo baahein, bas gham ye simat rahe hain
Aankhon ke aage lamhe ye kyun ghat rahe hain
Jaane kaise koi sehta Judaaiyaan.(He remembers spending that night with her)

Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Aankhein bheeni ye bheeni ye bheeni
Yaadein jheeni re jheeni re jheeni (x2)(He remembers how she saved him)

Ranjhan dhoondhan main chaleya
Ranjhan mileya naa ye…
Jigraan vichon agan laga ke Rabba
Lakeeran vich likh di judaai(He remembers her dying in his arms smiling )

Deep takes his last breath and dies.After some days bhabi gets a call from comissioner to come back india for some days.She along with Nikku and Papaji leaves for india.There she sees arohi and deep dead bodies holding hands.She and Papaji performs arohi and deep last rights.After some days Bhabi receive a medal on behalf of arohi from indian army.They all go back to London and never come back.

After 25 years

Bhabi is watching news.The news anchor tells about ongoing murders in shimla

Bhabi:It’s just the beginning of a love story that will end in blood

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