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Bepannaah 13th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Pooja’s diary unveils her truths

Bepannaah 13th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya is walking past Zoya when she holds his hand startling him. She lets go of his hand. Janab Aditya Huda, I am talking to you only. Aditya asks Zoya if she used to fail in school often. You come back before me to learn the same lesson again and again! Zoya replies that she is not the one who will get afraid from his stupidities. I am that diya which never blows out under any circumstance. He taunts her for speaking in poetic manner. She tells him that things are not a joke for him always. You can stoop this low to seek revenge? I dint expect it from you! He calls her mad for even thinking of that. You have turned all the madder now. Nothing can happen to you. Stay in your illusion! She agrees she was in an illusion. I thought you are a nice human being but I was wrong. You are really stupid and rash!

Why do you keep taking revenge of your pain from the entire world? I told you in the past too and I am telling you again. This anger is your cowardice. Till when will you run away from your truth? You must accept it someday! He claps. Is this a time for poetry? What’s going on these days? He makes a fun of it and she looks on helplessly.

Bella apologizes to Zoya for misunderstanding her. She hugs her. We are besties and such things happen between besties. Aditya made me understand and I realised I was wrong. You cannot do this. You wont leave the wedding right? I wont marry then. Please forgive me. Zoya looks at Aditya and tells Bella that they should continue the preps. Bella is relieved. Mahi looks on. This matter settled down somehow but what about the next blast that I have planned for you?

Noor’s mother tries Noor and Zoya’s number but in vain. Wasim snatches it out of her hand. My fear won and love lost! Maybe we didn’t teach them anything good or why would both of them make the same mistake. His wife reasons that there might be some reason for Noor to take such a bold step. He asks her till when she will give explanations for her daughters. You too can leave the house like our daughters. The way they left me, I will think that I also don’t have a wife anymore! She looks on sadly.

Zoya asks Bella’s father about Ashish. Can I get his address? She smiles in relief as he agrees.

Arjun is relieved to find the diary. He finds his mother standing in his room and pins it in his belt. You scared me. She says you scared me in the morning. Do you feel that we care more about Aditya? He denies. Don’t think so. She reasons that the situations demand them to give more attention to Aditya. It does not mean we don’t care for you You are more like the elder son of the house as you manage the house. I am proud of you. You will never be able to understand that you both are my life. Forgive us if we missed out on anything ever. He tells her not to embarrass her. She tells him that she has made his favourite halwa for him and goes to bring it. Arjun closes the door and takes out the diary.

Ashish is taken aback to see Zoya at his door.

Arjun opens Pooja’s diary and reads it. He smiles reading her introduction to the diary.

Ashish tells Zoya he cannot talk to her for too long. I have a flight to catch. She tells him she wont take much time. You are Yash’s closest friend and even came to Mussorie to meet me. Why dint you turn up at his funeral? Ashish shares that over a period of time Yash and he had different opinions. We parted ways but I was his well wisher always. I know he was right at his place and regret that I wont be able to spend any more time with him. She cries. I came here for this very reason. I cannot bear to hear anyone speaking against Yash anymore. I came to seek your help. I will ask you a direct question. Were Yash and Pooja only friends?

Arjun reads the diary. Pooja speaks for her friendship with Aditya which developed in love later on just like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. She writes that she was looking for love and eventually realised that Aditya wasn’t the form of that love that I was seeking. Flashback shows Aditya refusing to go with Pooja to a poetry night. Arjun is playing video game with Aditya. Aditya acts like a kid and even cheers like the characters of the movie. Pooja feels bad at his attitude.

Ashish shares that he met Pooja in the poetry club named Mosiki. Zoya remembers that Yash loved poetry very much. He used to go there often. Were they together? Ashish declines. It is a funny story.

Ashish asks Yash why he isn’t bringing Zoya to Mumbai. Yash shares that he is comfortable there only. I will have to buy a big house for her. Ashish reasons that he has a home already. Yash replies that his family is still not in favour of his wedding. Once the business settles, I will buy a big house and bring her over.

Pooja comes to the venue. Two guys sit next to her intentionally. Yash notices it. Shayara starts reading her poetry but the guys force a conversation with Pooja. Yash and Ashish tackle them (with words) and the guys leave. Pooja asks Yash and Ashish to sit next to her. It is fine. All 3 of them sit together. They enjoy hearing the poetry. Pooja and Yash begin to complete the lines. Later, Pooja is waiting outside for her car. She thanks Yash and Ashish for helping her. They go in different direction.

Ashish says she left. She dint say anything. Zoya asks him what happened later.

Arjun reads the diary. Sometimes strangers understand you while your loved ones don’t. I sometimes feel if I could get this happiness from my own husband. Whenever it was about my happiness, Aditya was nowhere to be seen.

A guy tells Yash and Ashish to pitch the investors. Yash asks him to tell them in simple terms how they can raise money from the market. Pooja is sitting on the next table and explains it to them. I am sorry for overhearing. Are you entrepreneurs? Ashish introduces himself as the Boss. Yash is my associate. Ashish seems to be bowled by her. Yash jokingly calls her part time stalker. She says the same to them. I was hosting a party and was waiting to meet the Event Managers but they dint turn up. Yash says we can do that for you. Yash and Pooja speak of karmic connection.

Ashish says this is how Pooja became our first client. We got lot many projects afterwards because of her. He gets a call from his boss and takes her leave. He gives her his private number. We can meet day after tomorrow.

Arjun reads the diary. Life was strange. I sometimes felt as if my husband was more of a friend and the friend was becoming more than just a friend. I cursed myself for this. He hides the diary seeing Sakshi. She wants to go the Bank and he offers to take her. He keeps the diary in his desk drawer.

Staff members are worried about the event. An intern walks up to Aditya to ask something but Aditya suggests him to ask Zoya. He is told that she isn’t available at the moment but Aditya refuses to help. The staff is really tensed.

Zoya thinks of what all Ashish had told her. How can Aditya not know that his wife had an affair with someone? If he loved her so much then he cannot hate her. I must return to the wedding though. There is a lot to do.

Mahi sends the guy managing the cage in another direction. Aditya stands up and notices Mahi. She acts to decorate the cage but makes the lock loose when he heads in another direction.

Zoya is checking the preps. There is a cage which has to be covered with lights. She asks the Shawn (intern) to cover it with lights. It is lifted up using a crane but the lock breaks down. It is about to fall over Zoya but Aditya saves her in the nick of time. The cage falls with a loud thud. All the guests, Zoya and Aditya look at it in shock.

Precap: Police arrests Aditya and Zoya. People record a video and keep making assumptions as to what could have happened. Aditya tells Zoya she will get a lot of time to act like a helpless and poor girl. You will have ample time to think of your husband’s real character too!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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