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Bepanaah _ Mohabbat Hai Meri (Part 3)

Hi guys Ian back with next part of my ff guys thank u for ur support so let’s begin with the next part

zoyz was ready for the final stage of her first evvent  .shadi she welcomed barat ,all arrangements were perfect both bride and groom were ready for pheras the rituals was going on

zoyA-akansha were are flowers

akansha- mam decorations are done  mam

zoya- no silly the flowers to shower on bride and groom

akansha – mam vo to hum flower ki list mein likhna bhul Gaye the

zoya – akansha you all are becoming lazy day by day what I will do now

Shawn- mam Florist have send some more flower petal he said akansha ordered it

zoya-good akansha you good in creating problems but best in solving them now go and bring those petals and distribute them to all the guest

akansha – confused) ok mam


akansha-adi sir you did all these

adi -yes I did this to rescue u from your zoya madam

akansha-you are saviour sir

adi -now come let’s go otherwise we will miss

both together-hashtag roellas wedding


roella was taking saath pheras and oath that the will never seperate Adi remembered his time and what happened with him  recently  hen left that place

rituals were over .dinner followed by bidi of bella

bella- good bye zoya .thank u for wonderful wedding.

ro- where is aditya

zoya-abhi to yahi the I don’t know where is he

roella -take care zoya

bella-(whispering in her ear) take adis care too. He is a very nice guy

zoya said nothing but hugged bella

They went every one left except the memb of zosh company

zoya -Shawn you kept that portrait with their luggage na

shawn – AA no mam zoya – ya Allah I have to do every thing u all go I will manage

Shawn- mam magi mam already left

zoya-ok  u go

zoya-to herself (I will take That portrait with me and tommorow I will send at their place

zoya reaches terrace and she was he’ll shocked

zo – kept all these beer bottles here . These people na I will teach them a lesson tommorow,

as she moved further she was even more shocked

-zo- aditya .(holding her head) ya khuda kya halal bana le hai

she found aditya highly drunk in half conscious state and he was blabbering something

zoya-aditya what happened to u (trying to make him stand) -aditya get up.we need to go home

adi-pooja  I love u.. Why u did this to me. I never drank before u did this to me and see now Ian a drunkard man

zoya- to her self) he is highly drunk . I have to call someone

( suddenly she remembered that no one is here excepts hem)

zoya-adi you are a good man na

adi-noding in yes

zoya-now promise me u will not go any where. I will go and call for help ok

adi-no first u promise me that u will never leave me(remember guys he is not in his senses)

zoya- aditya

adi-not aditya adi

zoya-adi u will stay here na

adi -promise me u will not leave me

zoya- I will be here in one minute(she was about to go)

adi(unlink het towards him)

Adi ( pulling her towards him) no zoya plzz don’t go I promise I will not bad mouth about yash , I will not trouble u, I will be a good man but don’t leave me aim all alone zoya don’t leave me ( hugs her tightly) my

zoya do respond hug but clueless about what to do next

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