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Belan Wali Bahu 13th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo’s ghost saves Roopa

Belan Wali Bahu 13th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roopa comes to her friends in sleeveless gown. All family members hide and see her. Prem says its good that she is enjoying. Roopa says to her friends that we will play cards and bet too. Shalini says she is playing cards too. Laddo’s ghost says she is not Roopa. Roopa bets 6000rs and loses it. Prem says its good that she is not drinking wine. Delivery boy brings wine there. Roopa says I dont have money, can someone pay? All family members hide. Roopa gives her ring to him and pay for it. Lata says Roopa’s real face has come out. Prem says wine is not so bad. Family is shocked to see her drinking wine.

At night, Mahesh in Roopa’s body says to Laddo’s ghost that family will throw Roopa out. He says never.

Lata says to family that we can send Roopa

to her mother’s house. Prem says it wont make her change her ways. Dada says should we call her mother or not. Mahesh and Laddo’s ghost goes to family. Mahesh takes Roopa’s avatar. Dada says to Roopa that what we saw today was not good but mistakes can happen from anyone so we have decided that we will not throw you out. Laddo’s ghost says this my family, they will never throw her out. Mahesh says just see.

In morning, Roopa comes to family and says to Dada that you didnt throw me out, its your goodness. Dada says no worries, we are your family. Roopa says to Lata that we can arrange peace pooja, Lata says great idea. They all go to work. Laddo’s ghost says this is Mahesh. Mahesh says I will destroy this pooja and they will throw her out. LAddo’s ghost says I wont let you, Mahesh says you dont have power to go in any body so you cant stop me.

Scene 2
Pooja starts, Laddo’s ghost says I have to stop Mahesh. He recalls how Mahesh told him that he needs to focus if he wants power. Laddo’s ghost says I have to do this for Roopa. Laddo’s ghost tries to focus but cant.

Family is doing pooja. Lata gives parsad to Roopa but she throws it away, she asks peace got spoiled again? when daughter in law is not peace then how can house have peace? She asks Dada who is Suzzi that is always staying with you? This LAta and Prem have been fighting for years and arranging peace pooja, stop this drama and pooja. She throws water in havan and ends fire. Dada is stunned and says enough, you have crossed limits, we kept forgiving you but not anymore, get lost from this house. Roopa smirks and starts leaving. Lata stops her and says you wont go anywhere. Roopa says let me go. Lata talks in Laddo’s ghost voice that I wont let you take Roopa. Laddo’s ghost recalls how he focused and got power of entering in bodies. He went in Lata’s body. Lata says to Dada that Roopa is innocent, I know she did a mistake but she can say sorry. Mahesh is angry but gets in Roopa’s body and says sorry to Dada, Dada forgives her. Roopa glares at Lata. Mahesh says to Laddo’s ghost that you won this trick but I will make sure Roopa is thrown out. Laddo’s ghost says I wont let you.

I morning, Lata and Roopa argue in kitchen, Mahesh and Laddo’s ghost are arguing in their bodies. Mahesh slaps Laddo’s ghost. Laddo’s ghost slaps Mahesh. Dada sees it and sees Lata and Roopa slapping each other.

Lata serves tea to everyone. Roopa says they will drink coldrink. They argue and start pulling each others hair, all are stunned to see their cat fight. Prem says someone stop them. Its actually Mahesh and Laddo’s ghost fighting. They keep pulling each others hair. Shalini cheers for Roopa. Dada calls Suzzi.

Lata and Roopa are weight lifting, family is stunned to see their strength but dont know its actually Mahesh and Laddo’s ghost in their bodies. Shalini says if they can do it then I can too. Shalini tries to lift a weight but falls down. Jitendra takes her from there.

PRECAP- Lata drinks Prem’s wine, he is stunned. Lata beats Roopa which is actually Mahesh and Laddo’s ghost fighting in their bodies. Roopa kicks her, Lata hits terrace and falls down, all family members are stunned. Lata kicks Roopa and throws her far away. Jitendra says Lata can fight like this too? Dada says she is bhao(ghost) instead of bahu(daughter in law).

Update Credit to: Atiba

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