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Badho Bahu 13th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Titli is upset over her engagement

Badho Bahu 13th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sangram Singh pays the guys. You did fab today. They tell him they can come back to help them. Sangram Singh assures them he will call them back when needed. They leave. Titli covers Sangram Singh using a blanket and beats him with a stick. She runs away and hides behind a tree after beating him to her heart’s content. Sangram Singh runs away shouting in pain. TItli is happy to see him thus. I had lots of fun. She gets Zalim Singh’s call and is irked. He does not understand. I will have to beat him in a similar manner I believe. Zalim Singh apologizes to her for calling her so late at night. She tells him it is ok. He asks her if she is happy. She agrees. He is happy to hear it. Wait for me in a similar manner with equal amount of happiness on your face. She is shocked to find out that their engagement

has been decided for tomorrow.

Raghubir ji tells his family that Sports Authority have announced Lucky as Iron Man again. His medal has also been returned. Pinki rubs her eyes in disbelief. Raghubir ji wonders why they did this. Did someone tell them anything? Rana steps forward. I told them. He holds the medal in his hands. Lucky is the one who deserves it. Raghubir ji takes the medal. I applaud your confidence. You have been really strong. Rana walks up to his father. I made a mistake. Please forgive me. Kailash ji stops him from touching his feet. You don’t need to apologize to me anymore. I wont be able to forgive you ever for whatever you did! Pinki rues that she is not destined to be happy at all. Raghubir ji explains to his brother that Rana did make a mistake but he also rectified it. Malti ji seconds him. You need a lot of courage to accept your fault before everyone and apologize to people personally. Only a strong person can do so. Rana did it. Kamla ji asks her husband to forgive their son. Kailash ji refuses to forgive Rana till he sees this medal around Lucky’s neck. Raghubir ji assures him that he can make Lucky wear this medal when he is back. Jitesh says this is possible right away too. He brings Lucky’s cut out. Make him wear it so I can keep it in Akhada. He will understand everything when he will see this. Malti ji wants Komal to make Lucky wear this medal. This will be best. Kailash ji likes her idea. Malti ji says she did the havan, sent holy thread and everything changed. I just pray that she returns home asap and handle everything once again. Kamla ji and Pinki look tensed.

Lucky comes back to Bakriawal House. Jamuna ji asks him where he was. I called you so many times. Rana and Titli came to take you home. She tells him everything (in mute). Lucky says so much happened and I dint know anything. I should head home. He gets Titli’s call. She thanks him for picking her phone finally. Thank God you got a chance to talk to me finally. Do you even know what happened in your absence here? I wont tell anything. Just come and you will see your medal waiting for you. He asks her to come to the point. She tells him she will call him Iron Man from now onwards instead of Murga. She tells him everything. I knew everything already but it is commendable that Rana accepted everything on his own. Lucky feels bad that he was not with his family in those circumstances. How are Ma, Babu ji? She assures him she is here to take care of it all. I got you out of your problems here. You must be happy but I will have to get engaged to Zalim Singh tomorrow. I can tell you what’s in my heart right? He nods. She shares that she does not wish to get engaged to Zalim Singh. I don’t know how to get out of it. Lucky says we tried to prove him wrong but got nothing against him. It means he had indeed changed. Spend some time with him. You too might begin to like him. Badho taught me this. Stop nodding your head. She is surprised to hear it. How do you know? He asks her if she does not like anything about Avinash. She says he is alright. He again tells her to give him some time. Your father wont take any decision against you. You will come to Sirsa after wedding. She smiles. They end the call. Lucky wonders where Badho is. So much happened in your absence! It is enough now! Just come back home.

Titli feels maybe Lucky is right. I should give one chance to Zalim Singh. He might not be that wrong. I don’t feel like saying yes though. How to get it out of my mind?

Next morning, Pinki gives aarti to Kamla ji. She hurts her hand. Pinki apologizes to her. Kamla ji scolds her for not being careful. Where are you lost? Pinki is worried thinking it isn’t right to keep Badho in hideout anymore. Kamla ji agrees with her. Once the engagement happens and we become number 1, we will bring her back. Malti ji seconds her. You were also praying that Badho returns soon? They lie to her. Malti ji instead tells Kamla ji to call her Swami ji. Tell him that Titli is about to get engaged. Badho should come home now. Kamla ji lies that she called him already. Tapasya is over. Now everyone went to seek Shiv ji’s blessings. Badho will return tomorrow for sure. Malti ji agrees to wait for another day. I will call Lucky and tell him this. He will also come home asap. She goes. Pinki tells her MIL that Malti ji left. Kamla ji heaves a sigh of relief.

Chunnu does aarti. He tells Badho to celebrate now. You will finally return home tomorrow. Munnu gives her a gift (her and Lucky’s wedding photo). We liked it very much and sent it to us from your mobile. Chunnu asks him if Badho will return wearing the same clothes. I will bring her clothes and jewellery from her home. Munnu asks him how he will do it but Chunnu is positive.

Lucky is lost. Jamuna ji brings lassi for him and notices that he still hasn’t eaten. He replies that he isn’t hungry. She says it might not be like the way Komal makes it. He nods as if too lost in thoughts. He tells her not to praise her daughter so much. She forgot everyone because of her tapasya. Let her come back! Jamuna ji is pleased to see his love and concern towards Komal. I also feel and to see you in pain. I am sure she will be home very soon. Your message will surely reach her somehow. He nods. She goes to kitchen.

Titli thinks of Lucky’s words while running. It is alright but how can I marry Zalim Singh when I don’t even feel like? She ends up colliding with Zalim Singh and falls in his arms. He smiles and wishes her good morning. You jog in this area only? She nods. He suggests doing it together from tomorrow. He takes her leave. We have to meet in some time anyways. Get ready nicely. The engagement should be memorable. Titli looks upset.

Precap: Titli says no one cares what Titli wants. Only God can help me now. Send an angel who can take me from here. She tells Lucky she does not want to do this engagement. Be a good friend and take me from here. Lucky agrees to support her in her decision.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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