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  Aankhon mein Teri 

Episode – 8th

RECAP : Ahil saves Naina after a poisoned snake bit her , Later Riya enrages seeing Ahil and Naina together , Kamini hits Naina with rod and cautioned her not to come closer to Ahil again ..

Naina got little thirsty , She hadn’t ate anything , She supported her head with wall and closes her eyes , Tears flooded those Nainas ( eyes ) which couldn’t see but were waiting for someone to come eagerly .

Suddenly she feels someone’s fingers reaching her eyes and whipping off her tears and that Person hugged her , That Particular hug gave her deep warmth and relaxation .

Naina smoothly open her eyes , She can’t see but she can make out , Realize , It was Ahil .

Naina : Why’d you came here ?

Ahil : You only said just now , That there’s a Protective hand which god sends to help others and to bring smile on faces , So I’m here

Naina : This all is just a story , A fantasy , A crap , It’s never could be a truth

Ahil : How come you be here , Come let’s go home , Come .

Naina stood up , Ahil holds her hand and pushed her to go home , But Naina stood still .

Ahil : Come let’s move in

Naina moves her head from Left to right .

AHIL : No , But why ?

Naina : Please go from here

Ahil holds her from shoulders and looks into her moist shiny eyes ” But , Why , Tell me , It’s your home ”
Naina cried out of Pain as he was holding her aching arms ” Ahhooch ”

AHIL looks towards her red and swollen arms ” Naina , Who and how did it happen ”

Naina was silent , AHIL ” Okay wait , Come , Come with me ”

He took her to his car, Make her rest on the comfortable seat , Took out Medical kit and applies ointment on her arms .

AHIL : I can’t understand what’s happening here , Please make it clear

Naina : Leave it Ahil , There’s no need for you to understand , Leave me on my own

AHIL : How can I do that ? You ought to tell me what happened , Aren’t we friends .

Naina : Thanks for everything you did for me , But now I need to go back and sir there in the dark.

AHIL : Have you gone mad , Did you ate anything ?

Silent persists , ” I knew you wouldn’t have eaten anything ”

AHIL opens the back door and brings a box ” I’ve bought PRASAD , I knew you will not eat until you visit temple , So I went there and Prayed from your side also , Have it come on ”

Naina : I don’t know how can I express my gratitude , Thanks , how will I repay …..( he keeps his hands on her lips )

Ahil : Shhh !!! Don’t say this , I’ve made it clear already DOSTI KA EK OOSUL HAI MADAM ! NO SORRY NO THANK YOU ( it’s a rule in friendship , No sorry no thank you )

AHIL took a little piece of sweet and puts it in her mouth . Then Naina hears Kamini yelling from inside ” Eh girl , Where are you , Still Alive or dead ”

AHIL : Kamini aunty , Wait let me talk to her

Naina recalled what she said to her ‘ If I saw you again with AHIL then I’ll tell doctors that we don’t need your grandfather , You can kill him ‘ , Naina shouts ” AHIL ! no You’ll not go there ”

AHIL stood shocked , Naina ” You’ve helped me a lot , Can once again you help me ”

AHIL nodded .

Naina : Please go out of my life , Don’t come to Me again , we’re friends , But nothing else , I beg you please go from here

AHIL was confused , Hurriedly he go and hid in his car .

Naina walked away , To her house .

Kamini comes out of the house ” Where were you ”

Naina : Sorry mom , Now I promise I won’t do anything what you hate

Kamini : Don’t try to be over smart , I know you very well , Just stay out of my house , Okay , So that next time if you try to betray me you know how I tortured you

She locked the gate and goes in …
After AHIL comes out of the car , His feet which were walking forward on the dry road could be heard , Naina roared ” No AHIL , Please don’t come here ”

AHIL stopped ” KABHI KABHI YEH SWAAL BAHUT SATATA HAI MUJHE , KI HAME MILAYA KYOON JABH HAME MILNA HI NAHI THA ” ( sometimes this question troubles me a lot that why we met when our destinations dosen’t want us  to ).

Naina : Sorry Ahil , But I’ve to remain silent , This is what gives me power

AHIL: why are you silent , I can’t understand you , Tell your pains , Speak , It’s the in solution

Naina : You know what Ahil ! BAATE TO HAR KOI SMAJH LETA HAI , MUJHE AISA KOI CHAHIYE JO MERI KHAMOSHI SAMAJH SAKE ( Our sayings can be easily understood by anyone , But I need someone that could understand me when I’m silent )

They both twisted , Their backs repelled each other .

Naina stumbles and goes back on her Place , Ahil opens the door of car and sit inside .

[ Background music – Dekha jabse chehra tera
Main toh hafton se soya nahi
Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Main kisi se kahunga nahi … ]

AHIL Speaks ” What do you think I can’t understand your silence , I can very well , But How should I make you understand that more than you need me , I NEED YOU , SO LET ME LOVE YOU ”

NAINA sat there and thinks ” How should I say this that I need someone near me when my heart gets weak , I NEED SOMEONE , I NEED LOVE , BUT WHO CAN BE THERE FOR ME !

___:: NEXT MORNING : _____
Ahil’s eyes opened and He saw Naina was okay , So he drove away to his hostel . Then Naina woke up , To check if he was there she spoke ” Ahil ” , But no reply came

Naina ” I knew he would go , I knew ”

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ƛƬ ӇƠƧƬЄԼ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
They trio were sitting at the breakfast table

Abhay : Really ! so whole night you were there

Rahul : But Yaar ! how can one be like this , I mean she was so ill , Then also her mom gave her punishment

AHIL : But what punishment , For what ? I am sure this is not a truth , She’s hiding something

Abhay : Maybe she would have done some mistake , Her mom might be a strick one , And ….

Ahil : No Abhay , I’ve always seen a sight of terror in Naina’s eyes , She’s obviously hiding something

Abhay : But what Is she hiding

Rahul : Should we ask Riya

Ahil : We should not ask her , I doubt Riya too .

Rahul : You know what sometimes I really don’t understand Riya , she’s always behind Ahil , And why Does Naina lives out of the house

Abhay : She’s eldest daughter , What’s happening here , I’m muddled

AHIL : something is really fishy over here , But what ????

ᖇᗩᎥ’ᔕ ᕼᗝᑌᔕᗴ….

Kamini assures Riya : Listen , Everything is clear now , No one will come into your way

Riya : Thanks mom you always help me out

Kamini : Now you’ve to keep on trying , You’ve to impress Ahil

RIYA : But why ?

Kamini : Moron , Don’t you want to spend your life as a queen , Don’t you want a luxurious life

Riya : I want ! what should I do

Kamini : You can do it ! prove yourselves , Show him that you can even die for him , Okay

Kamini climbs down the stairs , She spoke to her husband , Naveen , Sitting on sofa

Kamini : I gave you one Job and you even didn’t did that

Naveen : I’m finding a tenant don’t worry

Kamini : You’re so lazy

Naveen : Really , This whole house is dependent upon me Okay

Kamini : Hmm I know , Now shut your mouth and do some work , Okay

Naveen : Don’t worry I’ll find a tenant very soon .


Abhay : what should we do now

AHIL : I’ve a Plan and I need your help to execute it

Rahul : we’ll help you but what is the Plan ?

AHIL : To find out who’s the thief we’ve to first enter their niche

Abhay : What is in your mind ?

Ahil : Listen ….. ( silent conversation )

Rahul exclaimed with shock: AHIL are you serious , We’ve to do this


Ahil : Yes guys we don’t have any other way , This is a better idea .

Rahul : I wonder if it will work

Ahil : It will don’t worry .

Abhay : Let’s leave it on God now !!!



Pinky : Naina are you okay , I was really worried for you whole night

Naina : I’m fine , Now I don’t feel Pain because I’m used to it , Don’t worry Okay

Pinky : Naina you didn’t ate anything since yesterday .

Naina : No I ate a little piece of love and that pacified me fully , Now I don’t need anything

Pinky : Your double meaning answers , I can’t understand , Wait let me bring something for you

Naina : Pinku!!! my friend now just forget about last night , Smile Okay

Pinky : what about your smile

Naina smiles faintly ” Okay now , Be happy , Okay ”

Pinky : You’re my star , I love you .

She pics up the Mop and moves out of the room to RAI’S house .


Kamini and Naveen were sitting on the table , While Riya was in her room .

Riya was chatting to Ahil on Phone

Riya : I’ll really miss you , So sad you’re leaving

Ahil : Oh RIYA you now , My Aunt is really weak so I’ve to go to see her

Riya : I just wish she gets well soon

Ahil : Don’t miss me , My friend I’ll be back from Malaysia very soon .

Riya in her mind ( Hai !!! ( what ! ) Malaysia , May I ask him to take me along )

Riya : AHIL , Can I accompany you , I’ll help you out there

Ahil : No No there’s no need , You’re very nice girl

RIYA thinks ” This is what I’ve to be , For my own advantage ”

RIYA : Thanks AHIL it’s so good of you , Bye

Ahil : Take care bye .

Down there , Kamini bangs cup of tea on Table

Kamini : Here’s your tea , Whom are you talking to on Phone

Naveen on Phone ” Okay Ji we’ll be waiting for you bye ” , He shuts the phone

Naveen : Kamini Ji , I’ve a good news

Kamini : what good news

Naveen : we’ve got new Tenant , Not one but two , And they are ready to Pay even double rent

Kamini : what ! Wow !

Naveen : They’re coming tomorrow to see Space

Kamini : It’s good , Pinky clean the room hurry up , Just throw away All the unnecessary things there .

Pinky : Okay Aunti Ji …

Pinky runs to NAINA .

Naina : what ! No they can’t do this

Pinky : Yes , Aunt is going to throw away all grandfather’s things and rent the room for double amount

Naina : Oh god , Now what’ll happen

Pinky : I also got to know that Ahil is going to Malaysia

Naina : Oh okay , Now I just wish everything goes well .


Abhay : All’s set bro , ready to go

Ahil : Ya I am , Rahul you’ve to be here , You know Na what you’ve to do

Rahul : All’s clear , No tension , All the best for mission

Abhay brings two large suitcases ” The luggage is ready and let’s begin our new journey ”

Abhay : Come Rahul let’s go and bring that Dress for Ahil

Ahil took out Naina’s picture ” See what all I’m doing for you , Just for you , After all we’re friends , And in friendship no sorry no thanks ”

Rahul and Abhay comes in ” Here’s your special dress Ahil ”

Ahil smiles ” It’s beautiful ”

Abhay : Really it is , Just like our Master Plan

Trio laughs and hugs together .

Give your comments , what’s Ahil’s Plan , How’ll Riya try to impress Him . Is NAINA really ready to break friendship from AHIL . If you liked it put 👍👍👍, Bye , if you’re confused about characters check it 👇👇👇


Bye love u all💖💖💖

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