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Udaan 13th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Udaan 13th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor saying fine, I will send you as Suraj will be there. Pakhi asks how will you swap me and Gauri. Chakor says Suraj will do it, did you ask him how we got married, he knows swapping brides. He says don’t taunt me, I did mistake once and apologizes. She says you shouldn’t run from truth. Pakhi stops them. She asks Suraj how did he swap brides. He says ask Chakor, I m going to Imli. Chakor says I can do my work on my own. He goes. Chakor gives her phone to Pakhi and says you have to record everything. Pakhi agrees.

Chagan comes to haveli and shouts Imli. He threatens her. Goons catch Chagan. She sends the goons out. She reminds she is Imli Devi now. He says you forgot our childhood friendship, respecting elders and women respect, you can’t get Gauri married to someone

else. Imli asks why, marriage will happen here, you also come. He shouts no, this can’t happen, Gauri is mine, she loves me, she will just marry me. She laughs and says so she loves you, I forgot everything but has some humanity, you should have told this to me before. He throws things and yells on her. Goons come. She asks goons to take Chagan out and keep him away from marriage. They take Chagan. She asks servant to stay alert, don’t let Chagan come here.

Imli meets Ranvijay at the hospital. He asks her to keep an eye on Suraj. She asks him not to take tension, you will come back home soon, I regret you aren’t with me when I m organizing the market. He says Suraj will be there, he will ruin the market this time. She gets angry and scolds him. He says stay alert of Suraj. She leaves. Kasturi gets Gauri and Pakhi and says I made them ready, if your plan doesn’t work, what will we do. Chakor asks her not to worry. Pakhi cheers Gauri and says I m not doing any favor, I want to ruin Imli, where is Suraj. Suraj comes and sees them. Chakor says I told Gauri that you got memory back, no need to do acting. Suraj says you should have told this before. He asks them are they scared. Pakhi says no.

Suraj says I m scared, you are playing with danger, I used to give you chocolates, and now I m allowing you to take risk, I m afraid, I have faith in Lord, you are doing this to save Gauri, Lord will help you. Pakhi says yes, you are with me too. Suraj says Pakhi will look short. Chakor gets high heels for Pakhi and says no one can know anything now. Pakhi wears heels. Chakor says I got the solution. Suraj says I will take Gauri now. Gauri says I want to meet Chagan. He says Imli has locked Chagan, don’t worry for him. Chakor wishes they succeed. Imli sees everyone and thinks where is Chakor.

She asks servant to find Chakor. Vishal and his parents come and like the arrangements. Chakor and the girls dance on Mere haathon mein….. pandit asks them to call bride. Suraj gets Gauri there. Imli says its my right to see bride’s face. I will take her to mandap. I m sure something will happen, Chakor will try to spoil things. She compliments Gauri and makes her sit in mandap. Chakor looks on. She asks Suraj why didn’t he swap the brides. He says servant was keeping an eye on me. She asks what will we do now. Imli calls him. He goes.

Chakor dances again. Imli asks who’s this girl. Chakor takes her for dance. Imli’s slipper breaks. Chakor turns. Servant goes to tell something to Imli. Imli asks them to stop music. She lifts ghunghat and sees Chakor. Everyone gets shocked.

Imli says you can’t stop this marriage. Chakor gets relieved and hugs Gauri. Pakhi says I recorded everything, I will send Imli to jail. Imli asks Suraj to organize the market fast.

Update Credit to: Amena

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