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The Mafia Devil – Love or Hate??? (Part 12)


After Six hours

Sanchi opened her eyes. She found Arjun next to her. He was still holding her hand and caressing her hairs. She got up with the help of Arjun. He had a stern expression on his face.

A: angle, I’m angry with you. Why you did not eat properly? You know we all were so worried. Now Mrs.Webber is coming with food and you have to complete the whole plate.

Mrs.Webber entered with food. She placed the tray on the bed and sat besides Sanchi.

W: you are okay na beta? How are you feeling now?

S: I’m okay Mrs.Webber. This Arjun is scolding me. She said with a pout on her face.

W: Arjun why are you scolding her? Don’t you see she just got up from the bed? She must be weak. Here Sanchi take this and complete it okay. She said handing the tray to Sanchi.

Sanchi was shocked to see the amount of food in her plate. It was her whole day quota. She denied having this much of food but she was forced by Arjun and Mrs.Webber. They were satisfied when Sanchi ate the food and drank her medicines after much of revolts which were suppressed by Arjun and Mrs.Webber. Sanchi said holding her stomach.

S: it will blast now. I have to do some walking. You made me eat so much.

A: okay come I will accompany you. We will go in the garden.

Arjun and Sanchi went to the garden to have a walk. Sanchi remembered her moments with Kabir before fainting. She blushed a bit but was also angry as how could he kiss her without her permission? She was lost in her thoughts when Arjun asked her something.

A: so angle what did you do in the mall after I was gone?

Sanchi’s inquisitive nature took over her as she thought about Rishub, Meena and Abhay. She asked Arjun to clarify her doubts.

S: Arjun, who is Meena and how is she related to you all?

A: how do you know about Meena di?

Sanchi narrated him all the happenings in the mall. How she met Rishub and Abhay. How she was shocked to see Kabir’s soft side when he was with Rishub.

A: so you met Rishub and Abhay. Well Meena di was Mrs.Webber’s daughter who passed away last year. She was very sweet and innocent like you. She was the one with whom we all had a great bonding. We all used to enjoy a lot when we were together. Her death made all of us heartless once more but Rishub, the precious gift she gave us before death, is our sole reason for happiness. She loved Abhay, one of our troops. He was a well behaved man and hence we decided to marry Meena and Abhay. They were all very happy but destiny separated two lovers and a mother from her son. I just hope that her soul rests in peace. Arjun completed with tears in the corner of his eyes. He wiped out the tears and turned towards Sanchi.

A: you know angle, you are just like Meena di. We all love you so much. Thank god that he sent you to our lives especially Rishub’s. Sanchi just smiled and leaned her head on Arjun’s right shoulder as they continued walking. She stopped dead on her way as she was staring at something with utter disgust and fear. Arjun saw the direction in which Sanchi’s eyes were glued and even he was scared. He turned towards Sanchi and told her.

A: let’s go angle. He is very dangerous.

S: but he is not tied. If we go then he will think that we are running away and thus he will follow us. Look he is coming in my direction.

A: oh god now what will happen?

As they were whispering, they saw the figure crawl towards Sanchi. She was sacred as she hated dogs and to her misfortune he was a Doberman pinscher, one of the most dangerous dogs. She gulped hard as she saw the creature nearing her. Arjun was more terrorized as when he met Steffi, the dog, for the first time, he barked on Arjun and gave him a tough chase until Kabir came for his rescue. Arjun just took out his phone and messaged Veer to come to the garden urgently. Meanwhile the dog pushed Sanchi on her stomach and as a result, Sanchi fell on the ground. Arjun tried to intervene but the dog barked on Arjun as if warning to back off. Sanchi just closed her eyes as she thought that today her end was near. Suddenly she felt something on her lap. She opened her eyes so see Steffi lying with his head on her lap. She was relieved and hesitantly started to stroke Steffi’s head. He replied to her gesture by sagging down more on her lap. He lay there and was not willing to leave the place. Veer came to the garden running as he was concerned about Sanchi. He saw Sanchi pampering the dog and gave a piercing glance to Arjun. He just pout back as though saying that he was scared.

A: angle, what magic did you do? He ran behind me like a mad boy.

Steffi growled as he heard Arjun. Sanchi just pampered him and laughed at Arjun’s condition.

V: he did not feel safe with you Arjun so he ran behind you. Steffi up now let her go. Steffi did not move even an inch. He was adamant to stay like that on Sanchi’s lap. Arjun and Sanchi laughed on Veer and Veer was stunned by the defiant behavior of Steffi.

S: Steffi up now. Steffi instantly got up and sat on his hind legs as though he had known Sanchi from long.

V: you traitor. Now dare not come to me for your food. Steffi hid behind Sanchi. Arjun placed his hand on Veer’s shoulder to show sympathy. Veer jerked off his hand and stared him sharply.

A: do whatever you can but I don’t think he is going to listen to you now.

Sanchi and Arjun laughed to their fullest and Veer made a face as if he was betrayed. Steffi came out from behind Sanchi and began to rub his body against Veer’s legs. It was his way of asking forgiveness. Veer just threw his anger away and bent down to face Steffi.

V: it’s okay Steffi. Now we will have our dinner come. Arjun take Sanchi in it is getting cold outside.

S: but I want to stay here for some more time.

V: not now. You will catch fever again.

S: okay fine but then I want to meet Rishub now.

V: how do you know him?

S: Arjun will tell you. I want to meet him now. She saw Abhay passing by and called his name aloud. S: Abhay…

A: yes Ma’am.

S: oh don’t call me Ma’am, call me Sanchi.

A: but….

S: no ifs and buts. Just call me Sanchi.

A: okay Sanchi. What do you want?

S: take me to Rishub na please.

A: okay fine. Come.

Abhay and Sanchi went to meet Rishub. His room was on the ground floor on the left most corner. Sanchi and Rishub were overjoyed to see each other. They spent their time by playing and conversing about different subjects. It was time for Rishub’s dinner. Abhay brought in the plate but Rishub was resolute to eat with Sanchi’s hands only. Sanchi made Rishub have his dinner and then moved out of the room after wishing Rishub a good night.

She came out and noticed that it was 10 pm. She was crossing the dining area when Veer called her from inside.

V: come Sanchi have dinner with me.

S: no I’m already very full. If I will eat more then I will die definitely.

V: okay but at least sit with me. You know I am leaving now.

S: where?

V: for work.

S: alone?

V: yes. Arjun will be here for looking after you. You know it is a very important meeting.

S: then why don’t you take Arjun with you? I don’t need anyone to care for me. I’m fine.

V: no Sanchi we cannot take any risk.

S: what risk? Mrs.Webber is there na to take my care and I don’t want Arjun to miss any of the important meetings because of me. You are all alone. What if they attack you like they attacked us? No, I cannot take any chance.

V: look Sanchi……

S: no Veer, Arjun is coming with you and that is final. Please I will feel guilty and anxious. Please…..

Veer gave up and confided in Sanchi’s decision. Sanchi left the place and went to her room. She sat down near the window as sleep today was far from her. She was feeling very happy today. She came to know from Mrs.Webber that Arjun had sat there besides her for six hours not even moving an inch from his place. He had constantly caressed her hairs. Today during dinner, she spoke to Veer as if she had a right on him. She spoken in a commanding tone which Veer accepted. She was so happy. In her father’s house, people would never bother to check on her if she was ill. She was not allowed to talk to anyone in a notch higher than a whisper. She thought that her kidnapping had opened her world which was restricted before to her besties only. Now her world contained Veer, Arjun, Mrs.Webber, Rishub, Abhay and of course Kabir. She was actually happier in this cage then she was in a dark hollow of a tree guarded by a snake. She was engrossed in her thoughts when she heard a knock on the door. She opened the door and found Arjun there.

A: angle we are leaving. Take care and don’t forget to take your medicines okay. Kabir bhai’s room is right across yours. If you have any problem just go to him okay. Now we leave. Bye. He hugged Sanchi and went away.

Sanchi closed the door behind her wondering where Veer was. Suddenly she heard a knock again. She though it to be Veer and went to open the door happily.

S: I knew you would come…… words trailed off as she saw the person who had knocked. He was Sid. But what was he doing here? He was told to stay away from Sanchi. She did not understand anything. She just stood there blankly. Sid pushed her inside the room and latched the door behind him.

Sid: aww my baby was waiting for me. Hmm. You are so intelligent to loop around your small finger the three men on this house- Veer, Arjun and Kabir. You have such a good body that it invites me to feast on you. Just come to me baby I promise that I won’t hurt you much. Saying this he took his steps forward. Sanchi went back with his each step and lastly hit the wall. She pleaded him to let her go.

S: please let me go. Please.

He did not stop. He caged Sanchi in between his arms and began to kiss her on her neck. She pushed him hard and tried to run away but he was strong enough. He did not even budge on Sanchi’s attempts. She was feeling very scared and broken. She just kicked him on his legs and tried to run away. He held her leg and as a result she fell on the floor with a loud thump hurting her hands, legs and stomach. She tried to run but of no use. Sid came on her top and in the attempt of stopping her, he tore away her sleeve. The scratches started from the shoulder and lasted upto her elbow. Blood was flowing out of the scratches. She was crying in pain and begging for help. She pushed Sid away and he began to roll on the floor. Taking advantage of this she ran to the door and unlocked it. Just as she was about to open the door, Sid held her from behind. He pulled her hairs with much force. She wailed in pain. He dug his nails deep on her back and tore apart the dori. Blood was coming out from her back. It was paining her a lot. She still did not lose her hope and turned around and kicked Sid where the sun does not shine. He came down in one stroke. Just as she opened the door, Sid pulled her inside and banged her head on the wall. Blood started to ooze out from the wound.

Sid: you are a fierce one. Now I will show you my devil side. You will die by the time I will be finished with you. He was nearing Sanchi when she again hit him with a vase on the nearby table. Her height was less and hence the blow landed on his chest. He winced in pain and Sanchi quickly ran out of the room. She was running like a mad woman hitting things around her. She hit a table and the vase fell down. The broken pieces of vase pierced her skin as she ran. She ran across the floor on the other side where there was Kabir’s room. She opened it but it was empty. She turned around to find Sid standing right across her near the entrance of her room.

Sid: baby doll no one is going to come to your rescue. The whole mansion is empty. Now I will make you pay for your every struggle. You b*t*h. He ran to her and she ran downstairs. Her legs were hurting but she kept running. Her legs left the blood filled imprints on the white marble as she ran. She stumbled and rolled down the stairs due to her imbalance. She landed right on the foot of someone. She picked her eyes to see the person. He was none other than Kabir. He was standing there with questioning eyes. He looked at the state of Sanchi and saw Sid running down the sairs. Sid stopped dead when he saw Kabir. He tried to make some sort of excuse.

Sid: Kabir bhai she was trying to run away. He stopped as he saw Kabir’s eyes which were red like lava. Sanchi stood up on her legs and hugged Kabir with all her might. He could feel Sanchi’s hot breath on his shirt. He glanced at Sanchi’s condition. The marks that Sid left and the blood that was dripping down her wounds aroused the devil in him. Sid turned to run away as he knew that Kabir would never approve misbehavior with a lady. Just as he turned, he winced in pain as a sharp bullet hit him in his leg. The hall reverberated with the sound of the bullet. Sanchi just tightened her grip around Kabir. She was frightened to the bottom of her heart. She hid her face in Kabir’s chest. Sid winced in pain. Kabir took hold of Sanchi’s hand and made her sit on the couch. She was not ready to leave him. He placed his strong cold hands over hers to assure her. She let go at once and he turned towards Sid.

Sid was now in a terrible state. The bullet had hit the bone right through the flesh. Blood was flowing out and dripping down the staircase. He sat there shouting in pain. He asked for forgiveness just like Sanchi. He held Kabir’s legs and begged him but Kabir kicked him hard on his temple leading him in a near unconscious state. Kabir took out his knife which was small but sharp and dug it right in his stomach. He screamed in pain and Sanchi winced but she did not dare to stand up. Sid fell down and Kabir dragged him from his collar to a room nearby. A trail of blood formed as Kabir dragged him.

He came down to Sanchi and scooped her in his arms and took her to his room. He went out for some time and returned with clothes. He handed Sanchi her clothes and led her to the washroom. She went inside and stood under the shower. It pained when the hot water hit her wounds but she cared less as her soul was hurt. She cried her heart out under the shower. Her cries were not audible as she was accustomed to silent cries, credits to her father. After a good one and a half hours of crying she came out wearing pajamas and tank top. Her eyes were drained as she had cried a lot. She saw that it was not her room. She raised her eyes to see Kabir standing right in front of her. He held her hand and led her to the bed. He sat down besides her and started aiding her wounds. Sanchi winced every time the antiseptic was applied. The wounds were not so deep but were fresh. Kabir gently lay down Sanchi on the bed and turned her to heal the wounds on her back. She hesitated but he placed his hand on her shoulder as though saying to trust him. She complied and allowed Kabir to tend her wounds. She trusted him. He was not only healing her physical wounds but also tending her bruised soul. He lifted her tank top and slid his hands on her back. Sanchi closed her eyes as she felt his touch and then shivered as his hands moved over her scars. They did not need any language to converse. Their souls were doing it. They were just confiding in each other. He did not look down or anywhere else. He just kept his gaze fixed on Sanchi’s face as frowns marred her forehead when she felt pain. He could feel her pain. He could sense her insecurity. He felt that she was a piece of his soul. He finished his first aid and told Sanchi to sleep. He stood to leave but Sanchi held his hands and whispered in a soft voice.

S: please don’t go. Please.

Kabir obliged and stayed on. He lay down and pulled Sanchi on his chest. He was handling her with so much of care as though she was a delicate precious thing which would break by a small blow of wind. She placed her head over his heart. His heart was beating wildly as it would come out any moment. She just caressed her hands over his chest as she heard his heart beats return to normal. He held her firmly but gently for the very first time. He wanted to hold onto her like this for the rest of his life. Her whole body was aching. All her wounds were giving her much pain but being in his embrace, she forgot the pain. Her insecurities ran away. She felt relieved of all the fears. She just hugged him tight as though never wanting to let go and closed her eyes. Sleep came to her as her heart beats even out.
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