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The day when it rained – Part 7

Sameer walked toward me. His each step towards me makes my heart beat faster. I keep walking to the bus stop, trying to ignore him. No. I really don’t want to avoid him. But I was terrified by the thought of talking to him, that too after yesterday’s phone call. But Sameer came near me.

Sameer: hi

Me: hi.

Sameer start to walk with me.

Sameer: why are you late?

Me: huh??

Sameer: I mean….

Me: Drama club meeting.

Sameer: you are in drama club?

Me: hmm..

Sameer: so…

Me: so???

Sameer: so… What were you saying yesterday?

Me: nothing..

Sameer: nothing??

Me: I have to go..

Sameer: I can walk you to hostel

Me: no, Shefali is waiting for me.

Sameer: Okk

Me: Okk.

I walked towards the bus stop. Sameer waited a little and go near his friends.

Shefali was waiting there with Arjun.

Me: Shefali?

Shefali: hi Naina..

Arjun: hi.

Me: hi.. Shefali shall we go?

Shefali: ok.. bye Arjun.

Arjun: bye..

Shefali and I walked to the hostel.

Shefali: how was your drama program?

Me: it was just a meeting. We will start practicing all from tomorrow.

Shefali: so you will be late tomorrow?

Me: yaa. And don’t wait for me. Ok??

Shefali: (laughing) Ok baba…


Shefali and I were doing our daily dose of studies. That’s when Shefali got a call.

Shefali: (on the phone) hi….. Yaa. I was doing that….. I will give you tomorrow………. She is here… (Shefali looks at me) ok… One sec.

Shefali: (to me) Naina. You have a call.

Me: call??

Shefali: talk…

I took her phone.

Me: (on the phone) hello??

“Hello… It’s me Sameer”

Me: Sameer???

I looked surprised at Shefali. Shefali nodded her head.

Me: hello??

Sameer: how are you?

Me: huh???

Sameer: I asked how are you?

Me: I am fine.

Sameer: are you shocked??

Me: a bit….

Sameer: cool.. (laughs)

Me: why do you call??

Sameer: I think I should ask you how are that’s why.

Me: Oh…

Sameer: Ok then. Bye.

Me: bye.

I handed the phone to Shefali.

Shefali: (on phone) Hello….. Ok… Ya.. Sure.. Bye…

Shefali: Sameer is a talented guy.

Me: hmm?

Shefali: Yaa. He is good in studies, plays guitar and is also a football player. Isn’t it great?

Me: yaa.. Multi-talented.

Beep. My phone beeped and I received a message.


I smiled seeing his message. I replied “yes! ”

Sameer “Good. C U 2morow. Gud nite”

Me: “Good nite..”

## ## ## ## ## ##

Even after the drama club meeting I started to spend time near the workshop. The trees and the atmosphere make very special for me. I used to read my books or finish my works sitting there. There was a red gulmohar tree at the back yard of the workshop. And it became my favorite spot in the whole college. I liked being there. Sameer and I become pretty much connected; kind of friends. And I started to reply to his good night messages too.

## ## ## ## ## ##

Inter college drama competition date falls on a weekend.

On the competition day, as a fresher I don’t have much to do. Fresher’s job was to enjoy the atmosphere. It was my first time in such an event and everything was so inspiring. So many talented teams and persons, I was beyond happy that day. But I had to leave the event before its ending ceremony. Ending ceremony was later in the night and I have to reach the hostel, so I leave early.

Hostel room looks so dull. Shefali has to go home as she had a family function to attend. So I was alone in the room. And this was the first time I was staying alone without Shefali. Roaming around the venue had made me tired. I was so exhausted that I don’t even know when I fall into sleep. It was my mobiles ring that woke me up.

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