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Swasan FF – Some answers of my questions (Episode 5)

In the dhaba,sanskar ordered tandoori chicken with briyani,swara was in wonder”how he knows that i love this items”,sanskar smiled to her,but she was just looking him in wonder,she notices that he never give his signature smile to her in their last meetings after 7 years,,,,,after sometime the order came and they did their dinner and again started their journey,swara got out of the car and reached her room after sometime she comes out and goes to the balcony,sanskar was also standing there,swara was about to puff a cigarette when a voice came from behind”dont puff cigarettes swara”,she knows who was standing behind her,without looking him,she throw the cigarette,she dont know why she did that,but immediately left the balcony,sanskar wonders”she listen to me,he thinks in mind i promise u swara i will make u normal”,in swaras room she was wondering what happened to me”why i m listening to him”,she comes near pari,a voice echoed in her mind”shona if i somewhat died than what u will do”,she said”if u talk like this than i will myself kill you”,the voice said”i dont know swara,but my job is like that,there is a huge risk of my life,promise me if something happened to me then u will move in ur life”,then she said”dont worry i will not let anyone to touch u,i m a supergirl”,and they both laughed”….after thinking that her eyes were filled with tears,but before they shrivel of she rubbed her cheeks,she again moved to the balcony,that time sanskar was also puffing cigarettes,but two soft hands stops him”dont take cigarettes sir….sry sanskar its not good for u”,then he said to her”ok as u wish,but swara why do u puff cigarettes?”

she was shocked to listen that n stare him in a rude,blank and cold expression,she does not said him a word,then she remembers something”she too hated that thing before 7 years;but she started piffing cigarettes from the last 5 months;but before a year she stops him many time from puffing cigarettes,scolded him too,she knows why he puff cigarettes,but then also she asked him why u puff cigarettes sir?,and he said”because it gives me relief from my each and every pain”,,,,in the present time she also give him the same answer breaking the deep silence between them,swara said”;because it gives me relief from my each and ever pain”;he wanted to ask”what pain??” but he prefers to stay silent,,by the glass window they looked their angel and again they began to think about how they meet and how their marriage takes place,their mind flew to a year before when they meet again and again…..after swara and sanskar meet in the garden,sanskar daily comes in the garden,swara also come there for jogging and they both have coffee together,it was their daily routine,pari aslo get attached to her and whenever swara wanted to left the place she used to cry,this routine continues for about 1 month,in this 1 month swara tried to ask about his wife but he avoided that so she left asking about that topic,after 1 month sanskar continues to come in the garden but he did not meet swara there,,,,,5 months had passed like that and he never get a glance of her,,,,but one day his eyes meet a pair of brown eyes,he smiled to her,she also smiled back but her smile was cold and bitter and he goes to her and said”hey how r u”,she said”m fine,where is pari”,,,she played with pari for a while and then she was about to leave when  he asked her”swara tumahare ghar ke pas koi ek ghar rent mein milega kya,actually mera ghar 1-2 mahine ke kile renovation mein ja raha hein”,swara immediately replied”haa milega na,hamare ghar ke ass pass kyun hamare ghar ka upar wala part hi mil jayega,aaj sam ko a jayega,papa se baat karene,i will text u my address,bye sir,bye pari”,,,,and the very evening sanskar reached their home,she welcomed him and introduce him to her family”papa ye hamare college mein assistant librarian they,but jab humme college join kiya uske karib 3 mahine baad inhone job chor di,now he works as a bank manager and she is her child shona”,her daddy listen to her talks and soon after that he began to discuss about the rent and other things with him,swara takes pari from there and she started to play with her in the balcony,sandkar was noticing each amd every movement of her he notices that she was changed in this 5 months but when she was with pari and her papa she behaved somewhat normally,she hardly smiled but when she was with pari and papa she laughed and smile wholeheartedly……after 1 week he shifted to their house and started to live there,in this days pari get used to swaras companay,her family also liked sanskar a lot,once they asked about his wife and he coldly said that his wife left him her parents did not ask further questions b,cause he said that he did not like to discuss about this matter….
In present time both come out of their thoughts swara bid hima good night and she goes of the balcony,sanskar was looking her in amaze he was still thinking about heru r a mystry shona

Thnk u guys for reading my ff,please read the previous parts,sry if i have done any mistakes…..

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