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Enough of my bak bak let’s get into the story

Swara and ragini entered their home along with Sanskar and laksh .  Laksh was holding ragini as she needed a support .

Janaki  rushed to them worryingly , ” arre bhagawan  !!!what happened to ragini ???? How it happened ??? someone please tell me !!! Swara tell me what happened to her ???? Are u okay swara ????” Questioned she being  Tensed .

“Maa  stop stop !!!! Let some puff of air may enter into your lungs !!!! “

“But …..”

“Maa nothing happened to her and she is fit and fine . Just mild abrasion and not to worry !!!! Say Ragini !!!!”

“Yeah maa !!! Nothing happened to me !!!! “

“When swara is here , nothing to fear !!!!” She chuckled at her own phrase .

“Then what about me ????” Ragini questioned innocently like a cute kid.

“Next time u ask like that I ‘ll kill you !!! There is no swara and ragini separately we are always swaragini and no one can separate us at any cost !!! That’s my promise ragini and now stop talking with me !!!!” Swara turned to the other side .

Ragini went and hugged swara and both started laughing !!!!

” If your senti talks are over can we come in ???” Sanskar asked .

“Sorry beta !!! I got involved with these two !!!”

“Maa this is sanskar and this is laksh !!!” Swara pointed and introduced cutely.

“Namaste aunty ” both wished her. All had a gala and sanlak became close with janaki , dadi and dida and after some time sanlak bid farewell and went from there.

At night ragini was sitting alone thinking about something . She was engrossed into her world that she did notice swara who was standing and staring at her for a long time .

“Hey beauty , what happened ??? What are you thinking about ??? “

“Nothing hottie !!!! Just ……”

“Don’t call me hottieee !!!!”

“I ‘ll !!! And you can’t do anything you Dumbo !!!!”

“Huff I can’t debate with you !!! Who ‘ll argue with a chatterbox like you !!!”

Ragini ‘s mouth went in an ‘O ‘ shape , ” u ‘ll never change shona !!!”

“That’s me !!!!” Swara smiled while raising her imaginary collar . Both got into their fits of laughter !!!!

Swara composed herself and , ” keep smiling like this ragu !!!! ” Ragini ‘s smiled vanished at once .

“Jokes apart , now tell me what were you thinking ???”

“Shona I wanted to ask you one thing !!!! Why always mom goes to the other room ??? And whenever she goes she ‘ll become sad and sometimes cry !!!! I don’t know why ???? I wanted to lend my shoulders for her to cry but whenever she sees me she tries to be no no she acts as if she is normal but I know she isn’t !!!!”

“Do you want an answer ragini ????”

“You know ???” Her eyes twinkling .

“Yeah I do !!! But promise me one thing that you ‘ll do whatever I ask you after I reveal everything!!!”

“Sure  !!!! It’s pinky promise !!!”

“Okay actually my dad shekar is your dad too !!!”

“What swara you are cracking  jokes  ??? I ‘m asking you the reason and you see !!!! “

“That’s the truth ragini !!!!  “

Ragini gasped in shock and swara continued , ” yeah actually my dad and my mom sharshmitha studied in the same College and that too in the same batch !!! They both fell in love at first sight !!! Once in a party they both got intimated and as the result my mom became pregnant !!!! When my dad was about to tell his parents about this issue,  they brought the proposal for his marriage with your mom !!! He was in a helpless situation and then he married your mom !!! After then you were born and that time I was 2 years old !!! My mom was diagnosed carcinoma lung when I was 4 years old and that time janaki aunty and dad shifted nearby our house !!! He got to know about mom ‘s illness and he told aunty were about to adopt me but at that time aunty didn’t accept me and this led to their divorce  !!! Also  dida didn’t want to send me till she is alive !!! That’s why I ‘m still with her !!! And about dad , I don’t know what happened to him !!!! By the time mom died he went somewhere without informing anyone !!!! At that time you were 3 years old so you didn’t know anything !!!! But dad left a letter which read that he would return at right time and till then we shouldn’t search for him !!!! Now everything is sorted out and mom loves me !!! I gave her the letter !!! Everyday mom reads the letter in that room and she cries !!!! Are your queries over or are  there some more ????”

Till then ragini stared at her with tears welled up in her eyes .

“Arre what happened to you now ???”

“How are you so cool swara ??? “

“I have faith in God ragu ma !!!! One day our dad ‘ll come and we ‘ll be happily living together !!! I ‘ll be happy with maa , papa and you that’s my half sister !!!”

” Not half sister Dumbo !!! We are soul sisters !!! Now what promise you are going to ask ???”

“Once dad returns back why don’t we marry maa and papa  again !!!!”

“Sure swara !!!! It’s ragini ‘s promise !!!!”

Ragini  placed her hand in swara ‘s  shoulder and  screeched ,” it’s swaragini ‘s promise !!!!”

PRECAP : AP brings an alliance to swaragini household !!!! But for whom ????

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