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Rikara OS :Zindegi laayi humein yahan..(Based on Preganancy Track DBO)


She wanted to cry …she wanted to shout..she wanted to laugh..she wanted to go back in time…Why?..Shouldn’t she be happy with the fact her husband woke up from Coma after a long three months which felt like long three years …shouldn’t she be happy that she had been blessed with a baby..her baby..a part of him and her..Shouldn’t she be happy that she is gonna be a mother…shouldn’t she?… she is …devoid of emotions ..a part of her was happy that she is gonna be a mother ..a little  bundle of joy …in a few months ..a little part of him and her would be running around..a baby to call her own..A baby to call her “Maa…She is indeed pregnant..Pregnancy always bought happiness to couples..But for her …her fate is so cruel…that is only she could feel..

The Moment He had woken up she had enclosed him about her pregnancy..she could remember the joy he had..Without a thought of he hugged her murmuring how happy he was …literally he was jumping in happiness.. and had  thanked her for bringing joy into his life showering her with kisses all over her face..but..but… the next moment he had pushed her away..and had left the place in anger leaving her bewildered…

Why was her fate so cruel? She cried ..Did she ever wish anything bad for anyone.. No she had always lived her whole twenty years of existence giving others everything she had..hell she had given herself to him ..the person she had barred her soul with..why ?..why did she have to give him everything  ..Every part of her..Because he is your husband whispered her heart…the only thing she wanted in life was his happiness ..his love and a bit of respect from him not as his wife at least as human least as a living creature ..she should not have allowed him to hurl her with insults..she should have stopped him back then ..if she had today she would not be  in this state..why didn’t she ?..Because for the respect she had on him ..raising her voice meant she did not respect him ..she had thought back then..but right now looking back to her journey in her marriage she had lost herself..She missed herself ..She is someone who even she could not identify herself…Who is She Now?..Was she the Dabang Gauri Kumari Sharma? ..Who would give a jaap if anyone questioned her or her character… Was She the One who had Stabbed Kali ?..Was She the One Who threw mud or him ? or Was She the One Who broke his Car that to with a Bulldozer ?…


 No ..The Person Standing here is Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi..Being a Sharma she grew up to an independent confident and chirpy woman..Attached to an Oberoi what did she get ?..aah ? ..Love?..She let out a sarcastic it was not even in the dictionary of Omkara Singh Oberoi ..she was a maid.. a head maid with no pay ..they have cursed her when he was in coma that she was a bad luck in his life..if not for her Bade bhaiya ,Anika Boajai and Rudy Bhaiya she would have left long back the day they called her curse ..the day her breathing stopped seeing him falling of the steps..but here she is in a corner cocooned herself wailing thinking about her future ahead.. 

Could she live without him? …above all like he suggested? ..Suggested?..Was it even a suggestion …he literally ordered  her …ordered her to leave soon as her child is born..Could she do that?..How can she ..she hiccupped muffling her  sobs..Can a mother leave her can she ? ..Doesn’t he have a heart?.. How can she do it.. Since the time she had got to know she had conceived she could not wait to hold her /him in her arms..To preach her/him…to teach her/him…to give her /him a childhood she never got as child..Provide her/him with everything needed and wanted..To pamper..To love..To care..How could he think of snatching away her happiness?..She wiped her tears and stood up determined what come may she will never leave her child even if it is to stand up against him…She will…

Here he is in a bar drinking …He felt like a baby who had just born when he had woken  up from Coma..Shouldn’t he be happy ..That he is awake.. No one knew that even during Coma he could hear them..he heard everything they spoke..He heard them say Gauri a curse..At that moment he wanted badly to wake up and shut them up..How dare they call his Gauri a curse..She was a blessing to him his family..He heard her wails ..He heard calling out to him to wake up..He heard her say that she would give up her life if that is needed to see him open his eyes…he heard..Everything…he heard his brothers breakdown..His Father was willing to let him go ..But there was she  who believed in him that he would get up… she stood against his father …he could hear her ..she did not break..She bought him back alive..

The Moment She Whispered She is Pregnant …He Felt as He would Faint in Happiness..He could remember very well the day they made mad love they were drunk both but the feelings..the love ..The way she was glowing aftermath..He could remember..first time in his life he did not regret that although it was an act committed by both when they were not in their senses..But he couldn’t accept her ..Why ?…every time he saw her…it bought him  the past memories which if he could erase with an eraser ..Her dancing with Kali ..Roaming around as a thakurein ..Her agreeing for marriage..Why did she want money?.. Why was she gold digger?..Why did she try to break someone’s family? Why Gauri why?..But her innocent face..her eyes showed purity ..His heart did not accept the fact but his mind refuse to believe.. he avoided her since that day like a plaque …he came back at night after she slept and left before she woke up … it was just a week before he went into coma.. 

He got to know her better During his Coma phase..She made it a habit to let him know the daily occurrence..although she never told in words that she loved him ..The way  she spoke to him ..The way she slept beside him wounding her arms around him tight as if to never let him go…her love was was because her love ..her vishwass …her care he came back to life but yet what did he do hurt her…hurl  her with his furious words.. How could he tell a mother to leave her could he?…He was a son ..He knows very well the  mother’s role in a child life as he never got that … his mother was so busy in nursing her broken much he had longed for his parents love…then how could he think of giving the same childhood to his child..  

He did not know why he had reacted like that back then …Why can’t he let go of her past and think of their future together..Whenever he saw her …the flashes of her with Kali comes across making him vent in anger..But the Coma phase he’d spend had given another side of her character..She was willing to stay by his side even if it takes eternity for him to get up..Why did she love him so much ? ..Was she a victim as him ?..Was she forced to marry Kali ..? He could remember every word she spoke..She had told him not to judge a person by what he sees..Is it just an illusion he saw..Could he go and ask her now…whatever it is for now it is not about them anymore…each and every  decision taken is directly connected to his child..he has to  let go of her past and learn to live and love her just the way she does…He wondered can he love her the way she loves him?…She loved him more than her shankariji..he heard her say that once indirectly… 

Highly Dunked Stumbling back to the Room he saw her sleeping on the floor with her head placed in the side of the bed..Seeing her tears he was furious at himself…why did have to shout out her ?..He is back because of her ..She is his Angel..yaa..Angel ..he took slow strides near her lest he woke up .. Scooping her in his arms he placed her in the bed but the grip she had on his shirt was too tight ..Trying to pull himself out of her grip he fell on top of her feeling some up on her she opened her eyes.. They were staring for some time..She did not push him away ..he did not try to move away..He lean down to kiss her ..the kiss was gentle as if telling her he was there for her she felt loved and cared … moving back he brushed his lips once twice thrice before pulling her into a hungry kiss …he missed her.. he wanted her badly..This moment it was just only them … Leaving her lips he started kissing down her jaws and started nuzzling her neck… they were high in passion…and started making out…

He woke to the empty bed to see her gone..he searched her everything but she wasn’t there to be found he was scared… the feeling of losing her ..Various scenarios filled his mind..he wanted to ask her forgiveness what he did was  wrong again.. he had made love to her this was wrong ..But she is your  wife whispered his heart..Really Was it? his mind let out sacarctic laugh ..Was it?…did he give her that position..Or respect as his wife ? ..for the first time in life Omkara Singh Oberoi was Sacred …The Fear of Losing her .. He felt so lost…

She walked into the mansion with blood shot eyes keeping her gaze down…She looked up to see him staring at her she walked past him hurriedly to their room with him trailing behind her .. Soon as she entered the room he turned her around and held her arms tightly “Where did you go ” he roared furiously ..Tears welled up “You satisfied yourself, so why do you care where I go? aah ?..Why are you so concerned suddenly “you just need me physically?.. She pushed away “I can’t Om  …i can’t ”..He was too shocked she called him Om his lips curved upward “I can’t ..I can’t leave my child I love her/him…i can’t please…She sobbed hiccupping up.I thought of leaving yesterday the moment you told me to leave right after the birth of my child … he gaped was she trying to take away his child from him..How dare she he was furious “But how can I Om…I did not want my child to grow up without a father..I know the pain of not having father..I know how the world would treat if a child did not have a father..How can I let my child have the same childhood as mine..She wailed loudly 

In two strides he was embracing her while she sobbed loudly into his chest …she hit him on his chest “I hate you, I hate you when you touch me  …I hate myself for melting in your arms..I can’t Om this is wrong when you do not want emotionally I do not want to be here for your physical needs … ” Om closed his eyes in pain it was crystal clear for him now that Gauri is not another Svetlana..She is pure … leaning back wiping away her tears she spoke ” I have taken a decision ” Om heart skipped a beat Did she think of  giving up on him ..No His Gauri will never leave her Omkaraji in Sorrow … she spoke looking at him taking her right her she stretched her hand out “Either give me your hand or end it now, put us both out of misery ” She looked intently at him he looked from her to her hand but he wasn’t ready to give his hand ..sighing she got up and left to the closet to pick her bag  which she had already packed she knew that he will not…

She turned around  to look at him for one last time “I was just five when I lost my jiji I do not know where she is even Omkaraji  , I was sent to an orphanage I do  not know how I even ended up there …then Maa and Paa adopted me …for two years I was living a happy life they gave me everything a child need but when I was 10 I lost Paa …,Paa used to tell me “One day a Prince will come to take away his Princess’s,When Paa used to ask what type of her husband I needed “I used to tell him I need a husband like him” ,Do you know why ? She spoke with a teary smile he shaked his head no with tears “Paa used to love Maa so much if Maa got a small hurt he would act as someone had lit him ..if she was upset he would behind her until he sets her mood, back then I never understood what is was although I used to tell and he was a wonderful father too if Maa Scolded me for something he would jump in my defense , they did not give birth to me but they loved me so madly ,When I grew up I wanted a Husband who would free us from the hell we were living.. you did it Omkaraijji .. before leaving I want to let you know You “muffling her sob biting her lips she spoke “I love You…”

.Wiping away her tears she turned to walk around but was captured in her husband’s embrace he hugged her from behind burying his face in the crook of her neck “DON’T Go he whispered “Will Work This out I Promise ” she dropped her bag in the floor and turned around to  hug him “This is not about Us anymore Om ..It is about the child I do not want my  child to be in a mess because of parents Om ..I love you, but what is the guarantee that you will not let me down again.. I would not be able to take it…”

Cupping her face with his hands wiping away her tears he spoke “I believe you Gauri ..I hated myself for getting attracted to You since the time I saw you..I hate myself for wanting you .. I never wanted anyone in my life the way I need you Gauri , to be honest I do not know what is your past with Kali but now I understand that you were just victim of that …looking back at our past I can remember the words you told “…Om I ..Kali “..Shhh Gauri  I do not want to know because I believe you just give me one last chance please “he pleaded ..He looked genuine moreover Gauri cannot see him in pain her heart bleed to see the Great Omkara Singh Oberoi Plead her… She hugged him “Yes Om ” he reciprocated .

Life was blissful she loved him like crazily by now Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi was madly and deeply in love with her husband she did not know whether he loved her but she didn’t care ..For her..her  love was enough to keep both of them happy for the rest of their life his care and concern was what she always craved for.

“Om wake up Gauri whined in the middle of the night she had tried many ways to wake him up but he was not  taking an effort to open his eyes “Sleep Gauri..i am sleepy.. at last she smacked making him jerk from bed ” what is it Gauri he whined rubbing his butt “I am Craving she pouted ” in the middle of night..,sleep Gauri he went back to sleep resulting in another smack from her “What Gauri ! He sat up giving up frowning but seeing her adorable expressions he softened pulling her into an embrace “What baby , what do you need she came out of the embrace standing in her knees she whispered in his ears “I am Craving For you ” before he could register her words he was pulled into a hungry searing Kiss she nibbled his lips to get entrance  …after a while they broke apart she started kissing her ways down his neck fumbly with his buttons.. he pulled her up to see her face “What do you think you are doing Mrs ” he asked narrowing his brows “in the middle of the night you wake me up for this , ,I need you Now Mr. she answered sternly ..Let’s keep it aside what did make my nave wife so desperate baby ? he teased her .. she was damn irritated by now her hormones were making her horny and here he needs answers “buddu don’t you know that pregnancy makes my hormones go crazier I need you nowshe literally ordered him ..He loved his now demanding wife …even he wanted her badly but he just wanted to tease her ” I am sleepy Gauri …will do it tomorrow ” he went back to bed making her fume in anger .. she got on top of him making him gasp and pulled him into another hungry kiss fumbly with his shirt’s button ..”Om wake up ” Gauri wacked him “What Gauri ” Om whined he just wanted some sleep “it is 10 and still you are sleeping , wake up maaji is calling you .. why do you have to sleep so much “,Because of certain seductress ..a nympho…who did not let me sleep until she was satisfied ” Om replied grinning making Gauri go pink ..She was blushing heavily..They had literally done more than five times …He pulled her into a kiss “I am loving this bold alluring avatar jaan ” he said huskily biting her earlobes.. She hid head in his chest shyly ..You know what I will make you pregnant over and over again if I had to see your seductress avatar ” he told grinning making her gasp ..Seeing her bewildered he chuckled loudly.

“Om ” she shouted while Om was working on the sculpture … worried he ran to her concerned “What Gauri Did something happen Come let’s go to Hospital .. he said in one breath …buddu kneel down .. Om knelt down taking his hands she kept in her belly

“Om he kicked! “

“What She Kicked! “

“Can I feel her? “

“Yes You can feel him “

“Woow she moved “

They were so excited they did not notice Rudy entering with Shivaay .Would you guys just stick to one gender, you are confusing the baby and everyone else who hears you ” Shivaay said amused ..Dekha Bhaiya they will both get into trouble once they knew the gender of the baby ..Rudy replied chuckling. Both had decided they would only know the gender when he or she is born ..Om wanted  a girl whereas Gauri wanted a boy ..

Days and months passed she was in her last trimester “Om utho ” , “I need Golgappe , Go get it ” She ordered him …Gauri at this time in the midnight let me check in the kitchen ..You wait here ” he was about to get up when she held his hand from going “I am also coming if not it will take time “she pouted “okay come but be careful.. he held her hand and took her to the kitchen ..Checking everywhere he did not find at least one ..Gauri..i guess we do not have one ..He said apologetically …she was on the verge of tears “I need golgappe now “she wailed now Om knew his wife well her hormones made her sensitive until he got her golgappe she would not stop being cranky ..He embraced her “baby let’s go out and find a shop to get your golgappe okay now stop being cranky “he wiped her tears  …She smiled so brightly she looked like a child who had promised a bar of chocolate …she dragged him out “come let’s go if not we will be late ” ,Gauri slow down you might get hurt “.

They drove for two hours they could not find a single shop opened …Gauri was on the verge of tears he knew if he drove back home she would burst out crying ..So sending a silent prayer he wished they find a vender… after a three hours drive they saw a golgappa vender which made sulking Gauri to brighten up, she shouted at top of her voice “Om stop there ” she squealed in excited making Om chuckle “You’ll be the death of Me Mrs.Oberoi ” , Seeing her eating it saw happily ..Om smiled …she wanted to jump just a glare from her husband she stopped doing it “She is making me Crazy” then a thought struck his mind “Does she know that there is someone so crazy about her .. ” moving near he hugged her from behind she leaned back more closer resting her head in his chest ..Turning her around looking at her glorious eyes and glowing face he pulled her bit closer “I would love to have to my daughter your hair and spirit ..I would like to have my sons your eyes and courage ” he whispered huskily tracing his finger along her cheek …She narrowed her brows locking her arms around him “So Mr. What are you trying to prove ?…

I want you to go to bed with me tonight …i want you to moan my name over and over again …and I want to wake up wrapped in your arms for the rest of my life ” he said making her eyes go wider “Om we are in middle of the road ” she replied blushing … Cupping her face in her palms “You are the best thing happened to me Gauri ” ,I love you my nympho ” Gauri Gasped did he just call her that …that too in the middle of the road ..with tears brimming in her eyes she pulled him into a kiss holding his collar …making Om’s eyes go wider he was trying to pull back but his nympho was not letting him … they broke apart hearing a gasp ..They turned to the other side to see the vendor looking at them bewildered he looked liked he would faint any moment .. Om and Gauri felt embarrassed  …Bhai saab haa “he handed the vendor money ..the vendor did not blinked Om had to tap him to bring him out of his world ..Paying him off he hurried to the car with Gauri walking forward..Once they reached the car Om spoke “What was that baby?, how could you forget we are in a the middle of a road ? Om asked shocked…

Seductively running her hands through his chest “You See Mr. When My Husband Dares to use Cheesy lines such getting me to bed tonight my hormones provoke me to go horny ..and you know right Do I need to explain you in my language ” she whispered seductively fumbly with his buttons .Pulling her more closer carefully “I am gonna miss my seductress soon ” he replied making both of them chuckle ..

“Om he is kicking “

What she is kicking ?

he kept his hand in her tummy kneeling down .. “baby once more “he whispered ..

Again “she kicked see she is papa’s princess Om said excited hugging her ..

Again the baby kicked kept three more times when Om hugged Gauri not letting him hug her ,It took some time for Gauri to process she burst out laughing

 “Mama’s boy doesn’t want Papa to hug Mama “she said pompously making Om worried  …

What ?.. No Gauri This is not fair My Princess will not do that to Papa ” he pouted hugging Gauri again The baby kicked again making Om move back Worried ..He looked cute ..Gauri just wanted to kiss his pout senselessly  . 

“You are doing it good sweetheart, just one contraction more “Om spoke encouragingly holding her hands in his  …Gauri had got her labor pains in the middle of the night ..Seeing her in pain Om had requested the doctor to allow him in ..for Gauri she was happy more than the pain she felt him by her side she was sure that she could do anything..Just one last push baby “Om Spoke…

After which Seems like ages Om Came out …to see his whole family camped outside since the last night..Rudy and Shivaay came running to him ..Rudy spoke first excitedly “Who won O you or Bhabhi “…Om’s face fell for a moment making everyone worried ..Both won ” he shouted carrying Rudy happily twirling him around..’O put me down  I am not Babhi , ..O …O.. Rudy Shouted Embarrassed seeing everyone looking at him stopping their chores.. “Why did you say both won ..Rudy asked confused…smacking his head Om spoke ” It is twins …girl and  boy ” …What oh my “the whole clan hugged him wishing him .

He walked into the Room to see her sleeping.. he sat beside her taking her hand in his ..she opened her eyes slowly “Om ..Where are the babies …did you see them  …he shook his negative ..Moving forward leaning he gave her a butterfly kiss… “Thank You For Completing me Gauri..he spoke lovingly …Gauri knew that he had mentioned to her once that they will see the baby together..Looking at him now she could only feel loved …pulling him by his collar she kissed him..breaking apart ..he rested  his forehead with her “Seems like my nympho hasn’t left .. ..Tracing her fingers along his jaw “When it is concerned to you Mr. your nympho will not leave… chuckling loud he moved back..

“Here Mama’s boy ” Om handed Him to Gauri ..Him having his Princess’s in his arms … wounding his arms around Gauri and his babies .. they kissed their babies promising them to give them a wonderful childhood which they were denied…

This wasn’t the end of their was just a new beginning to their of love story…

Wrote in a Day’s Time 

Hope it was worth a read

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