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My dangerous boss and crazy me (SwaSan fs) Shot 24 by Marsuu

My dangerous boss and crazy me
(SwaSan fs)
Shot 24:
Recap: swasan romance in office💖

SwaSan Room:
Swara settle on the bed and started listening to songs while sanskar went to gym for his morning exercise.
After half an hour, sanskar came back and got shock and angry to see swara dancing on the bed and bappy on the floor on some item number.
” idiots” the only word came from sanskar’s mouth.
” swara what’s going on??” Sanskar shouted. Swappy stopped dancing. Swara jumped from the bed that she landed on sanskar’s chest.
” slowly” he said holding her.
” you know rubby said yes to bappy” swara shouted loudly while bappy is blushing all the time.
” that’s great!! Congrats bappy” sanskar said side hugging him.
” thank you bro” bappy slowly said.
” he is so shy sanskar” swara pull bappy’s cheeks.
” i need party” sanskar said.
” yeah bro anytime but first please help me to tell at home” bappy tensely said.
” don’t worry i will talk to mom” swara cheered him.
” thank you sweety” he said. Then only his mobile rings, he smile shyly.
” ohhooo rubby is calling” swara teases him. Bappy ran away and sanskar signed. He never thought in his weirdest dreams also that he will be stuck between such crazy fellows but he love his life being with them.
” swara, see what you have done” sanskar said showing his hand. He has wounds of her nails mark.
” i had not done” swara innocently said.
” you have long nails among us, bring bandage” sanskar said. Swara make faces and take out bandage. She sit near sanskar and held his hand. She very carefully put bandage on his hand while he was busy admiring her.
” sanskar we will do shopping for bappy’s marriage together i don’t want to hear any excuses that i have meeting swara…” she was speaking while sanskar smile at her.
” okay” he said at last so that she should feel he heard everything.
” love you ” swara kiss his cheeks and ran away.

After one week:
Bappy and rubby are busy with each other and swara spend maximum time with sanskar as bappy is busy. He is enjoying to be with her.
In the morning, sanskar came from gym and saw swara is still sleeping hugging her pillow. She has become very lazy now a days.
” swara” sanskar caress her hairs sitting on the bed. Swara place her head on his lap and hug his waist.
” what happened???” He asked kissing her palm.
” i don’t want to get up” swara said lazily.
” why??” Sanskar asked.
” my stomach is paining” swara mumble.
” why ??” He asked tensely.
” i don’t know” swara replied.
” did you ate unhygiene food with bappy??” He asked angrily.
” no from so many days we didn’t went out” swara protected herself.
” then why its paining??” He mumble and caress her belly picking her shirt.
” don’t touch it’s hurting” swara winced.
” okay fresh up we will visit doctor” sanskar said.
” not doctor please” she don’t like doctors.
” keep quite and get up” sanskar won’t compromise with her health so he said strictly. Swara make faces and sanskar picked her in his arms and went to washroom.
” my clothes” she said.
” i will hand you” sanskar close the door placing her inside. He himself came to cupboard to take her clothes. After few minutes, he was selecting swara’s dress when he heard the loud sound from washroom as if someone was fallen. He rushed to washroom and open the door as swara didn’t closed it. He got shocked to see swara lying on the floor unconscious.
” swara” he sat on floor and took her head in his lap and pat her cheeks.
” swara open you eyes” he worriedly said. Listening to the noise, others also came.
” sanskar what happened??” Sujata asked when sanskar came out with swara.
” mom please call doctor” sanskar said and made swara lie on the bed.
” hmm” sujata nodded without questioning further.
Sanskar was holding swara’s hand sitting beside her.
Soon doctor came and asked everyone to go out.
” i will be with her” sanskar said. Doctor nodded as it’s not big deal. Sanskar is tensely biting his lips while doctor was examining swara.
” what happened to her??” Sanskar asked once he completed checking her.
” nothing to worry, she is pregnant” doctor said.
” ohhh… What!!!!” Sanskar shouted as soon as he realized his words.
” really??” He asked for confirmation and got happy when doctor nodded.
” when she will gain conscious??” He asked as he can’t wait anymore to share this news with swara.
” very soon, you bring your wife to hospital tomorrow i will guide you further” he said standing up.
” thank you so much” sanskar shake his hand with him. He went out to leave doctor.
” what happened to sweety, bhai??” Bappy asked.
” actaully….”he was about to say when they heard faint sound from room.
” sanskar” swara called as she didn’t find him when she open her eyes.
Sanskar immediately ran inside and hugged swara tightly. Few tears of happiness fell from his eyes.
” sansk..ar” swara’s voice chocked.
” i love you” he whisper in her ear kissing her cheeks.
” bro do your romance later first tell us also what happened??” Bappy said getting irritated with the suspense. Sanskar made swara sit on the bed and side hug her.
” actually swara is expecting” sanskar said smiling all the time. Sujata and others understood what he mean.
” what expecting???” Swara asked confusedly. Sanskar signed at her tubelight antics.
” may god bless you” sujata and others blessed them.
” i need party ” bappy shouted.
” sure” sanskar replied. All left thinking to give time to swasan.
Swara give perplexed look to sanskar about all the happenings.
” you know third one is coming between us” sanskar lean towards her and said.
” who?? And i won’t allow anyone to come between us” She frowned.
” what if it’s someone very special to us??” sanskar asked.
” stop confusing me” swara winced getting irritated.
” it’s our baby” sanskar said pecking her lips.
Swara got shocked as now she understood what he mean when he said she is expecting.
” it will be our baby???” She asked slowly. Sanskar give her unbelievable look like is this a question to be asked.
” ofcouse swara” sanskar said. Swara started crying.
” swara why are you crying??” He asked getting panicked.
” I’m so happy” she said. Sanskar chuckle and hug her tightly.
” i can’t express my happiness in words swara” he said.
” I’m so excited also” swara said. Sanskar wipe her tears and kiss her eyes.
” now you should take rest” he said.
” no I’m hungry” swara pouted.
” ohh i will bring your breakfast” he said and went to bring breakfast.

At midnight:
Sanskar is hugging swara tightly and sleeping peacefully but swara is not able to sleep because something very important is going in her mind. She is lying on sanskar’s chest and playing with his shirt buttons. Sanskar sensed her movement which break his sleep.
” swara you want something??” He asked opening his eyes.
” sanskar we forgot to do one important work” she said with tensed face.
” what??” Sanskar also got worried like what they left.
” we didn’t selected our baby’s name” swara blink her eyes innocently. Sanskar look at the clock which shows 1 at night and then his wife who is asking her so called important question at this time.
” swara we have nine months and we will select a very good name for our baby” sanskar said closing his eyes.
” but…” she was about to say when sanskar stopped her.
” today we got to know the good news so will select tomorrow” sanskar made her understand.
” okay but tomorrow for sure we will choose a name” she seriously said.
” promise” sanskar said. Swara smiled satisfactorily and close her eyes. Sanskar give her a look and kiss her forehead pulling her more close.
To be continued….

Precap: Bappy and rubby’s marriage (last shot)

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