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Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Hai RAABTA (chapter 13)

The scenes starts next day with Deep and Arohi attending a flight from the airport. Arohi and Deep take their seat in airplane. Deep holds Arohi’s hand and assures her that everything will be fine.

Deep: Arohi…relax . Paro is with your bhaiyya and bhabi.

Arohi: I Know but I have never travelled this far without Paro.

Deep: if u knew u would miss her so much,u then u should have brought her to Shimla with u.

Arohi: I know but I wanted to spend some time with you alone. ( She keeps her other hand on Deep’s hand and smiles)

Arohi reminisces:

Arohi arrives at her bhaiyya’s house with Paro and Deep.

Arohi: bhaiyya I was wondering whether u could manage Paro for 3 days.

Bhaiyya: why not. But why?

Deep: we are going for our honeymoon and I don’t trust some of Tara’s family members.

Bhabi: no problem…we can manage Paro.

Paro: Papa, papa …did u see my room in this house?

Deep: no .

Paro: then come I will show u.( She holds Deep’s hand and takes him to her room.)

Bhaiyya ( looking at Arohi who looks lovingly at Deep and Paro’s bonding): Arohi… don’t u think u should tell him the truth behind Paro.

Arohi: not now…Just 2 days ago he got to know the real face of Maya and prithvi. I will tell him later.

____flashback ends***

Deep: Arohi I never thought I have to hide such things from a family that I considered to be mine.

Arohi: yes …it hurts a lot when your own people betray u……but the scar that betrayal leaves behind never went and never will go …

Deep: what do u mean?

Arohi: nothing…( She keeps her head on Deep’s shoulder and sleeps)

Deep( smiling): Arohi…only God knows what’s going in your mind.

A Punjabi old couple besides Ardeep in the aeroplane sees them and they have a talk.

Lady: ae ji …dekho…kinna sona jodi hai. Kinna pyar hai us kuri aur munde mein. Deho kuch seekho…tenu menu se kabhi itna pyaar na jataye ji. Kuch seekho unse…( look, how lovely couple they are. There is much love between them , u never loved me like that…learn something from them). ( the man makes faces)

Man: agar main jawaan hota to main us mundey se bhi zyada pyar jatata…( if I was young, then I would show much love than that guy)…( the lady blushes)

The lady talks to Deep.

Lady: is she ur wife?


Lady: how long it has been that u both got married?

Deep: sirf teen….( The lady interrupts)

Lady: kya sirf teen saal…. Tum donoke bacche hai ?

Deep: no but auntyji ….

Lady:then u both should start planning for a family.

Deep: but….( The lady interrupts again)

Lady: there should be no buts….u love your wife so much then u should take your relation to the next level. Anyways my blessings are with u both….take care ( the lady returns to her seat)

Later when they arrive Shimla ,in a five star hotel they meet with the same old Punjabi couple…they go to the hotel receptionist to ask for the room keys.

Deep: can we have the room key of room number 123.

Lady: oye puttar, tenu room 123 ke kya jurrat? Tussi hamari room le lo. Room number 223 .

Arohi: Deep this lady knows u?

Deep: yes , we met in the airplane when u were sleeping.

Lady: ok so…take the keys of room number 223 and give us the other key

Deep: thanks but that’s no need…we will go to our own room.

Lady: why is it not needed? Give us your room key and have ours. ( She switches the keys )

Lady: yeh chhabi lo room number 223 ke aur lag jao kam 223 karne ke.( Take this key of room number 223 and start preparing for 223)

The lady and her husband leave for their room and Arohi stands dumbstruck.

Arohi: Deep…what was that lady saying ? What’s going on?

Deep: relax…let’s go to the room and I will explain u the entire story.

Later in their room Deep narrates the entire story which leaves Arohi in a pool of laughter.

Arohi: hahahaha….that auntyji thought we were married for 3 years and didn’t have any kids…. hahahaha…. that’s why she was focusing on the phrase “223” ( ie…two to three)

Deep: yes…. Arohi, u look much more beautiful while laughing.( Arohi stops laughing and drinks water)

Arohi: thanks…now I am very hungry… Let’s go down in the restaurant to have food.( Both leave to have dinner).

Deep and Arohi come to the restaurant and order food for them. The old Punjabi couple also comes their and orders wine for them

Lady to the waiter: oye..suno wo table dekh rahe ho na( pointing the table behind Ardeep’s table but the waiter misunderstands it to be Ardeep’s table)..usme 2 glass sharab bhi pesh karna.( also get 2 glasses of wine there )

Waiter: OK ma’am.

After a while the waiter gets Ardeep’s order along with the wine but both Deep and Arohi doesn’t pay any attention to that.

Arohi: Deep, I am so hungry that I can eat all my food within 10 minutes.( she starts to eat in a hurry)

Deep: Arohi slow down otherwise…( suddenly food gets stuck on suhani’s throat and she caughs)

Deep gives her water but it falls so he gives her wine by thinking it to be juice.( Arohi drinks the wine all in one gulp.)

Arohi: Deep, this juice is very tasty…u also taste it.

Deep: later…( Arohi goes to the waiter and orders 3 more glasses of wine.)

Deep comes to look for Arohi and gets surprised seeing her drinking wine. He then smells the glass of wine 🍷 that he thought to be juice and understands the entire situation.

Deep(stopping Arohi from drinking further): Arohi…stop it, u have drunk wine…tum tumhare hosh mein Nahi ho.

Arohi: hosh main to ab tumhari udaungi..( she drinks the last sip and goes towards the stage)

Arohi( taking the Mike): this performance is dedicated to my dear husband Deep Raichand.

Arohi began…………..

Haan Hai Koi To Wajah
Jo Jeena Ka Maza Yu Aane Laga
Yeh Hawaon Mein Hai Kya
Thoda Sa Jo Naasha Yun Chane Laga
Pucho Na Pucho Mujhe Kya
Hua Hai Teri Raahon Mein Aakar
Pucho Na Pucho Mujhe Kya
Milega Teri Bahon Mein Aakar( Arohi dances and hugs Deep)

Yeh Ishq Haaye Baithe Bithaye
Jannat Dikhaye Haan
O Raama
Yeh Ishq Haaye Baithe Bithaye
Jannat Dikhaye Haan

Mere Jaise Lakho Mile Honge Tujhko
Piya, Mujhe To Mila Tu Hi
Tu Hi Mere Hooton Ke Khilti Hui Si Hasi
Gila Bhi Piya Tu Hi
Dekho Na Dekho Mujhe Kya Hua Hai
Tujhe Sapno Mein Lakar (Arohi pulls Deep’s nose playfully)
Pucho Na Pucho Mujhe Kya Hua Hai
Teri Baaton Mein Aakar

Yeh Ishq Haaye Baithe Bithaye
Jannat Dikhaye Haan
O Raama
Yeh Ishq Haaye Baithe Bithaye
Jannat Dikhaye Haan (everyone claps)

Deep: Arohi, let’s go. It’s getting late.

Arohi: first say pls…only then I will come with u.
Deep: please…let’s go

Arohi( pulling Deep’s cheeks): aww…so sweet. Deep u look super cute when u say pls..

Deep: ok now let’s go , everyone is watching…

Arohi: let them..I don’t care. I only care about u. This reminds me I have to reveal something that is important for u to know….( Arohi stumbles and Deep holds her)
Deep: yes Arohi, tell me what is very important for me to know

Arohi: wo..pa.. Paro….. Paro tumhari aur …

Deep: I know Paro is our daughter and it’s our responsibility to take care of her…ok I will call your Bhaiyya and bhabi to ask about Paro..ok

Arohi: ok.( Deep lifts Arohi in his arms and takes her to their room and makes her lay on the bed. Deep is then about to leave ).

Arohi( holding Deep’s hand): Deep, mujhe tum akele chhor kar mat jao.( Don’t leave me alone)

Deep sits besides Arohi.

Arohi: Deep, I knew from the day I slept next to u that u were interested in me so now u can fullfil your desire.

Deep: u are not in your senses…( Arohi holds his hand and smiles looking at Deep and Deep looks on)

Arohi: Deep how could u? I was not in my senses but u were… I didn’t expect this from u.

Deep: think what u want to but to me I did what seemed right to me…( Arohi stares at him angrily)….

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