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Janam janam ka sath hai hamara tumhara (part 15)

“Ragini u love this boy?? How could u?? Did u forgot where u stand and where he? Does he of our standard? He is merely a painter and look yourself.” Ragu’s mom said looking Laksh with disapproval.

“Mom..!! Nothing matters for me..I love him….!” Ragini said in a cold voice.

”Keep quite Ragini!!! And let me inform you that we fixed your marriage already” Ragini’s mom shouted.

This gave Raglak a big shock
Now Ragini’s eyes brimmed up with tears and she said in broken sentences,
“ could you..?I love him..I will marry him only..Dad why you are silent.?”
Laksh placed his hand on Ragu’s shoulder asking her to be quite but her dad came and jerked his hand off while ordering,”Ragini..go to your room now..”

“You too Dad?? From childhood you and mom used to fight…u never lived together. But I was happy that you both came here together..I wasn’t that much close to mom from beginning but u always supported me but why you aren’t supporting me in the biggest decision of my life.??” Ragini uttered being shocked and heartbroken in a voice which got heavy now..

“You are happy that we both came together so Ragini the decision of your marriage is taken by both of us together…u have to accept it.” Her dad said.
“Noo..noo..I won’t accept..never ever..!!!” Ragini bellowed while tears were streaming down from her eyes and then she ran upstairs to her room.
Laksh came outside and called on Ragini’s number.
“Ragini come to the window” Laksh said.

She came to the window and saw Laksh there , Ragini clutched the curtain tightly which was hanging beside
“Now wipe your tears…” Laksh said but Ragini just looked him and sniffed.
“Wipe…” Laksh ordered.
Ragini wiped her tears and Laksh gave her a flying kiss saying “I love you” and by this Ragini smiled a little.
Just then Ragini heard the creak sound of the ancient door of her room .
She turned and found her mom in front of the door who was standing there folding her arms near her chest with a stern look.
She came to Ragini and snatched the phone from her and cut the call and threw the phone on the bed angrily. Then she went to the window and glared Laksh and after that she closed the windows and being furious slapped her.

“You will not talk to him ” She said in a dangerous tone while Ragini just looked her in shock, placing her hand on her cheek, her eyes became luminous now because of the unshed tears.
Her mom went from there closing the door from outside.
Ragini collapse to the ground and weeped bitterly.
After a while she heard that the sounds of snoring were echoing everywhere in the house . She got to know that everyone slept now. She wiped her tears , her face became red and puffy she then remembered that Laksh told her about going Kolkata back tomorrow.
“I have to meet him once.”

She dialled his number”Laksh where are you?”

“Ragini is everything ok there?Why your voice is so dull ?” Laksh asked with concern.

Ragini sniffed and said”You tell me where are you??”

“At home..why!? And Ragini are you crying??”
Ragini sniffed again and said,”Meet me at the some distance away from my palace”
Then she cut the call , She then jumped off the window taking her back pack (I know some people are here who will say why this happens in all of my stories 😅😂)
At some distance from the palace she saw Laksh’s car and she sat in it.

Laksh started the car and in the way Ragini told him that her parents forbidden her to talk with him or meet to him so they should elope.
They were talking about this o ly at that time Laksh’s car stopped with a jerk.
“What happened??” Ragini asked
“Wait let me check” Laksh said coming out of the car..

As we know the palace was little in forest area so they were passing through the forest only.

“Ragini I am unable to understand what happened to it now… the tires are ok everything is ok don’t know why it’s not getting started” Laksh said anxiously..
Ragini came out and sat under a tree. Laksh too sat beside her , then Ragini started looking around and she saw some letters on a tree trunk opposite to them.
She stood up and came to that tree..Laksh too followed her.”These letters…” Ragini said in shock , tracing the letters.

Laksh looked towards the trunk of the tree and then pronounced,”Ragvi loves Lakshya…” Ragini stared those words and then Laksh said, “It feels like Ragini loves Laksh hahaha..”

She then turned to Laksh and said,”Laksh it was written there in that book which I took from your room.”
Laksh got shocked and said,”You have that book with you?? “

“Yes..”she said while taking out the book from her back pack. Laksh got more shocked to see that old book given by that strange old man and asked,”The story you told me was from this book ??”
Ragini nodded her head in yes then she said forwarding the book to Laksh,”Now read from here. You will understand what I am taking about”

Laksh started reading the book “The next day Prince Lakshya was crowned as the new king. And the opposite empire found it a perfect timing to attack on the newly became unexpired king. They started attacking the army of King Lakshya when everyone was busy in the celebration of getting new king.
But the new king was something more than they accepted. His whole army was ready to give a perfect answer to the opposite empire.
King Lakshya himself came with his army leaving the celebration and soon the soldiers of the kingdom of king Sajjan Singh started reducing second by second.
Soldiers of King Sajjan Singh were screaming clutching the arrows which got penetrated in their bodies leading them to death.
The canons were booming spilling the smoke and fire everywhere.

Now King Sajjan Singh and King Laksh came in front of each other 
Both of them were glaring each other with Impassive faces 
And After a while King Sajjan Singh was lying on the ground injured but still alive.
Sajjan Singh was now taken in King Lakshya’s custody.

Everywhere in the battlefield the soldiers of King Lakshya started exclaiming in joy as the battle was won by king Lakshya…
Then they started asking King Lakshya that why he isn’t killing King Sajjan Singh but he just smiled and said,”How I can kill my would be father in law”

The messenger reached to the palace of Princess Ragvi and told them that King Lakshya won the battle and left King Sajjan Singh alive saying that Sajjan Singh is his would be father in law.

Ragvi got shocked to hear it as she is the only daughter of Sajjan Singh.

Then the news of King Lakshya arrival to the palace came and Ragvi went in her room.
As King Lakshya won the empire of Sajjan Singh was also conquered by him. 
“Where is princess Ragvi” King Lakshya asked.

“In her room King..she didn’t even ate anything from morning. And sorry King she said that she don’t want to go with you” one of the maid said.

King Lakshya smirked and said” Give me the plate of food”
A male slave took food in Princess Ragvi’s room where Ragvi was sitting on her bed sobbing 
“Princess.. your food” The slave said lowering his head.
“I don’t want…!!” She replied.

“Princess please eat it..if you won’t eat it will affect your health…” The slave replied the slave was still standing lowering his head 
Ragvi got irritated and stood up from the bed but she started feeling dizzy and before she could fall that slave grabbed for her hand. With blur vision she saw that person and was about to shout and push him but she felt that the whole world is moving in front of her eyes and she fall down in that person’s arms.
After a while King Lakshya placed Ragvi in the royal chariot and he himself mounted on the horse’s back ordering everyone to move to his palace.

After sometime,
Princess opened her eyelids slowly and hold her head looking around to know where is she..
She found that she was in a palankeen. She slided the curtain of that palankeen and looked outside. It was a forest area.

“It must be that king. Now how I fled from here?” Ragvi thought.

“Take rest for a while.” The voice of king Lakshya came.

She felt that palankeen was kept down..
She again looked out and saw no one was around the palankeen.
She slowly came out and started running.

At a distance King Lakshya and everyone was sitting.
“Look is Princess Ragvi fine or not” Said Lakshya.

One slave went there and sliding the curtain of palakeen he got shocked and said,”King!! Princess Ragvi is not here!!!”

Laksh smirked she and mounted on the horse again and directed it to go in a direction.
He then saw Princess Ragvi running .
He took his hirse in front of her and blocked her way.

While jumping down from the horse he said, “Where you were going princess Ragvi” Ragvi stepped back and Lakshya continued, “If you felt like you can run faster than my Badal then it was merely your stupidity.”

He hold her wrist and took her near a tree.
“Leave me…!!” Ragvi said protesting. She tried to release her hand from his grip but got unable.
He tied her waist by a tree trunk with a rope in the process Lakshya was close to Ragvi by which her breath paused in her lungs and she got cold like an ice , A shiver ran through her  spine and she was looking in his eyes in the whole time and she came out of trance when Lakshya said”Now live here only”
He took steps backward and smiled seeing her tied up.
She started trying to break the rope by a stone which she picked from the ground.
“It’s not a weak rope princess… it’s just like you strong.” He said laughing and then he sat on a stone in front of the tree looking her.

After many attempts Ragvi got tired but the rope didn’t broke.
She then started scratching the tree trunk by the stone getting bored and 
She  wrote “Ragvi” on the trunk..

Lakshya saw it and smiled he stood up and took another stone and wrote in the continuation ‘Loves Lakshya’

Then he read the whole ‘Ragvi loves Lakshya’ 
Making Ragvi fume in anger. 

  • This story even got completed in Wattpad before a month and I am lazily posting it here now..hehe.
  • Thank you for reading this..Keep smiling take care…

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