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Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 13th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya assures Janki

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 13th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanhaiya hitting on the ring. The ring flies in air. Kanhaiya jumps and catches the ring. He makes Daali wear the ring. Everyone gets shocked. Kanhaiya asks Rocky can’t he make her wear a ring, I just saved the ring and made it reach the right place. They all scold Kanhaiya. Janki says its fine, how does it matter. He thinks Kanhaiya is better than Rocky, he should win. Rocky proposes Daali. Daali thinks Kanhaiya has intentionally done this, I will make Rocky wear the ring, Janki wanted to get me married, I will keep Rocky as my puppet. She says yes I will marry you. Maya makes Rocky wear the ring. Janki gets glad. Everyone gets shocked. Janki praises Kanhaiya. He says Rocky won’t become Daali’s husband now. Kanhaiya says don’t worry, how did you like performance.

Janki says great, what will you do on marriage day, what’s your plan. Kanhaiya says that I always do.

Daali thinks of Kanhaiya and gets sad. Janki comes. She says Kanhaiya made me wear the ring, he is a servant. He says ring was falling down. She says Rocky would have picked the ring, how dare servant touch me, did you wish this to happen. He says yes, don’t marry Rocky. She says I will marry him. He says I will break the marriage if you say, you don’t love him. Badimaa comes and says everyone knows this, they will joke about you. Daali says I will marry Rocky, you think marriage is everything in a girl’s life, I m fed up, Rocky said he will live here as Ghar jamai, I will keep him as puppet, I will not allow him to touch me, he will follow my order. Kanhaiya gets juice for her. She throws it over his head. She scolds him and goes.

Janki asks Kanhaiya to do something, Rocky is greedy. Kanhaiya reads Gita’s lines. Janki praises him. He gets relieved by Kanhaiya’s saying, he will stop this marriage if he said. Its morning, Janki asks where is Kanhaiya. Servant says he went to market. Janki says Daali will be fed many dishes. Daali says no, I don’t want non veg. Janki asks what will you have then. She asks for pizza and burger. He finds it strange. He goes. Badimaa asks Daali is she happy. Daali says yes. Badimaa says I can never forget him, when did you change, you promised you won’t marry anyone else than him, you did Shivratri puja with him, why do you want to marry Rocky. Daali consoles her.

Daali says Badimaa, you have sent him to jail. Maya says all papers should get signed within one month of marriage. Basanti says I want money.

Update Credit to: Amena

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