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Jaana Pehchana (5~Fb#1: Anjali’s Breakdown)

20th February 1991 (The first birth of Anjali and Nandini/Sanjana)


The twins were born in Shimla and had studied from a high level school, they lived with their mother Varshini, elder sister Veera, brother-in-law Baldev and nephew Rishab. They both fell in love with one boy unknowingly who was none other than Sanjay Goenka (Manik in his past life). First he had befriended Anjali but liked her just as a friend but later he befriended Sanjana as well and later fell for her but his partner in crime was always Anjali. They were best friends but Sanjana was more than that.


They met in Montessori and the love triangle formed there itself. Sanjay and Anjali would always be participating in every race together along with Sanjana. If she ever saw him more with Anjali, she would win teasing them that they couldn’t win due to their nonstop talking session and when Anjali would see him more with her, she would do the same. In short, both got jealous easily seeing him with someone else. Sports was going on. In throw ball, he would always go in Sanjana’s team and Anjali was in the same team as well.


Sanjana’s body would always collide with his body while running. The ball went out of the field and she ran to get the ball. She got the ball and ran back to the field and threw the ball to the opposite team and slightly collided with him and fell backwards but he got hold of her. They had an eyelock. The ball came and hit him on his head making him feel dizzy and he fell down with her on top of her. She quickly got up and helped him up. ‘Sorry Sanjay, I am so sorry,’ she said massaging his head slowly.



‘Can’t you see him idiot? Are you ok?’ Anjali scolded the player Niti from other team and came there and asked placing her hand on his shoulder. ‘Yes its OK, and Sanju, no problem, it isn’t your fault, let’s get back to the field,’ he said and the trio continued playing till they won and the team had a group hug while the other team kept cursing them. They walked away from there. Anjali excused herself and went. ‘Sanjay, we should tell her about our love because her tactics clearly tell that she too loves you,’ Sanjana said.



‘Not now and I don’t think she does,’ he said. ‘Then why does she always say I want to tell you something and then hesitates and says something else?’ she asked. ‘We shouldn’t do this as this can separate you both,’ he replied. ‘Now you say she loves you and when I said you denied, why do you try to prove me wrong always? I won’t talk now,’ she said pretending to be angry with him and turned her face away and he came in front of her but she didn’t knew this as her face was turned away and she collided with him and fell.


This time also he held her but started laughing. She was looking at him with creased eyebrows. She straightened herself and was about to go but he pulled her by her wrist. ‘Badi dramebaaz or tadibaaz ho tum to yaar, itni si baat manwanay k liye itna drama?’ (You’re so dramatic and rude, just to make me agree, you’re doing such a big drama?) Sanjay asked. ‘I was just acting,’ she replied and he smiled. ‘I know you’re very very dramatic,’ he said and she punched his stomach. ‘Did it hurt? Ha ha ha.’


He ran after her and she ran away laughingly, he got hold of her waist and she pulled his cheeks.



Maine haara, main tera saara main 

Meetha meetha tu, haan khaara khaara main 

Tera saara main, saara main (x2)

(He looked at the spark on her beautiful face as she smiled and admired her not caring about the environment)

Sindoori rang suhagan sacha

Saccha re sarmaya jo paaya hai woh 

Tu dil mein maahi aaya hai

Maine maahi paaya hai 

Nazar laaye naa, koi nazar laaye naa


Dil ne shagun manaaya hai

Ishq parauhna aaya hai 

Nazar laaye na, koi nazar laaye na 

Nazar laaye jo tumko jal jaaye woh 

Chaand le jug begana ho 

Nazar laaye na.. 

Nazar laaye na..


Maine haara, main tera saara main Meetha meetha tu, khaara khaara main Tera saara main, saara main (x2)

(He joined his forehead with hers)



Kaajal, teeka peeche kaanon ke

Nazaron ko roke re

Duniya deti laakhon hi dhokhe

Meethi si hoke re 

Tamki main mirche varoon

Saari sharam utaarun 

Maahi naa jug ko haarun 

Kehta hai dil… 

Kehta hai dil…


Maine haara, main tera saara main 

Meetha meetha tu, khaara khaara main 

Tera saara main, saara main…

(He tickled her and she started laughing and he kissed her cheek holding her waist, she blushed and kissed him back then looked down, he hugged her tightly and she hugged him back more tightly, a pair of eyes watched all this from a distance and they belonged to none other than Anjali)


Anjali ran from there with tears and anger coming out at once. She pushed through the crowd and ran upstairs not stopping for a single second to catch her breathe and kept running until she found an empty classroom. She unlocked the door and opened it with a thud and walked faster and stood with the support of wall, all the moments of Sanjana and Sanjay kept roaming in front of her eyes and her breathes became uneven.



She shut her eyes tightly and as she opened them again and her anger rose even more, she went towards a desk and threw it and she threw the chair as well, she was getting mad. She did this with all the desks and chairs and hearing the noise everyone came there. Sanjana broke the hug and realized that she haven’t seen Anjali for a while and was about to go but a girl came to her. ‘Your sister is upstairs inside second class and she is messing up everything over there,’ she told her and Sanjana got shocked and ran away from Sanjay


She didn’t stop and kept running until she found her and pushed through the crowd and saw her sitting in a corner hugging her knees. Everything was messed up. ‘Take care of your mad sister and ask her not to do this again else we’ll get her suspended from the college,’ said a girl. Sanjana turned towards her with anger boiling inside her. She held her by her shoulders tightly. ‘My sister is not mad, she is the world’s best sister, and if you dare to say something like this again, then I will pull out your tongue and give it in your hands,’ she said angrily and then walked towards Anjali.

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