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Ek Deewana Tha 13th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajan threatens Vyom!

Ek Deewana Tha 13th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with Suvarna telling Rajan that he separated her from her son and have snatched my husband from me! Now only my son will come here and free me! Rajan looks at her in shock. It is his duty towards his mother and his dead father! The game is on Rajan. You will yearn for death but you wont die as Karma is a b*t*h! You will pay for it! You and Madhvi will pay for it! I cancel my plan to die. I will wait and watch now. I don’t know what will happen after interval but Suvarna will win in the climax while Rajan and Madhvi will lose! Karma is a b*t*h Rajan! She laughs hysterically.

Shiv asks Sharanya what happened. She tells him that she wants to remind him something. Shiv says now that we are friends, let’s celebrate like old times.

Sharanya, Vyom and

Shiv are drinking shots. Sharanya tells Shiv to stop. You know Vyom must not drink anymore. Shiv says sometimes I wonder whose side you are on – mine or your friends! She smiles. Sometimes you are right. I am on my friend’s side. Vyom adds that this is what he was saying. Plus I don’t drink to lose control but to make you lose control so I can win!

Vyom says we should become like we used to be. Shiv asks Sharanya how someone can be so happy when his mother is in jail. She looks at Vyom in confusion. Vyom asks her if Shiv said anything. She dismisses it but Vyom says we are not just friends for the sake of it. I know what he said. He would have said that a son cannot be happy if his mother is in jail but this friendship matters to me a lot. You both know that I have always supported the truth. I cannot see anyone doing anything wrong to anyone, be it my own family. Sharanya agrees. Vyom asks her to ask Shiv to trust him once. He should give me one chance to make things like they were in the past. Please understand Shiv. I am drinking your share too today. Sharanya urges Shiv to agree. Shiv stares at Vyom’s glass pointedly and it breaks.

Rajan says he has no concern about his mother being in jail. He just keeps roaming around some ghost just to get Sharanya. Our happy family has fallen apart. I will have to choose my wife over my son now. That is how I will be able to rectify my mistakes. It is I who needs to be punished. You don’t have to bear the brunt of it. One woman is going through hell since many years already. Maybe it is her curse only. I am seeing my wife and son getting doomed right before my eyes. It is her curse only!

Sharanya gets concerned for Vyom. Shiv says I won’t give him even my share of pain / helplessness. Sharanya questions him as to why he is punishing Vyom for what his mother has done. Even God gives second chance. You love me right? Vyom has saved your love whenever I fell in any trouble. He fought with everyone for my sake. I trust Vyom. If you don’t trust Vyom then I would think that you don’t trust me too! She holds Vyom’s hand. You must have faith in my faith today! Shiv is about to keep his hand over theirs when Rajan walks in. He informs Sharanya that Police has come to meet her.

Inspector tells Sharanya that Sadhvi ji is missing. Sharanya speaks of the pilgrimage where Sadhvi ji has gone. He tells her that no one in Ashram knows about it. She thinks of Sadhvi ji’s message. Since when is she missing? Inspector says that no one saw her since Karvachauth. Sharanya realises that it is the same day when she had regained her memory. I went to Kapali Hills that day!

Rajan tells Vyom he cannot let anyone punish my wife for your wrongdoings. I had to file a missing report for Sadhvi ji. Only these people can prove Madhvi innocent. Your mother made me promise that I wont let you fall in any trouble. She is my wife too. I too have some duty which is why I dint step in the matter. I just involved police. Rest depends on your fate.

Inspector sees the message in Sharanya’s mobile. I feel something is fishy. We will investigate it thoroughly. Let us know if you find out anything. She nods.

Vyom says I write my own destiny. Sharanya is in my destiny. Rajan says superb. Vyom walks out.

Vyom asks Sharanya what Inspector was saying. Sharanya says Madhvi aunty accepted all her crimes but she said nothing about Sadhvi ji! Vyom says what her relation with Sadhvi ji is. Sharanya insists it is with everyone who tried to help her. Don’t know how many people she has killed! Now I get to know that Sadhvi ji is missing. She was living her life peacefully till date and is stuck in this. This cannot be any coincidence! It is surely your mother’s doings. Did she kill Sadhvi ji? Vyom says I was in hospital on Karvachauth day and mom was with me all the time. Sadhvi ji might have gone somewhere. She sent you a message about that pilgrimage. Shiv points out that Vyom wasn’t present here when Sharanya was talking to Inspector. You also did not tell him about the message that she had sent to you then how he knows about it? Vyom is reassuring Sharanya when he suddenly goes quiet. Sharanya thinks of Vyom’s confession in the party. Vyom asks her if she thinks he is responsible behind Sadhvi ji’s absence. Sharanya tells him she does not know anything. I don’t understand anything that I think these days! She goes to her room. Vyom makes faces.

Odhni is painting the wall on which Shiv’s photo is sketched. I am finishing the old story. Freddy asks her what she means. She replies that she was a fraud but Shiv taught her that there is a truth inside everyone which they must seek. Thanks to Shiv, I helped myself while helping Shiv. I did something good for the first time. There is no fraud, no cheating since Shiv left! I am changed! Freddy asks her where Shiv will go. She relates that a spirit wanders till its motive is complete. Shiv’s spirit was here as his killer wasn’t nabbed. It has happened now. He should have left. Freddy asks her what if the killer wasn’t nabbed. She replies that she wouldn’t have vacated this room ever then. Shiv wouldn’t have gone anywhere too. Freddy realises that Shiv’s spirit wont be free till Vyom is punished. I must tell Vyom!

Vyom is going upstairs when Rajan says 3 days! Sharanya would understand everything in 3 days. She would know what she has to think. You aren’t at fault. You have inherited this madness from your father only! Like you can go to any extent to gain Sharanya, I can do anything to save Madhvi. Vyom sits beside him. Rajan says you seem to forget that I am still your father. I would suggest something. You can think it to be a warning too. get Madhvi out of jail in 3 days or I will send Sharanya away from your for forever! Your madness has collided with your father’s love. I have started my work to get my love back. I will see how you will win! Madhvi might not have her son by her side but she has her husband on her side surely. You like giving options but you don’t have one. You will have to be Rajan Bedi’s son so as to live or you will face Rajan Bedi if you will try to supersede me. Only a true lover knows how to love and live it! Get Madhvi out of jail in 3 days or I will kill your love! He leaves. Rajan’s words echo in Vyom’s head.

Precap: Freddy asks Odhni if Shiv’s spirit will keep roaming like this only if he wont leave till his revenge isn’t complete. Odhni suggests one solution. If Sharanya does Shiv’s last rites then he will leave have to leave the world! Vyom hears it and mentally tells Sharanya to get ready to bid adieu to Shiv!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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