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Dil Se Dil Tak 13th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Human right activists to file petition against Parth for keeping two wives

Dil Se Dil Tak 13th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mrs Desai questions Indu what she would do for human rights if she can bear such false and shameless relations at her own house. Teni tells Mrs. Desai she is speaking a lot today, there is a lot wrong going on with females in their world. Their club would only hold candles and raise slogans for a few days but it doesn’t change anything. Indu doesn’t need to be a part of their club. Mrs. Desai warns to teach her a good lesson. Teni tells her to go and learn something by herself first. Mohini finds a chance to speak and shows her frustration with their relation now, it’s hard to leave this house as well. She gets notification on social media site and laughs at the comments first, then reads the comments on the post there. Dada ji reads the post and was tensed.
Mohini goes aside and speaks

to Priya happy about the recent development. Priya asks what should be their next strategy. She tells Priya to send some spice up material on a number, it will work as an oil over fire. Priya reminds her of her own motive to gain Bharat.
Teni was praying in temple. A bunch of ladies enter home raising slogans. Teni comes to clarify them no lady in the house needs anyone defend her rights. The ladies recognize her as second woman and wrestles her. The family come outside and try to get Teni released. Mohini runs upstairs to get Parth downstairs. Parth and Shorvari were worried upstairs when Mohini comes running. She informs Parth that its storm downstairs, some ladies have held Teni hostage. The ladies blame Teni for capturing the right of a woman by marrying her husband and were determined to blacken her face. Parth and Shorvari come to save Teni. A lady holds Parth’s hand and blames him for being lustful with the second lady. Parth raises his hand but the lady holds it and warns him to control his hand and tongue, else she might file a case of molestation over him. Dada ji goes to call police. The ladies ask for black color to be thrown at Teni’s face. Parth warns them not to step forward but the ladies won’t listen. Teni was about to be stricken with black palm on her face when Shorvari runs to hold a sword and shouts at them with blooded eyes. Everyone was shocked to see her. Shorvari questions what they will do, if they will accuse for molestation or murder. She deters not to spare a single one of them and this would be called a self-defense. The ladies clarify for fighting for Shorvari’s rights. Shorvari says there isn’t any fight between her and Teni. The ladies convince Shorvari that she is in favor of a second wife, but she must remember that a second wife can’t be good ever. The ladies deter to file a petition against them, they can’t let such a false relation breed in the society. Shorvari throws the sword and hold hands with Teni.
In the room, Teni sat on the bed fearful. Parth tells her to relax and not think much about anything. Shorvari asks Teni why is she afraid, Teni doesn’t think much before confronting anyone. Teni was lost and says whatever happened today was strange. Shorvari hands Ipshita into her hands, and says they have to gain courage for Ipshita as well. Teni thinks this will happen again, she can’t see everyone in such trouble and must find a solution for all this.

PRECAP: Parth and Dada ji were worried. Parth tells everyone that Priya has filed a case against them that either he divorces one of his wife or give her right as well.

Update Credit to: Sona

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